Miscast: 15 Horrible Storylines Involving Legendary Wrestlers

If you are crazy enough to try and become a professional wrestler, get ready because you're in for a bumpy ride. You could be the most talented athlete in the world but at the end of the day, it all comes down to how well you are able to portray a character for the audience to either cheer or oppose. And even then, if you're lucky enough to get that character down pat, that may not even be enough. If you manage to sign with WWE (or sign with any promotion for that matter), it's up to the powers that be to figure out what to do with you.

Here comes the storytelling aspect. The possibilities are endless. You could be the All-American hero who wins all the championships, or you could be the stupid idiot who dances like a fool. For example, before Kane would become the Big Red Machine, he used to play an evil dentist. Catch my drift?

Whether it be a major part of the show or not, every wrestler on the active WWE roster is involved in some sort of storyline. Stone Cold Steve Austin has been involved in many classics, but does anyone remember when he decided to side with Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania X7, the same person he had been feuding with for years prior? Although it was a twist nobody saw coming, most fans consider it quite horrible. For Stone Cold to suddenly support everything he was originally against was silly and didn't really make much sense.

Does anyone remember the time when Vince McMahon had Trish Stratus get down on her knees and bark like a dog in order to plead forgiveness? This also could be considered horrible. Yes, Trish may have gotten her revenge in the end, but to have an individual humiliate and degrade herself in front of millions of fans was quite questionable.

But hey, there's been even worse story lines played out on national television by the cream of the crop in professional wrestling. Much worse. This is why we're putting together this list for you all to recall the 15 horrible story lines from fantastic wrestlers... starting with...

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15 The Result Of Many John Cena Storylines

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The first entry on our list is sort of a troll, but it's also sort of true.

When all the top stars of the Attitude Era left WWE, somebody was bound to snatch the top spot. And as we all know, we got the Leader of the Cenation to do the honors. At first, we were all cool with that! John Cena is pretty bada** after all, no? But then, things started to get a little repetitive. And repetitive. How repetitive? John Cena loses the title. Wins it back the next month. Loses the title. Wins it back. And even when he did lose, he never lost clean; his opponent would always have to best him by cheating. As the WWE Universe started taking notes, more and more boos would erupt each week.

One of the most annoying instances of this was when Nexus debuted on Raw in 2010, a segment so brutal and violent it had everybody in the WWE Universe talking, waiting for what the Nexus had next up their sleeve. What should have resulted in all members of the Nexus becoming WWE's newest top stars turned out to be the same predictable result.

A decade later, Cena has finally stepped down so to speak and hey, we're actually really enjoying his stuff lately! At this point, I actually wouldn't hate another Cena title reign!

14 "Eddie's In Hell!"

Do you know the awkwardness that ensues when somebody makes an offensive joke about something tragic? And do you know when the whole room goes quiet because it's usually too soon? Yeah, well WWE did the same thing except it was never intended to be a joke. It was just cruel.

We all know Eddie Guerrero tragically passed way in late 2005. WWE was quite respectful at first, throwing a live memorial of the legend on Monday Night Raw as soon as it happened. But as we all know, WWE will do and say anything to get people's attention sometimes. Months after Guerrero's passing, WWE decided to use Guerrero's death in order for Rey Mysterio to gain sympathy from the fans. Mysterio would win the Royal Rumble by eliminating Randy Orton and to celebrate, Mysterio would look up towards heaven as if Eddie was watching down on him. Cute, right? Yeah... until Orton told him to stop looking up as if Eddie's in heaven because he "ain't in Heaven, Eddie's down there... in hell!" Whoa, Randy. Whoa. This sort of offensive content wouldn't just end there.

We get it, wrestling's fake. And sometimes you have to push the boundaries to get people talking. But sometimes, there's such a thing as going too far. All it did was make the fans watching uncomfortable and I'm sure it wasn't easy for Guerrero's family either. But who are we to say that? To our dismay, Vickie Guerrero got a pretty decent gig out of it. As much as we may have hated her, it's because she played her part to perfection.

13 Kennel From Hell

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The Big Boss Man was one evil SOB. God rest his unpredictably evil soul!

