Mick Foley Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery

Mick Foley recently sent out a pair of tweets. One showing him going into surgery, and the other him coming out, though he never warned anyone.

Mick Foley has given an update via social media that his knee replacement surgery was reportedly a success and that he is now recovering.

Professional wrestlers put their bodies through an awful lot of turmoil. It's why performers and fans alike get extremely frustrated when those who are outside of the business look down on it and refer to it as fake. Yes, pro wrestling may be pre-determined, but what the men and women of WWE and the countless other wrestling promotions put their bodies through is far from fake.

One man who arguably sacrificed his body the most is Mick Foley. The man formerly known as Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love has been thrown off cells, had half of his ear ripped off by the ring ropes, and been thrown on piles of thumb tacks more times than he probably cares to count. Despite his hardcore career leaving Foley in bad shape, he is still one of the happiest and friendliest guys in the wrestling business.


Those years of abuse took their toll on Foley though, and earlier this week, the recent Raw General Manager underwent yet another surgery. Foley underwent knee replacement surgery, something he didn't reveal to the fans until five minutes before he went into the surgery. Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy tweeted the news from his hospital bed, then sent out a follow-up tweet later in the day informing us that the surgery had been a success.


Although Foley's body has taken an absolute beating over the years, recently the WWE Hall of Famer has looked better than he has in years. Before he became General Manager of Raw Foley lost 100 lbs, a pretty incredible feat. It had a drastic impact on his health and his appearance, and he credits a lot of the weight loss to DDP Yoga. Hopefully, this knee replacement will only improve his health and physical comfort even further.

It's great news to hear that Foley's latest surgery was a success, and probably wise on his part to not tell people about it before he was actually about to go under the knife. A bigger deal would have likely been made out of it than it needed to be and the way that Foley played the whole thing means there was no time for that.

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Mick Foley Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery