WWE Hall Of Famer Begs Sasha Banks To Stop Suicide Diving

Whether you like her or not, Sasha Banks is one of the top women in WWE today (definitely not the best of all time as she claims, which we recently reported on). But she has been categorized as fairly reckless, and Monday's Raw was the final straw for Mick Foley, as someone finally spoke up about her dangerous dives to the outside.


She’s not only hurt herself before in matches, but she’s hurt other people (unintentional of course). But these dives put herself in serious danger, as she has landed very awkwardly many times including vs. Asuka on Raw. As Mick put it on twitter "It's time to take that item off the menu.” Some people will disagree with the legend, and some will agree, but Sasha is way too talented to be hurting herself this early in her career, and we are sure that she could find another way to perform a move like this.

Her in ring performances time and time again are fantastic, and we’ve seen her throw in a springboard cross body to the outside, or a flip over the top rope.  Those two are done much safer than going through the ropes, and we agree with Foley, it’s time to permanently put that move away. Who knows, with her heel ‘Boss’ persona returning at the Royal Rumble, maybe Sasha is ready to put away all her flamboyant moves in order to embrace the heel side that made her so good in NXT, but either way, she needs to protect herself.

So what do you guys think? Do you agree with Foley? Is Sasha’s risk taking what makes her so great? Do you even care about her anymore? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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