Is There Real Life Heat Between The Miz And Daniel Bryan?

When former WWE Superstar Ryback speaks, listeners need to take what he says with a grain of salt. That said, he does have a lot of insider information that most fans would love to be privy to.

On a recent episode of Conversation with the Big Guy — Ryback's podcast on iTunes — he recently discussed a few issues, including the heat that may or may not exist between Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

According to The Big Guy, Daniel Bryan says the worst job in the WWE was an on-screen personality who doesn't wrestle. As transcribed by wrestlinginc.com, Ryback said Bryan hates it, "because then you just get your scripted lines and you physically can't exert yourself. You just have to sit there. It's like you want to just f--king… it's not a good thing. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that he's happy."


Most of the WWE Universe knows Bryan isn't happy he's not currently wrestling. Injury issues have forced an early retirement on the still extremely popular wrestler, but in an effort to stay in the business he loves, Bryan is doing a job he'd rather not do but keeps him involved.

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At times, it's frustrating for Bryan to be stuck. This frustration is something The Miz has used against him in promos that have elevated The Miz's status to new heights. Many believe the heat between Bryan and The Miz is legitimate, but Ryback laughs that off as people being naive.

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The folks at wrestlinginc.com once again transcribed Ryback's response and on the topic of their real heat, Ryback added, "Him and Dan, it's all f--king fake! Even if that was [them] taking shots at each other, they're still in a f--king scripted environment. And Dan knows. Dan [has] wrestled The Miz. Dan can go out there and wrestle with anybody and Miz can put in time." Ryback continued, "and Daniel Bryan has nothing but respect for The Miz and The Miz really helped him a lot early on. And Daniel Bryan helped Miz too with everything and escalating him."

It's great to know that Ryback has the inside information on what looks to be real frustration between The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

If Bryan is truly upset that he can't wrestle any longer, it stands to reason that even if he gave The Miz permission to use that frustration against him in a promo that would elevate The Miz, it had sting a little.

Bryan is constantly reminded by being around the locker room that he's not doing what he truly loves. It's the reason there have been rumors of his departure from the WWE once his contract ends. To have someone like The Miz throw it in your face, even if he is your friend, could be a lot to handle.

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