Mojo Rawley Wants To Be Dana Brooke & Batista's Third Wheel

Dana Brooke and Batista's Twitter exchange has been so gripping that Mojo Rawley has revealed he wants to be a part of it.

Social media has led to the wrestling business becoming almost as interesting away from the ring as it is between the ropes. Whether it be stars from rival companies taking pops at each other or men and women publicly declaring they want their release, there's always a little drama to keep fans entertained pretty much every time they refresh their timelines.

This week, that entertainment has come in the form of something a little different. The beginnings of what could end up being the next great wrestling relationship. Batista revealed to fans that he was single again, at which point a fan suggested he give Dana Brooke a call. Both parties have not only declared interest in one another but have been flirting as if no one is watching.

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The pair have since slid into each other's DMs and considering the parts of their interactions they have let be public, we can only imagine what's going on in private. Now it seems as if a third party is about to get involved. Mojo Rawley quoted one of Brooke's tweets to Batista, revealing that since he and Brooke are so close, the two of them come as a package deal.

"I could probably arrange for a hangout in exchange for a small part in Guardians 3," Rawley wrote. If that's what it takes for Batista to get Brooke to himself and not have Rawley lurking in the background, we'd recommend the Guardian of the Galaxy do all that he can to get it done. Rawley does also describe himself as Brooke's wingman, and any good wingman knows to step back when the time is right.

As for what's next for Brooke and Batista, we guess everyone will be privy to that as the pair has been sharing almost everything online. Their first date might take place as soon as this weekend, depending on WWE's tour loop and if Brooke is a part of it. We wish the pair the best of luck with it. Batista has been unlucky in love and Brooke's former partner passed away in 2017.

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