MMA Fighter Hits Insane Tombstone Piledriver [Video]

There's quite a lot of crossover in MMA and wrestling, but you don't normally see MMA fighters use WWE finishers. Yet, someone pulled off a Tombstone.

A Japanese MMA fighter has caught the attention of pro wrestling fans after he managed to use a Tombstone Piledriver in one of his fights.

Despite what fans who are exclusive to each world might tell you, there is a lot of overlap between mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. While it has become more common in recent years, it isn't a new thing either. Ken Shamrock is one of the most famous examples of someone who managed to establish a career in both industries and he made the move across from MMA to WWE all the way back in 1997.

Since then, there have been a number of names that have competed in both the ring and the octagon. Brock Lesnar, Dan Severn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Lashley, and of course the most relevant name of them all right now Ronda Rousey. One sport may feature shoot fights and the other pre-determined matches but clearly, there are similarities between the two otherwise there wouldn't be this much crossover.


Stars and athletes aren't the only things that cross between the two worlds. With so many MMA stars competing in WWE, and even more Superstars who are fans of the sport, quite a few moves and holds are now used in pro wrestling. Arm bars and choke holds, plus even The Undertaker has incorporated the triangle choke, known in MMA as a gogoplata, into his arsenal.

What is likely unbeknownst to The Deadman is that a certain MMA fighter has successfully used a move of his inside the octagon. Twitter user Cerebral Hunter recently posted a video that features a Japanese fighter named Taito Kubota using a Tombstone Piledriver on an opponent in one of his fights. It's pretty incredible as you can see from the video clip above.

Many pro wrestling maneuvers involve competitors trusting their opponents with their bodies so you rarely see moves like this in a real fight environment. How someone can let their opponent deliver a Tombstone to them against their will in MMA competition is a mystery to us. Clearly, it happened though but it doesn't look like Kubota finished off the move by sticking out his tongue and rolling his eyes back like The Undertaker. Maybe next time.


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MMA Fighter Hits Insane Tombstone Piledriver [Video]