The Miz On The Verge Of Hitting Another Intercontinental Milestone

The Miz is just a few days away from becoming the third longest reigning Intercontinental Champion when you combine all of his seven reigns.

Most weeks on RawThe Miz boldly claims that he has brought legitimacy back to the Intercontinental Championship. In some ways, he has a point but in others, not so much. The A-Lister has certainly enjoyed a career renaissance of sorts over the past 18 months or so, and having the IC title on his shoulder is a good choice. However, some of the time WWE's booking of him and his championship leads fans to forget that the prestigious belt even exists.

Like it or not though, The Miz is the current Intercontinental Champion. It's his seventh time with the long standing title which leaves The Awesome One second to Chris Jericho who is a nine-time champ. While The Miz will likely surpass that record one day, there is another intercontinental related record that he will likely pass far sooner.

At the time of typing this, when all Miz's Intercontinental Title reigns are combined he has held the championship for a pretty impressive 444 days. This latest reign has seen Miz over take the likes of Razor Ramon (438 days), The Ultimate Warrior (432 days), and Macho Man Randy Savage (414 days). Now, if he can hold onto the belt for just another 11 days he will surpass the Superstar currently in third place, The Honky Tonk Man.


That may be easier said than done though. This week on Raw, The Miz has got a pretty significant title defense to get through. Last week Jeff Hardy won a shot at Miz's championship in a battle royal, and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the veteran could bring the self-proclaimed Hollywood Star's current reign to an end at just 445 days.


For The Miz to be so high up this list and to be in such prolific company is an accomplishment not to be sniffed at. Many older wrestling fans are more impressed by the length of title reign rather than being a multi-time champion. Well, The Miz can boast both a multitude of title reigns as well as a lengthy combined reign. If and when he passes Honky Tonk Man, that leaves just two wrestlers left for him to over to take, Don Muraco who is on 541 days and the number one spot held by Pedro Morales with an incredible 619 days that were spread across just two reigns.

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