The Miz Celebrates Career Milestone By Calling Out Those Who Doubted Him

The Miz recently celebrated ten years as a WWE Superstars after being told initially that he wouldn't last three months in the company.

It's crazy to think that The Miz has been a WWE Superstar for ten years now. What a roller coaster ride it's been for the self-proclaimed Hollywood A-Lister. In that time, Miz has headlined a WrestleMania and had a spell with the WWE Championship. His career tailed off a little after that, but over the past 18 months, he's been revived.

Since his wife, Maryse, returned to WWE to act as the seven time Intercontinental Champion's valet The Miz has made himself relevant again. While on SmackDown Live, he was the Superstar that all fans loved to hate, and while that hasn't transferred entirely on Raw, he is still extremely entertaining. Miz took a rather unconventional route into pro wrestling, via a reality television career, and it's that which led to him being looked down upon when he first arrived in WWE.


Miz's first few months with WWE have been well documented. He was disliked by most backstage and was even banned from the locker room for a period of time. He saw it out though and this past Friday WWE revealed on Twitter that it was the tenth anniversary of Miz's debut. Miz quoted the tweet and took a shot at his original doubters, tweeting that those who said he would be fired within three months fueled him to accomplish everything that he has done up until this point.


The Miz rose to prominence via the MTV reality show, The Real World. Wanting to become a pro-wrestler, the perfect opportunity arose for Miz shortly after in the form of Tough Enough. The show effectively combined wrestling and reality television and although Miz didn't win, his performance on Tough Enough eventually earned him a WWE contract. He may not have been liked at first but the rest is history.

As touched upon above, not many fans like The Miz—he's a heel and that's the point—but it's hard not to respect him not only for the past year and a half and how he has made himself relevant again, but for grinding out those first few months with WWE when most would have bowed out. Ten straight years in WWE is a milestone that only a few select Superstars manage to achieve, so congratulations to him.

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