There's a lot of terrible things Big Boss Man did during his time in professional wrestling (kayfabe of course). He once crashed Big Show's father's funeral by chaining the casket to the back of his car before driving off. Pretty sadistic, no? Wait. It gets worse.

During his feud with Al Snow in 1999, Big Boss Man grabbed the pet carrier Snow's chihuahua dog was in and smashed it over Snow's head before carelessly tossing it aside. It was so shocking, Jim Ross had to immediately apologize to audiences and inform everyone watching that the dog wasn't actually in the carrier. But wait, it gets even worse!

Eventually, Boss Man invited Snow over for dinner to bury the hatchet, watching with glee before revealing to Al that he killed his dog and fed it to him... Finally, this led to the first, and thankfully only, Kennel From Hell Match at the Unforgiven PPV event, in which they had savage dogs surrounding the ring. I mean... we were supposed to believe they were savage, but in reality they were the most friendly and adorable dogs you could ever imagine. They were so sweet, they were literally licking Boss Man and Al Snow.

It was quite the fail to say the least. But hey, we're still talking about it!

12 The Undertaker Vs. Giants

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The Undertaker has to be one of WWE's most phenomenal Superstars. Sorry AJ Styles, but it's true; I mean, The Undertaker is nicknamed "The Phenom" for a reason. So what do you do when The Undertaker runs out of formidable opponents? You hire some big giant who looks like they could possibly murder you and your family. The problem with this is that sometimes bigger isn't always better, at least in the case of professional wrestling that is. WWE would do this twice within 15 years, with Giant Gonzales and The Great Khali.

Although these two do seem like formidable opponents on paper, it just didn't work. When you bring in men with zero wrestling ability, at the end of the day, the storytelling doesn't matter if the matches wind up being forgettable and boring. Poor Undertaker had to try his near hardest to carry these matches, and both feuds ended up becoming duds that not many people will ever talk about again. Even a Punjabi Prison couldn't save it.

11 Uncontrollable Flatulence

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What do you do when you got the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and the niece of Bret "The Hitman" Hart on your roster? You under-utilize her and give her a farting gimmick.

*Face Palm*

Poor Natalya. She's one of the most respected female wrestlers in the world and has been with the WWE for over eight years. What does she have to show for it? One Divas Championship reign during a time where the division wasn't nearly as popular as it is today. After her partnership with Beth Phoenix went absolutely nowhere in 2011, somebody somewhere thought up the idea to give Natalya a farting gimmick. Yes, she would accidentally fart on her opponents backstage and in the ring. I don't know who she pissed off backstage, but thankfully for Natalya the gimmick was short-lived, so short-lived in fact, you probably didn't even know it happened. So, Natalya if you're reading this, I'm sorry I'm reminding everyone that you used to fart on the other Divas.

10 Hypnotizing!

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Before the Brand Split would go into full effect this year, the annoying Wyatt Family decided to target everyone's favorite W-W-E-World-Tag-Team-Champions... New Day!

What at first seemed like a decent feud got strange fast. It was revealed to us that Bray Wyatt now all of a sudden held the ability to hypnotize! Yes, hypnotize. All Bray would have to do is stare at little Xavier Woods, and voila! Xavier was brainwashed.


This type of stuff doesn't work in wrestling today. It's just awkward. So please, let's not see this stuff again. Also, does anybody even like the Bray Wyatt character? He's like a fly constantly buzzing at your ear, much more more annoying than threatening. He talks all this smack yet loses all of his important matches. A talented individual no doubt, but his character needs a rejuvenation on SmackDown Live if we're ever going to take him seriously again. Here's hoping.

9 Piggie James

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After Trish Stratus and Lita retired from professional wrestling, Mickie James would carry the torch and dominate the Division with six championship reigns to her name (five Women's Championships and one Butterfly Championship). Eventually, the torch had to be handed over to someone else... LayCool -- Michelle McCool and Layla. But they wouldn't take the torch gently. They would snatch it away. The "Mean Girls" of the Divas division, they would hurl insults to get under the skins of the other Divas and it worked. It was kind of fun until eventually, they would take it to a personal level, like when they started calling Mickie James fat on national television. Hence, the birth of the nickname...

