Mike Kanellis Has Requested His Release From WWE

Just a few months after signing a new contract with WWE, Mike Kanellis has decided that he doesn't want to stay with the company after all.

On Monday, Kanellis took to Twitter and revealed that he has asked WWE to release him from his contract. Kanellis emphasized that he isn't pleased with where he is in the company, and the 34-year-old wants the opportunity to compete elsewhere.

It was reported back in June that Mike and his wife Maria Kanellis had signed multi-year contracts with WWE. This was despite rumors that both were on their way out, as reports in January suggested that the two had requested to be released.

So it's not too surprising that Kanellis has decided that he doesn't want to work with the company now. And it's unclear what would happen with Maria in WWE if her husband chose to leave.

After spending illustrious careers together in TNA, Mike and Maria joined WWE (her second stint) in 2017. The two saw little time on television, however, but thing started to change after they reportedly signed new contracts.

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Maria revealed her pregnancy with their second child, and WWE decided to make an angle out of it. She's claimed that Mike isn't the father, and she's found numerous ways to make him look bad on television - and the two even exchanged 24/7 Championship reigns.

Even if the money was good from WWE, Mike isn't one that prioritizes a nice pay day over happiness. He hasn't received much attention from WWE, and you can't blame him for wanting the chance to succeed elsewhere.

Mike May Not Get His Wish

Even though Mike wants to be let go from his contract, recent history suggests WWE may not grant his wish. Luke Harper asked to be let go back in April, and the company refused to give in. If they won't do it for Harper, there's a good chance officials won't do it for Kanellis. We'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.

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