Who Was "Miss Elizabeth" In Dolph Ziggler's SmackDown Segment?

By now, it’s obvious what Dolph Ziggler’s new gimmick is supposed to be. He’s a guy who hates gimmicks and hates the WWE Universe’s tendency to favor flashy gimmicks over true in-ring talent. In the midst of all that gimmick-bashing on Tuesday night’s episode of SmackDown Live, the Show-Off took time to mock the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s classic WWE entrance, emerging backstage accompanied by a beautiful young woman, not unlike Savage’s valet/then-real-life wife, Miss Elizabeth. Who was that mystery woman, and how is she somehow connected to WWE’s recent past?

According to WrestleZone, the woman who played Miss Elizabeth to Ziggler’s Macho Man is Stephanie Dinsmore. And if her surname sounds familiar to you, that’s because she’s the wife of former WWE Superstar and current independent wrestling mainstay Nick Dinsmore, who is best-known for his controversial WWE role as Eugene, Eric Bischoff’s mentally-challenged kayfabe nephew. It's also no surprise that Stephanie is recognized outside the world of wrestling for her beauty as she reigned as 2016 Mrs. South Dakota, one year after she and Nick tied the knot.


As seen in the above tweet, Nick and Stephanie Dinsmore were backstage for Tuesday's episode of SmackDown Live, and by all accounts, they both had a lot of fun that night. The couple took time to pose for a photo with The New Day's Xavier Woods, and as Nick noted above, Woods was more than happy to promote his faction's quirky products to Mr. and Mrs. Dinsmore.


As recalled in a 2016 article from the Argus Leader, Nick and Stephanie Dinsmore’s relationship dates back to 2004. His wife to be was then known as Stephanie Fischer, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota native and WWE fan who struck up a friendship with the wrestler called Eugene. The two would move to Stephanie’s home state and get married in 2015, and Nick has since been running Midwest All Pro Wrestling, a promotion that helped him “build a niche in (the) untapped market” of South Dakota.


Looking back at what happened last night on SmackDown Live, does this mean the WWE Universe may be seeing the return of Eugene, with his real-life wife reprising her Miss Elizabeth role alongside Dolph Ziggler? One could only dream, as Eugene's divisive, and arguably offensive gimmick oftentimes overshadowed his legitimate wrestling ability, while Stephanie Dinsmore is without a doubt a very attractive lady. But this looks to be a one-off appearance for the beauty queen, as Ziggler continues sticking it to WWE's fanbase by mocking a variety of flashy gimmicks, which also included those of John Cena and Naomi in last night's segment. And at 41-years-old, Eugene looks happy to remain in the indies, where he will presumably wind down his two decade-plus wrestling career.

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