The Miz Says A Recent Promo Was Completely Unscripted

The Miz recently discussed his Raw segment with LaVar Ball and that the interaction between the two of them was completely unscripted.

There's a lot of talk in the present day about how Superstars and their promos in WWE are over-scripted. That Vince McMahon and his team of writers give the company's performers scripts to memorize and force them to recite them word for word whereas in the past wrestlers were given a lot more freedom in that respect.

To some extent that may be true, but it would seem for the most part the only Superstars who are scripted to that level are ones that want to be. It's pretty evident that Roman Reigns has the majority of his material written for him, and apparently Kurt Angle insists on it. Others like John Cena and The Miz however prefer to react to what their opponents say and have also earned the trust of those backstage at WWE so that they can be allowed to do so.


The Miz actually opened up about one unscripted segment in particular during his appearance on the Sam Roberts Pro Wrestling Podcast last week. The segment the two discussed was the infamous one that took place earlier this year on Raw with LaVar and Lonzo Ball. Apparently Miz asked them if they wanted to go over the script prior to it taking place but LaVar declined.

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Whether what happened next was a success or a disaster is still up for debate. According to The A-Lister LaVar whipping off his shirt and confronting him was all unscripted and off his own back. Roberts even asked Miz about 'the N bomb' dropped by Lavar's son, the part of the segment which was an unarguable disaster, and the former Intercontinental Champion replied that because Dean Ambrose's music was playing at the time he thankfully didn't hear him say it.


The Miz is one of the best talkers under WWE's employ right now so it's no surprise that not only does the company let him go in front of a live camera unscripted, but also that he wouldn't be rattled by LaVar Ball going into business for himself. One thing is for certain though, WWE probably won't be inviting LaVar and his family back to perform on Raw again any time soon.

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