Modern Era Shame: 8 Male And 8 Female Wrestlers WWE Should Be Embarrassed Of

Over the course of WWE's long history, there have been plenty of things to be proud of and plenty of things for them to be ashamed of. While WWE has risen to be the largest sports entertainment (a.k.a. pro wrestling) company in the world, they don't always present the best product. As much as WWE has showcased the most talented wrestlers in the world, they've also placed a spotlight on many Superstars who are much closer to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Not only does WWE sometimes feature performers who have no business in a wrestling ring, sometimes they also showcase performers whose actions outside the ring have brought embarrassment and shame to the wrestling industry. In some cases during this article, there are Superstars who almost brought down the entire wrestling business.

This article focuses on eight male and eight female wrestlers who WWE should be ashamed of. Whether it be for poor in-ring work, terrible actions outside the ring, or just for being someone the company wishes they had never associated with - the Superstars featured here are some of the lowest of the low.

Without further ado, here are 16 of the most shameful wrestlers in WWE’s modern history.

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16 Zahra Schreiber

via heavy.com

Former NXT talent and ex-girlfriend of Seth Rollins, Zahra Schreiber, was fired in 2015 for social media posts that could be interpreted as pro-Nazi.

Schreiber was signed to the company in 2014 after having been trained by Truth Martini and Jimmy Jacobs.

The postings in question were made by Schreiber in 2012 but only came to light before her release in 2015. Schreiber has denied holding racist beliefs multiple times, however. One of the images she posted included a "My Little Pony" dressed up as Hitler. She says the posts were reflective of her interest in history and nothing more. She also mentioned that she has ancestors who were involved in the White Rose movement in Germany to end Nazi domination.

Rollins and Shreiber broke up shortly after a scandal that saw nude photos posted on Rollins' social media accounts of the two.

15 JBL

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JBL has recently retired from the wrestling business to reside in his home over in Bermuda. The wrestling business as a whole is better off for it.

He's a bit of a throwback to a bygone era in wrestling where taking liberties with your opponent was more commonplace than it is today. At times throughout its history, WWE has employed some wrestlers whose role was was to humble other wrestlers in the ring. For instance, if WWE felt that somebody's head was getting a bit too big they might put them in a match with APA and have Faarooq and JBL beat the arrogance out of them.

Unfortunately for JBL, but fortunately for most others in wrestling, this practice has largely been eliminated. Before finally retiring earlier this year, JBL had conjured up a reputation as a workplace bully. That's nothing WWE should be proud of.

14 Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes was a particularly horrible worker in the ring. Despite this, she managed to hold onto her spot on the WWE while the more talented female Superstars were cut. The rumor goes that Mendes was seeing Michael Hayes behind the scenes, which played a role in keeping her position.

In 2013, Hayes was suspended from his position after he was spotted out having drinks with Mendes. The incident occurred just days after she had returned to WWE after a stay in rehab due to substance abuse issues.

Mendes announced her pregnancy on August 6th, 2015 and would later go on maternity leave. Rosa gave birth to a baby daughter in February 2016 and later retired from WWE without ever having been released. Mendes is engaged to her baby's father, Bobby Schubenski, but if the baby ends up growing a mullet and singing Bad Street USA, a DNA test might be warranted.

13 Adam Rose

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38-year-old Adam Rose did not last long on the main roster. He was in developmental from 2010 to 2014 but his time on the main roster was limited to 2014 until 2016. He flunked a Wellness Policy test and was later released after a domestic abuse charge.

Rose was arrested on May 11th, 2016, for battery domestic assault and for tampering with a witness. The tampering with a witness charge was from attempting to take the phone away from his wife as she was calling the police on him. Rose then attempted to sell T-shirts with his mug shot on them after he was released by WWE.

With a history as such, he's an embarrassment and someone the WWE wants to keep away from, especially nowadays. He's set to retire shortly. 

12 Eva Marie

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WWE discovered Eva Marie working as a fitness model in 2013. The promotion should be embarrassed they ever featured an Eva Marie match on television - yes, it was that cringe.

