Mickie James Fires Back At Ronda Rousey's Upcoming Contract Signing

Ronda Rousey hasn't even started her career as a WWE Superstar yet, at least not inside the ring, and she has already made a lot of enemies behind the scenes. Following The Rowdy One stealing thirty women's thunder at the Royal Rumble, both Nia Jax and Nikki Bella took to social media to ask why she was getting all of the attention over the history making match.


The latest Rousey announcement will have undoubtedly angered the company's more tenured women even further. Once again the female Superstars will be ticking off a first at the PPV by stepping into the Elimination Chamber for the first time ever. That match could now be overshadowed in the same way that the Rumble was as Rousey will be attending in order to sign her Raw contract.

Mickie James will be one of the women making history inside the chamber on February 25th and she has taken great issue with Rousey's addition to the card. The six time Women's Champion responded to a fan on Twitter who questioned why Elimination Chamber needed the former UFC star saying that wrestling is very different to what Rousey is used to, referred to her as an 'outsider' and reminded us that her career in the octagon came to an end on the back of a couple of losses.

Looking at the two tweets in question it seems as if James might have misunderstood the premise put forth by the fan. The fan appears to be siding with the WWE Superstar and questions why a card where six women will be making history also needs Ronda Rousey on it. Judging by James's reply though she read it as a tweet claiming that the show needs Rousey and takes issue with her and her peers being referred to as 'chopped liver'.

Whether James misunderstood or not what's for certain is that Rousey will likely not be welcomed with open arms when she finally arrives full time in the WWE locker room. Her mainstream star power is already being wielded by WWE and thus taking attention away from the ongoing women's revolution. Rousey's presence will undoubtedly add to that in the long run but it may take some of the Superstars a while to realize that.

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