Every Member Of The Ministry Of Darkness, Ranked By How Successful They Were

The Ministry of Darkness is one of the most underrated stables in WWE history. It was a great concept during the Attitude Era, as a way to turn The Undertaker heel and add another layer to his character. Undertaker started adding a demonic element to his act and created a faction of his followers with unique rituals like a cult. There was a spooky aspect to WWE television when this group was on the screen that delivered the entertainment.

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Quite a few wrestlers in the Ministry of Darkness would have Hall of Fame worthy careers, of which their time in the Ministry was a great chapter. Some used it to kick-start their success before going to do bigger and better things. Others would use it to finally get television time to prove their worth. A few were just secondary figures. On that note, let's rank all the members of the Ministry of Darkness based on their success.

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9 Gangrel

The trio of The Brood would become a smaller faction within the bigger Ministry of Darkness group. Gangrel was the leader of The Brood, with a vampire gimmick featuring the unique look of the fangs in his mouth. It made him a good addition to the Ministry to add more bodies.

Gangrel did not find as much success as the rest of the group. WWE released him shortly after the Ministry of Darkness came to an end. Gangrel did not have as much talent as some of the other stable members, which led to him falling behind.

8 Mideon

The career of Mideon would see a few twists and turns in the 1990s. His introduction to the WWE would see him play pig farmer Phineas I. Godwinn, as half of the Godwinn brothers tag team. Undertaker would later make him his first forced recruit to join the Ministry of Darkness.

The visual of Mideon on a cross symbol designed to look like Undertaker’s logo unofficially started the new faction. Mideon would play one of the lackeys of the group, often taking a beating from the opposing face. Once the faction ended, Mideon struggled with an embarrassing run as a streaker character.

7 Viscera

The size of Viscera allowed him to play a few different characters in the WWE world. His biggest push came earlier in the 1990s after winning the King of the Ring, but fans did not care about the Mabel era. This change would see him return under the Viscera name as an enforcer for the Ministry of Darkness.

Viscera did not have many big wins and was typically used in the group segments, giving the Ministry a size advantage in more ways than one. The end of the Ministry would see Viscera lose his spot in WWE, until returning with another lackluster Big Daddy V character.

6 Paul Bearer

Paul Bearer had a great run in WWE as the manager of The Undertaker in the early years of his career. The years where Undertaker did not talk allowed Bearer to serve as his voice, along with a spooky gimmick that added another layer to the act.

Undertaker started talking later in the 1990s, but Bearer once again managed him during this heel run as the Ministry of Darkness’ spokesperson. His presence in the Ministry added another respected figure to the group. Bearer’s career was beloved and he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame after passing away.

5 Faarooq

Ron Simmons wrestled under the name of Faarooq for most of his run in WWE. The singles run featured mostly disappointing moments outside of the Nation of Domination stint. Another faction would give him relevance, when teaming with Bradshaw in the APA and Ministry of Darkness.

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Faarooq and Bradshaw had a great run as a tag team, often protecting The Undertaker and Paul Bearer. The tag team run helped Simmons have an impressive final few years of his career. WWE rewarded Simmons after retirement by inducting him into the Hall of Fame.

4 Bradshaw

The career of Bradshaw in WWE was underwhelming before joining the Ministry of Darkness. Vince McMahon was fond of him, but countless gimmicks continued to disappoint. The creation of the APA tag team for Bradshaw and Faarooq would extend their careers, thanks to the Ministry of Darkness.

Fans started to see how tough and intense Bradshaw was in the ring. The great tag team run with Faarooq eventually allowed him to get a singles push as JBL. A new character of the wealthy Wall Street businessman made him a top heel on the road to winning the WWE Championship.

3 Christian

Christian’s run in The Brood gave him a fun introduction to the WWE as the brother of Edge and the protégé of Gangrel. All three members tried to replicate the portrayal of vampires in pop culture works, which led to them joining the Ministry of Darkness.

The run in the Ministry did not do too much for Christian, but the future would be bright. Most fans expect to see Christian in the Hall of Fame soon, thanks to a tremendous career. Christian would go on to have nine WWE Tag Team Championship reigns, along with two impressive World Championship runs.

2 The Undertaker

The career of The Undertaker was already thriving in the 1990s; he was one of the WWE's biggest stars. The creation of the Ministry of Darkness was intended to give him a bigger run as a top heel to challenge Steve Austin. Undertaker had a great run and continued to remain a top player in WWE for a long time.

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WWE is still using Undertaker in a part-time role thanks to his legendary status. Many fans forget or aren’t even aware of his great run in the Ministry, due to how long his career has been. Undertaker certainly will be remembered as an icon whenever he does retire.

1 Edge

Edge was one of the young wrestlers in the Ministry of Darkness to most benefit from the time working with bigger names. WWE viewed Edge as the future breakout star of The Brood, and they were 100% correct.

The momentum built as the rising star in the Ministry was a small sample size of his talent. Edge would have an amazing run with Christian as a tag team, before moving into a singles role. Eight World Championship reigns in WWE and an induction into the Hall of Fame makes him arguably the top star from the Ministry of Darkness.

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