MMC Live Viewing Figures Dropping Significantly Week By Week

The viewing figures for the Mixed Match Challenge are declining with every passing week and officials in WWE are not happy about it.

Vince McMahon and WWE always like to be on the cutting edge of social media wherever and whenever they can. Sometimes it works out and other times it blows up in their face. Jumping on the Twitch bandwagon a little early was a mistake, but shows like Cyber Sunday and Taboo Tuesday where fans could vote for Superstars and match types in real time were ahead of the curve.

Their latest experiment is the Mixed Match Challenge. The show airs exclusively on Facebook Watch so that fans can react and comment on the matches as they happen. The episodes are just 20 minutes each and only feature one match. We are currently three episodes into what will be a 12 episode series as we move deeper into the single elimination tag team tournament.


Apparently, both WWE and Facebook were expecting around a million fans to watch the show live. Unfortunately for them, they are currently getting nowhere near those figures. According to PWStream, the first episode pulled in around 135,000 viewers and those numbers have dropped with each episode. In fact, the latest episode of MMC drew less than half the viewers that episode one managed with only 62,400 people watching live.

One of the main issues is that the Mixed Match Challenge is only available to fans in the United States, at least live. The episodes are posted on the WWE Network a little later in the week. If the matches were made available to watch worldwide, however, then the show would undoubtedly get a lot more viewers. There are a lot of places in the world where it airs in the middle of the day due to time difference when a lot of fans will likely be on social media anyway.

With the steady decline in viewership, the MMC is currently experiencing, then who knows how many people will be watching by the end of the tournament? Perhaps when we get into the later rounds the tournament will garner more interest, but there is far from any guarantee of that. If numbers don't start to pick up soon, then this may spell the end of WWE airing programming exclusively on social media.


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