MMA Fighter Bets His Paycheck That He'd Knock Out CM Punk

Amateur MMA fighter Matt Bilella Fitzpatrick has challenged Punk and says that he's willing to bet his entire paycheck that he would knock out the former WWE Champion.

CM Punk hasn't shown us much as an MMA fighter since he left WWE for the UFC in 2014, of course, some of that is thanks to his first match taking place in September 2016. A match that he ended up losing to Mickey Gall after being placed in a submission hold.

"Dana White, if you're listening ... I'll put up my entire paycheck if I don't knock him the f--k out," says Fitzpatrick according to TMZ.

Bilella Fitzpatrick could give Punk a run for his money, even though he hasn't turned pro yet. The 21-year-old has been training out of Jackson-Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That's the same place that's helped mold UFC stars Jon Jones, Holly Holm, Donald Cerrone, and many others.


There is also a video on YouTube of Bilella Fitzpatrick calling out Punk back in August. He clearly wants a piece of him.

In the video, Bilella Fitzpatrick states that CM Punk only got into the UFC because of his name and that he doesn't know how to truly fight. Instead, he's more accustomed to acting due to his time with WWE.

Bilella Fitzpatrick also said that "his chin is always open" and that he "shot in terribly" in his last fight, which is why he got beat. You have to watch the video because he talks plenty of trash about Punk and says it would be an easy payday for him.

CM Punk is still new to UFC and the MMA world, even though it's almost been four years since he left WWE. A herniated disc in his back and a shoulder injury that required surgery certainly  didn't help the 39-year-old prepare for his new career.

Given Punk's age and the fact that he's still new to the sport, there's always a chance that Bilella Fitzpatrick could pull off an upset, and considering the amount of trash he's been talking, it could catch people's attention.


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