Mick Foley Remembers His Title Win And Gives Update On His Health

Did you know that today is the 17th anniversary of Mick Foley's Monday Night Raw title win over The Rock? The fight was one of the big moments in the turning of the ratings tide in the Monday night war with WCW Nitro and today on his Facebook page Foley took a moment to note the occasion. He also discussed his health and having to cancel some of his 2016 one-man shows:

"17 YEARS AGO, TODAY: The Night The Channels Changed

Yeah, that's me, holding the WWE title aloft after defeating Dwayne The Rock Johnson, on the Raw that aired 17 years ago today. I think it's safe to say that it was a big moment in the Monday Night Wars, and I am very thankful that so many people recall that moment fondly after all this time. Let me know if you were one of the 600.000 who changed the channel from‪ Nitro‬ to Raw‬ after hearing the news.

On a slightly sadder note, I'll only be doing 10-12 of my one-man shows in 2016 - with the final show for 2016 coming at the end of March.I'm not sure if there will be any dates in 2017. I have truly enjoyed travelling the US, and parts of the world telling stories from my wrestling career over the past several years - but the travel is just brutal. Many of you have noticed that I've had considerable trouble getting around these past few years, and I've finally decided to listen to the experts who have been telling me that I need to slow down, and stop logging so many miles in the car and the airplane.

I apologize to my UK fans, who won't be getting the tour I had hoped for. I had three weeks of dates lined up for March, but after coming home in rough shape - worn out and sick - from dates in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland this past fall, I realized that I wasn't likely to do well on a longer tour.

Moving forward in 2016, I will be taking some dates at conventions and select independent shows. There is far less pressure on me from a promotional standpoint, and the conventions allow me to spend two of three days in the same city and the same bed - which makes a big difference these days.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported my live shows over the past several years. It's been a blast."

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Mick Foley Remembers His Title Win And Gives Update On His Health