The Miz And Former WWE Writer Trade Heated Blows On Twitter

The Miz and former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz clashed on Twitter this past weekend and neither man was pulling any punches.

There was a time not so long ago in WWE where it felt like The Miz's confidence was completely shot. It's hard to imagine that when you look at him now. The Awesome One defeated Roman Reigns to become an eight-time Intercontinental Champion on Monday night and is currently one of the best Superstars when he has a mic in his hand, second only to John Cena who is now a part-timer.


Despite being a WWE Champion seven years ago, this is truly the peak of The Miz's career. Not only is he winning championships and talking fans into buildings around the world, but in 2017 Rolling Stone magazine named The A-Lister their wrestler of the year. Someone, in particular, does not agree with that assessment though.

Former WWE writer — and close friend of The Rock — Brian Gewirtz posted a tweet in honor of Raw's 25th anniversary over the weekend detailing some of his favorite moments while he was with the company. He also noted that there were "brutal, miserable days too" and attributed those times to having to work with The Miz. The Intercontinental Champion naturally didn't take too kindly to that and hit straight back, insinuating that his success coinciding with Gewirtz leaving the company is no coincidence.

It didn't stop there either. Gewirtz went on to insult The Miz's part in the many Marine movies. While on the surface it seems like it may all be in good fun and the two are simply ribbing each other, there may be more to it. The Miz's rise to prominence actually did coincide with Gewirtz leaving the company and the former WWE writer has commented in the past about how he was not a very popular figure with a lot of Superstars backstage at the company.

Anyone who dares go toe to toe in a war of words with The Miz, whether it be on Raw or on social media, is braver than us. The confidence that The A-Lister has garnered over the past two years means that he is able to cut down pretty much anyone he comes up against in a promo battle. Brian Gewirtz more than held his own in this encounter though.


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