Mojo Rawley Is Campaigning For A Very Specific Rating In WWE 2K20

Mojo Rawley was announced during the latest part of the WWE 2K20 roster reveal, and is now campaigning for his character to be 69 rated.

With less than two weeks to go until WWE 2K20 is released, WWE 2K has started to reveal what will be an extremely extensive roster. At the time of typing this, 79 Superstars from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and the past have been announced as part of the game. Considering how large previous rosters have been, we're probably only about halfway done.

While most of the Superstars announced thus far for WWE 2K20 have been pretty run of the mill, there have been a few nice surprises slipped in there. Trent Seven will finally join the rest of British Strong Style in the video game sphere, and the first-ever NXT UK Women's Champion Rhea Ripley will be making her WWE video game debut come October 22.

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The announcement that Mojo Rawley will be a part of the roster might not have excited most fans, but the little-used WWE Superstar is trying to change that. Upon learning he would indeed be a part of this year's virtual roster, Rawley started a fresh campaign on Twitter. The campaign for his in-game character to be 69-rated.

We get the feeling that this is Rawley's attempt at making a joke considering the connotations that surround the number 69. However, the former Hype Bro has other reasons for wanting to be what is a decidedly average rating, regardless of sports game. "If you like me, then this is a fitting score. If you think I suck, then this is a fitting score," Rawley tweeted. Weirdly, that sort of makes sense.

Personally, we think 69 is actually a pretty fair rating for Rawley. It does ultimately depend on what other ratings Superstars end up with, though. As with Madden, Fifa, NBA 2K, and any other game which involves player taking control of real athletes, many WWE Superstars will not be happy with their rating they're landed with. Plus, chances are 2K has already decided what rating Rawley will be this time around. Fingers crossed it is 69.

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