MJF Mocks Cody Rhodes Famous List Via "Serious Announcement"

MJF continues to twist the knife when it comes to hurting Cody Rhodes, this time mocking the list he wrote three years ago.

It's pretty amazing to think how much the wrestling business has adapted and evolved after the past few years. It could be argued that Cody Rhodes deserves a lot of credit for that. When he left WWE in 2016, his aim was to improve his career. Instead, he managed to improve the entire business and is now the EVP of a brand new wrestling promotion.

One of the first things Rhodes did after venturing out on his own was compile a list of wrestlers he wanted to get in the ring with. The list included all of the biggest names outside of WWE at the time, some of who have since gone the other way and signed for the company Rhodes left behind.

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Rhodes' former best friend MJF has taken the opportunity to mock that list, three and half a years after Rhodes wrote it. MJF took to Twitter on Saturday and teased that he would be making an "important and serious announcement" in regard to his career. The next day, MJF followed up on that tweet by posting a photo of his very own list in what is clearly an attempt to mock Rhodes.

MJF's list has just one name on it, Cody Rhodes. It also has a different title, "list of people I will never wrestle." MJF's hands are in shot, just as Rhodes' hands were in his post, with his newly won AEW Diamond Ring on show for the world to see. It's also in black and white and includes a date, just like the original list written by Rhodes.

Also like Rhodes, it is unlikely that MJF will be able to complete this list. It's pretty evident that AEW is now working toward a match between the former best friends. At the moment, the most logical place for the match to take place would be Bash at the Beach. We're also assuming MJF's ring will be on the line. One thing's for sure, that match will be an emotionally charged one.

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