Piggie James.

Lets make things clear. Mickie James isn't and has never been "overweight." But because she wasn't as stick-thin as some of the other Divas, people misconstrued it as the WWE being very cruel. And seeing as this would be Mickie's final storyline before being released, well, it was sort of cruel. However, the feud wasn't without its merits, as Michelle McCool was a fine in-ring competitor and the two would have some fantastic matches together during a time where the division needed some attention. But in a PG-Era where more and more little girls were starting to watch, it wasn't a good idea to fat shame somebody.

8 Run, Booker! Ruuuun!

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Let's start this entry off with saying that Booker T should have defeated Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship at the culmination of their rivalry at WrestleMania XIX. It was actually a fantastic feud where the WWE Universe wanted nothing more than to see the five-time WCW Champion come out on top. No, Booker T's career didn't go to complete crap after the loss, but a win against Triple H for the World title would have kept him in the main event scene where he belonged, in the opinion of most people. Also, if he would have won against HHH, he most likely wouldn't have had his most lackluster WrestleMania match three years later - jobbing to The Boogeyman at WrestleMania 22.

Booker T teamed up with his wife Sharmell to take on The Boogeyman in a Handicap match. The story ? Booker and Sharmell were utterly horrified by Boogey, screaming and running from him for months until forced to face off with one another at the grandest stage of them all - WrestleManiaaaaa! Ugh. The Boogeyman shtick had already been done at this point, and it was just a rehash for a talent that didn't need to be involved in a squash match against someone who never even won a title in his career.

To sum it up, Booker T deserved better.

7 The Beautiful Birth Of... A Hand...

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Mark Henry is a World's Strongest Man. He's a former World Heavyweight, ECW, and European Champion. The man has been active in the WWE for over twenty years.

Mae Young was taking bumps into her 80s better than most people did in their 20s. She's a Hall of Famer and a legend, and she'll always be greatly missed.

Soooooo, where exactly do we start with the story line in which Mark Henry and Mae Young became romantically involved with one another? Hmmm. Was it odd that a 29-year-old would date an 80-year-old? Yes, but we will let that part slide. How about Mark Henry somehow managing to get an 80-year-old pregnant? Well, even though that's physically and scientifically impossible, we will sort of let that slide too. Because the storyline got even stupider.

Mae Young wound up giving birth to a hand.

If you're a wrestling fan, you probably remember this. And although some people find humor in stupidity, most people with a brain didn't see humor in this one. The Attitude Era's always remembered for greatness, but we can't forget how silly and dumb some storylines were.

6 Sour Attitudes From Hulk Hogan And Ric Flair

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What should have been one of the most epic encounters of all time turned out to be one of the most disappointing feuds of all time, if you can even really call it a feud.

With both men dominating their respective promotions for a decade, Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair was a dream match everyone wanted to see at WrestleMania VIII, especially considering Flair recently made the switch to WWE. Although you could argue this entry doesn't belong on the list as a real feud didn't develop between the two men in 1992, we're counting it as the two battled on more than one occasion at a few house shows prior to the eighth annual WrestleMania. The match was even billed to happen at one point too!

So to clarify, we finally had two of the greatest in the same promotion at the same time, literally right in time for WrestleMania. They start a feud, things are building to where we want it to go and then, because of ego and lack of chemistry (did they even try though?), their feud came to an immediate stop and we were treated to two mediocre matches instead.

Most fans believe each man didn't want to be the one to lose to the other, hence why it didn't happen at all. It sort of makes you mad to think about though, doesn't it?

5 Paul Burchill The Pirate

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Paul Burchill was an incredible wrestler. The WWE just didn't know what to do with him. His second stint with *sister* Katie Lea wasn't the greatest either, but his first stint?

Quite simply, it was atrocious.

