The Miz Won't Retire Until He Achieves One Milestone

In over a decade with the WWE, The Miz has accomplished aplenty, and the 37-year-old still has lots left in the tank. When all is said and done, nobody should be surprised if the former WWE Champion is in the Hall of Fame someday.

Miz defeated Roman Reigns on this week's Raw 25th Anniversary show, winning his eighth Intercontinental Championship. With the victory, Miz only trails Chris Jericho by one victory for the most Intercontinental title reigns.

The latest report from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio suggests that Miz will be receiving a major push heading into WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. That's a good thing, because The Miz still has one major goal on his bucket list.

In a recent interview with ESPN, The Miz talked about the value of the Intercontinental title, and that he will not retire until he's reached one major feat in his illustrious career:

"The last time I got it, I literally said I [was] sick of people looking at this as just a placeholder, as like a whatever title. I want people to understand that when you hold that title, it is prestigious, it is relevant, it has a rich history and that's what I set out to do. I think I've been doing a pretty good job of it, but I'm not done until I'm main-eventing WrestleMania with the Intercontinential championship."


The Intercontinental Championship has only been used in the main event of 'Mania once - back at WrestleMania VI in Toronto. The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan to retain his Intercontinental Championship whilst also winning the WWF World Heavyweight title.

via Wrestling News

Miz has cemented himself as one of top superstars of the PG Era, thanks to his large personality and iconic promos as a major heel. However, he has not been given a main event push since losing his WWE Championship at Extreme Rules 2011.

Time is on The Miz's side to headline WrestleMania with the Intercontinental Championship. If it doesn't happen this year, it could still happen in the near future. And given his rich history as the title holder, why shouldn't Miz headline the Grandest Stage of Them All?


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