Someone Has Made A D&D Character Sheet Of MJF, And He's Not Happy

MJF's tweet poking fun at people who play Dungeons & Dragons has blown up in a way that he probably didn't expect.

Some argue that heels and faces are a thing of the past in wrestling. There are a few examples of wrestlers competing today who prove that is not the case. The best example? Probably MJF. The 23-year-old is a heel through and through and is damn good at it too. Plus, just like the wrestlers from the past who he is likely channeling, he lives the gimmick.

An MJF promo, or even an MJF tweet, is not for those who are easily offended. The AEW star's ultimate goal is to make people hate him, so if you are offended by anything he says, mission accomplished. This week, MJF zoned in on people who play Dungeons & Dragons. Although he would have been trying to get under a fanbase's skin, we don't think he was expecting the tweet to be as successful as it has been.

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It all started when MJF posted what we're assuming was a post-gym selfie earlier this week. The caption reads "I don't play Dungeons & Dragons." A clear dig at those who do and a claim that they are lesser than him. That naturally sparked a number of angry retorts from those who do play D&D, including Hollywood's Clare Grant and Joe Manganiello.

As much as we love non-wrestling celebrities crossing over into our world, our favorite response has come from D&D enthusiast, Anthony Joyce. Joyce has created a D&D character sheet for MJF and even included the original gym selfie along with it. The inventive reaction seems to be the first reply that has gotten under the wrestler's skin. He quoted the tweet and replied, "DELETE THIS GARBAGE IMMEDIATELY!"

We may not be well-versed in D&D, but even we know that when something has been posted online, there's pretty much no taking it back. Even if Joyce were to delete the original tweet, which we hope he doesn't, we imagine quite a few D&D players will have printed the character sheet and are gleefully punishing that version of MJF for his comments. As Joyce puts it, you might not play D&D MJF, but D&D can now play you.

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