Mick Foley Posts On Facebook About WWE Raw's Potential Problem

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Mick Foley really enjoyed last night's WWE Raw. He loved almost all of it. Check out what he posted on Facebook - mostly regarding the one thing he didn't think was so great. Along with a suggestion a friend made about what could/should be done. Do you agree?


I loved WWE Raw– I really did, Loved all of it….almost. The Heyman promo, the Inspirational Bo Dallas promo, that Brock didn’t quite buy into, The Dudleyz, The Sting thing. All of it was great, Except for the Divas match. For the 2nd time in two weeks, ‪#‎RAW‬ turned a little nasty the ladies

A friend sent me a message about the Divas, The guy is not an official writer – just a guy who loves this stuff enough to write a message with suggestions. Here they are, Take a look. I think you’ll like it.

“The Divas division now has to consist of independent concurrent story lines. The WWE Universe wants to see a fight. Grudge matches. One versus one. Leave your entourage in the back. That is a big match feel. Not contrived weekly variations of all the Divas put together for a couple of segments. They need a WORLD Championship. And, a WORLD Tag Team Championship. This is why the Barclays trolled their Raw match. Their Summerslam Elimination match didn’t allow for the opportunity for the final-two-competitors pop. Big difference between those two examples and Saturday night. Frankly, The Sasha/Bayley pre-match video package gave me more chills. I don’t know if Sara del Rey works with the main roster Divas, but she should.”

The man knows. He knows! Tell me what you know!"

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