It started off fairly credibly by having Burchill team with William Regal in an attempt at capturing the Tag Championships on SmackDown. Paul Burchill decided he was going to switch things up after failing to win. How would he switch things up? By honoring his family heritage and becoming a pirate because apparently, his great, great, great grandfather was a pirate, or something along those lines. It was silly, but it was sort of cute at first. But where does a pirate go after the initial cuteness wears off? Back in developmental for a couple years, apparently. For such an amazing talent, it's a shame Burchill didn't amount to much in WWE, and the pirate storyline certainly didn't help.

4 Papa Shango And The Ultimate Warrior

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I don't really know why, but WWE likes to blend reality with the supernatural far too often. Sometimes it works. Most times, it kills multiple brain cells.

Before Charles Wright would become The Godfather we all came to adore, he was Sir Charles. But we're not here to talk about Sir Charles because nobody remembers Sir Charles. We're talking about the character he played after that, Baron Samedi. I mean, Papa Shango (if you don't know who Baron Samedi is, Google him; he's a Bond-like villain WWE definitely ripped off with this character). Poor Ultimate Warrior had to deal with the voodoo villain, having spells cast against him to make him vomit! And bleed!

How intense! And how silly.

Luckily, the character didn't last too long. And luckily for Ultimate Warrior, the feud was dropped before it could really pick up any traction. They tried though. And luckily for Charles Wright, his next stint with the company would turn him into a Hall of Famer.

3 Hit-And-Run

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This is a classic case of TV writers not having an end in mind when beginning a story. It's pretty frustrating really. It happens far too often, especially in wrestling.

What started off as gold with Stone Cold Steve Austin being run over backstage by a mysterious assailant at the Survivor Series event in 1999 (a way to write Stone Cold off television due to an injury) turned out to be one of the worst reveals in the history of professional wrestling. Yes, even worse than the Gobbledy Gooker.

When Stone Cold would return nine months later, a mystery storyline would develop as Stone Cold wasn't going to rest until he found out who the SOB was that ran him over as if he were roadkill. Like all good mysteries, they're only as good as their endings. And this ending? Ugh. The culprit to the fiasco was revealed to be Rikishi. Yes, the carefree dancer who liked to stick his big ass in people's faces was the evildoer.

The reason?

"I did it for The Rock," he explained.

Yes, because the "white man" was holding back the "black man".

That is all.

2 Eugene

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Okay. I will admit, when I was a young teen watching WWE about 12  years ago, I absolutely adored Eugene. I mean how could you not? He had the sweetest of hearts and we all wanted nothing more than to see him exact revenge on his jerk of an uncle, Eric Bischoff. But, looking back at it all, my God, what was WWE thinking?

It's one thing to have a mentally challenged character played by someone who isn't mentally challenged. The film I Am Sam did it and it even earned Sean Penn an Oscar Nomination. We're not saying Eugene was Oscar-worthy, but he did play it well, I guess. This is the problem though. The other wrestlers made fun of him for being slow, and week in and week out, they would beat poor Eugene up, not just to win the match, but to inflict as much physical pain as humanly possible. Yeah, it's kind of hard to watch. It's definitely something that wouldn't fly today in the New Era.

We will give it to Nick Dinsmore, the man who played the mentally challenged wrestler -- he played the part to perfection. He was pretty damn good in the ring too. But like what happens with most of these silly characters, their careers in WWE only last so long.

1 Katie Vick

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Unlike most of the other entries on this list, this entry warrants zero merit. It wasn't just a failed attempt at a good story. There was never going to be any good coming of it.

During his feud with Kane, Triple H would reveal to the WWE Universe that Kane was a murderer, killing his girlfriend Katie Vick in the past. With such horrid accusations, the WWE Universe wanted to know more! Was Kane really a murderer?

The next week, Kane revealed  the true story -- that a drunk driving accident caused by him was the reason for his ex girlfriend's death. So Triple H was a filthy liar, so much so, in fact, that the next week on Raw, Triple H revealed he had video footage. The footage? HHH dressed up as the Big Red Machine, molesting and raping the dead body of Katie Vick!

*Crickets chirping*

Not one person will speak kindly of this angle. If WWE did it to get people talking, they succeeded. But did WWE lose a few viewers? I'd be surprised if the answer was no.

Some storylines go down in history. This one for sure will, but for all the wrong reasons.

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