Mike Kanellis Stays Level Headed In Frustrating Twitter Spat

Mike Kanellis was recently part of a heated argument with some annoying trolls on Twitter.

“Where in the world is Mike Kanellis?” one WWE fan wondered on Twitter and that simple tweet started a back and forth between Kanellis and fans over the question of if he has been a failure during his time with World Wrestling Entertainment.

We all know that Twitter is often a dark hole of trolls and superficial conversations and arguments that often lead to immature comments and childish insults. But, that first tweet from a fan wasn’t insulting or argumentative so one can understand why Kanellis would take the time to respond. Which he did with this tweet – comparing himself to Jimmy Garoppolo:

However, that response caught the eye of a tweeter who calls himself President Troll. And given that the dude has the word “troll” right there in his Twitter handle, I think we all know where this is going. The back and forth that followed had the “troll” commenting on Kanellis’ lack of TV time, reminding people about the nude pics of his wife that leaked last year and—maybe worst of all—calling his few months of sobriety “basically nothing.”


And the other tweet—which may have been deleted since:

"You have achieved as much as I have working for the WWE. You're personal life is none of my business. Call me when you've clean for four years. A few months is basically nothing"


Kanellis was able to remain calm throughout the trolling though and responded with this tweet:

At that point, other fans jumped in to support Mike in his sobriety, but as for his lack of WWE TV time and such, there were more fans who jumped in to take him to task on those counts.

Another guy tweeted.

"So you got Cody Rhodes who left an easy job because he wanted to achieve more as a wrestler and then you got Mike Bennett who signed with WWE and is happy to be a jobber who doesn't even appear on TV after 2 weeks. I guess some people care about wrestling and some just money:"

And still, Kanellis was able to keep his cool and respond as such.


"You’ve mistaken positivity for content.I turn my negatives into motivation.U don’t wrestle for 16yrs,all around the world,for all 4 major companies,by being content.I work hard & every negative,makes me work harder.I just don’t bitch about what I don’t have.I just go work for it"

Finally, it all came to an end with this tweet from "Road Dogg" Brian James:


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