Mick Foley Unleashes Mr. Socko At Comic Con [Video]

Raw's 25th anniversary is all set and ready to be one of the biggest show's in the flagship's entire history. It feels as if pretty much everyone who has contributed anything of substance to the show over the past 25 years has been invited back, and at the time of typing this, we count well over 30 comebacks on the cards. Be prepared for some unannounced surprises too.

One man who will unfortunately not be there is Mick Foley. The former Raw General Manager has a prior engagement which is a real shame considering the amount of unforgettable moments on Raw that he has been at the center of. "This Is Your Life" with The Rock is one of the highest rated segments of all time, and the image of Mankind winning the WWE Championship for the first time will live for as long as Raw is on the air.


Foley may not be on WWE television right now but that doesn't mean he is merely sat at home doing nothing. In fact earlier this week Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy was at Paradise City Comic Con, but not in the capacity you might have expected. During a cosplay wrestling match between Negan and Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Foley interrupted to save the latter from getting beaten around the head with Negan's signature baseball bat, Lucille.

As is already pretty evident, this wasn't your standard run-in. Foley had a bat of his own in hand but also brought something else with him to the ring, Mr. Socko. Before even making it into the ring he had donned Socko and was applying the mandible claw to Negan which brought The Walking Dead villain to his hands and knees. It was at that point April O'Neil from TMNT (yes she was there too) broke one of the bats over Negan's head so that Jones could pick up the win.

It might not quite be as big or as glamorous as Raw's 25th anniversary, but it was certainly entertaining nonetheless. Whoever thought we would get to see Mick Foley go toe-to-toe with Negan from The Walking Dead, and even more importantly has Rick Grimes considered using a dirty old sock on his nemesis to put an end to his reign of tyranny?

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