Almost immediately the company put her into a storyline with AJ Lee, who was Divas Champion at the time. After it became clear that her in-ring performance needed some work they sent her back to developmental. WWE even sent her to train with Brian Kendrick in California, but nothing anyone did could make Eva Marie even halfway competent in the ring.

Although she could have easily fit into a role similar to Lana's, WWE kept wanting to put her in the ring, even when NXT fans began heckling her matches. After failing a Wellness Policy test in 2016, WWE suspended her and never put her back on television. She was officially released in 2017. Corey Graves has never been the same since...

11 Bill DeMott

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The wrestler formerly known as Hugh Morris worked for WWE from 2011 to 2015. He took over from Tom Prichard as the head trainer at Florida Championship Wrestling and then later became the NXT head trainer in 2013.

There is strong evidence to support the claim that WWE should be ashamed of Bill DeMott. As it turns out, several of DeMott's former trainees had some very negative things to say about him. Of the many claims which were levied at him were that he used racially insensitive language, bullied students, and sexually harassed female trainees. Amongst the students who came forward with claims against Demott were Curt Hawkins, Briley Pierce (Dolph Ziggler's brother), Judas Devlin and Devon Nicholson. Demott would resign from his position but denied any wrongdoing. 

10 Melissa Coates

via YouTube.com

One of the WWE trainees who was believed to have been involved in some questionable training methods via Bill DeMott was Melissa Coates. The woman who now accompanies Sabu to the ring as "The Super Genie" is indicative of WWE's former opinion of what female wrestlers should be and not of their current standards. 

Coates was released in 2007 but would continue her pro wrestling career to some degree. The former fitness model/bodybuilder was signed in 2005. She's also competed in such high-profile organizations as the Naked Women's Wrestling League. After WWE, she spent some time with Women Superstars Uncensored.

Now as Super Genie, she travels across the independent wrestling circuit along with Sabu. She even appeared on Vice TV as her Super Genie character on an episode of Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’.

9 Alberto Del Rio

via newinformation.today

The evidence that Alberto Del Rios is not a good person is mounting every day. While Del Rio had always been a cantankerous one with a tendency to rub people the wrong way, he really crossed the line with many wrestling fans during the course of his relationship with Paige.

WWE reportedly was not happy about Paige and Del Rio's relationship. Viewers of Total Divas are aware that Natalya just about lost her mind after finding out about the two as well. There we're even rumors of cocaine use and abuse by Del Rio and numerous accusations of physical abuse towards Paige.

Thankfully, Paige and Del Rios are no longer together and Paige can continue on with her career. Del Rio on the other hand, has been exposed as someone WWE should be ashamed of.

8 Isis the Amazon

via diva-dirt.com

Isis the Amazon was all set to become the tallest woman ever to compete inside a WWE ring. She was signed to the company in 2010 and was expected to participate in season three of NXT. Having been trained by Jimmy Snuka, she was to be managed by Vickie Guerrero.

Unfortunately for her, once WWE discovered her past as something of a special interest female companion for discreet adults, they opted to replace her on NXT with Kaitlyn. WWE has hired other people who formerly worked in similar roles but Isis' popularity probably increased the company's anxiety over employing her. They cut ties with her immediately and never mentioned her again. 

Outside of WWE, she has competed on the independent scene and in the Insane Clown Posse's, Juggalo Championship Wrestling. 

7 Jerry Lawler

via blogspot.com

Jerry Lawler is a guy who many people in the wrestling industry respect very much. He makes others cringe at the lack of age-appropriateness in his romantic life, however.

Lawler has said he doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and doesn't do drugs but he definitely has one vice which is hard to ignore: women, particularly women who are much younger than he is. It’s not that Jerry runs around with women half his age, his girlfriends are sometimes half his age!

Lawler had previously been married to Stacy Carter, a woman 20 years his junior. At the moment, his current girlfriend is Lauryn McBride, who is almost 40 years younger than he is. Perhaps Lawler’s interest in considerably younger women comes from his friendship with Jerry Lee Lewis, who once married his 13-year-old cousin.....

6 Cameron

via wwe.com

On season five of Tough Enough, Cameron told "Stone Cold" Steve Austin that her favorite wrestling match of all time was Melina versus Alicia Fox....

