MJF Costs Cody Rhodes The AEW Title At Full Gear

MJF effectively cost Cody Rhodes his chance to become AEW World Champion at Full Gear, but not in the way we were expecting.

There was more on the line than just a championship in Full Gear's main event. Yes, Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho did battle for the richest prize in AEW, but it was the significance behind Rhodes battling for a World Title. Plus, the AEW EVP stating that he will never challenge for the championship again should he lose.

Cody was accompanied to the ring by MJF, while Jake Hager acted as Jericho's heavy. After Hager was sent to the back for getting involved one time too many for the referee's liking, Y2J took the opportunity to hit Cody with the title while the official's back as turned. Even that wasn't enough to keep The American Nightmare down, and it quickly became clear that Cody wasn't going to stay down for anything.

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That left MJF with a tough decision to make after he had recovered from being attacked by Hager. Jericho put Cody in the Walls of Jericho and stomped on his head for good measure. With a bloodied challenger seemingly out for the count, MJF made the decision to throw in the towel, bringing the match to an end.

As Jericho celebrated with the rest of The Inner Circle, a teary MJF tried to explain his decision to Cody. Once the EVP had accepted what MJF had done, the man who claims to be Cody's best friend kicked him where it hurts most, right between the legs. The heel turn that has been teased since the very beginning of AEW, just not when and where we were expecting it after that finish.

MJF acting like a heel during one segment and then a face the next because he's with Cody has been confusing, to say the least. This turn means he can be nothing but a full-blown heel going forward. We're assuming this will begin the build to a Cody versus MJF match at AEW's next PPV. Meanwhile, Hangman Page's win over PAC earlier on in the show likely means he will get another shot at becoming AEW Champion.

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