Now, there are those who think both Melina and Alicia Fox are underrated as performers, but to refer to a match of theirs as your favorite of all time is truly a head-scratching decision. It is said that Steve Austin still hasn't fully recovered from the bewilderment he felt that day.

Cameron would go on to be featured on WWE's main roster for four years despite the major gaffe during the filming of Tough Enough. She first started out as one half of the Funkadactyls along with Naomi but would later move into singles competition as well. She was released on May 6, 2016, after having been inactive for a couple of months. 

Cameron can currently be seen on MTV's The Challenge.

5 Hulk Hogan

via gawker.com

Hulk Hogan was caught on tape using racially insensitive language. Even though the recording was leaked illegal, Hogan's public reputation is in tatters.

Hogan was the true hero who told everyone to say their prayers and eat their vitamins, he can't also be dropping the N-word. That's not exactly how heroes and role models conduct themselves.

To Hogan's credit, nobody he has worked with through his career has ever proclaimed him to be racist. This despite the fact that people love to speak negatively about Hogan. He did use some truly offensive language, however, and that makes him someone for WWE to be embarrassed with.

The Hulkster has apologized, but the public hearing him speak in such a manner is such a black eye for wrestling. Hogan is someone so synonymous with wrestling that when he does something bad, it reflects on the industry as a whole.

4 Sunny

via wrestlingnews.co

Tammy Lynn Sytch, aka Sunny, sold her WWE Hall of Fame ring on eBay.... that's enough to make her an embarrassment alone.

While Sunny's contributions to the wrestling business cannot be undersold, her personal demons and frequent run-ins with the law overshadow much of her accomplishments. In early 2016, it was revealed her WWE Hall of Fame ring was being sold on eBay. She would end up in jail by the time the year was out, the consequence of numerous DUI charges.

WWE once said they would stop paying for Sunny's rehab because of her frequent poor choices. While this has not been confirmed, it is rumored WWE reversed this policy late last year to help Sunny pay for further rehab, however.

Sunny seems like she's doing better in 2017 since she was released from prison. If she falls again, however, DDP's help might be required.

3 Jimmy Snuka

via wtop.com

Jimmy Snuka died before he would go to jail following the trial for the murder of Nancy Argentino. Not exactly something WWE should be too proud of.

While his legal problems had not been public knowledge during the heyday of his WWE career, they came to light in recent years.

He was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial just two weeks before his death on January 15th, 2017. The court knew he didn't have long to live and was suffering from dementia.

An autopsy showed Argentino died as a result of a traumatic brain injury. Many felt Snuka was not being honest in his account of her injury that, which he says involved her slipping and falling. Sadly for those who were big Superfly fans, many feel he was the cause of the young woman's death.

2 Chyna

via earnthenecklace.com

WWE should be embarrassed with Chyna and also embarrassed of their own role in her downward spiral. When she was riding high in WWE, there were no reports of her drug abuse or frequently erratic behavior. When Triple H left her for Stephanie and WWE kicked her to the curb, however, everything in her life began to crumble.

The former two-time Intercontinental Champion never would return to a full-time wrestling career after leaving WWE.

She had gone from a celebrity, a Playboy centerfold, and someone considered groundbreaking in the industry to being alone with nothing. It broke her down, led to drug abuse, a mutually destructive relationship with Sean Waltman, and ultimately her death. Chyna's death on April 20th, 2016, is attributed to an accidental overdose of prescription medications and alcohol.

1 Chris Benoit

via sportskeeda.com

No other incident in the history of wrestling has cast more of a negative shadow on it than the Chris Benoit murder-suicide.

Those who were fans of Benoit before the tragedy often cling to the multiple theories that his history of concussions and brain trauma contributed to the events over that weekend. There are also reports that Benoit had been behaving in increasingly paranoid ways leading up to the tragedy. Perhaps, some solace can be taken in the idea that Benoit might not have known what he was doing or was experiencing a break from reality at the time of the murders. In 2013, Nancy's sister, Sandra Toffoloni, expressed similar sentiment.

We'll never know exactly what happened between June 22nd and June 25th, 2007. We know Chris took Nancy and Daniel Benoit's lives and we also know the impact it had on the wrestling business.

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