5 Biggest Moments From Takeover: Philadelphia - Extreme Rules Doesn't Disappoint

One thing that is a common trait of all NXT Takeovers is that they are all packed with big, unforgettable moments. It was almost a guarantee that NXT Takeover: Philadelphia was going to follow in the same footsteps. With just five matches on the card you would think that narrowing it down to five big moments wouldn't be that much of an issue. In actuality each one of these matches could have had a list of five big moments of their very own. Nevertheless here are what we thought were the five biggest moments of NXT Takeover: Philadelphia.

5. All In Vain For Ohno

The match between Velveteen Dream and Kassius Ohno was the first of the night that could have almost filled this top five all by itself. From the two devastating elbows delivered by both men in the opening minute of the match to the rolling Death Valley Driver from Dream that set the closing proceedings of the match in motion. There was plenty of action between the beginning and end however and it was the move above that really caught our eye. It's all well and good when Ohno throws around men smaller than him, but Dream is no joke and is a pretty big guy. That didn't stop the Knockout Artist throwing him around like he's a Singh Brother and he's Randy Orton though. What a move from the man formerly known as Chris Hero.


4. The Longest Arm Bar Ever

What makes matches at NXT Takeover events so good is that for the most part they are so hard to predict. That certainly applied to the NXT Women's Championship match in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Shayna Baszler's Takeover debut against Ember Moon who was not going to let her title slip through her fingers without a fight. It was a fight she got too. Baszler put her MMA background to good use and early on in the match damaged Moon's arm in the same way she did Dakota Kai's. During the closing stages of the match she made sure to revisit that damaged arm, holding the champ in an arm bar for what seemed like an eternity. It was a submission worked to perfection as just when it felt Moon was destined to tap, she rolled up Baszler for the win.


3. The Moment We Thought It Was All Over

The entirety of the NXT Universe were collectively hoping that Johnny Gargano's epic journey would culminate in an NXT Championship win in Philadelphia on Saturday night. The man with the biggest heart in all of pro wrestling stepped into the ring with Andrade Almas and put on a match that nobody will be forgetting any time soon. There were numerous false finishes in the bout, but none quite like the one featured above. When Johnny Wrestling connected with the kick he and Tomasso Ciampa used to use as a tag team in DIY, it really felt like that was the moment he would be crowned NXT Champion. Alas it wasn't to be and despite his best efforts, Gargano came up just that tiny bit short.


2. Dumped Onto The Ladder

Aleister Black and Adam Cole are two of the best wrestlers on the face of the planet right now. Two men that should really be gunning for the NXT Championship, but for now they have to deal with each other. In Philadelphia on Saturday we got to see them go one on one once again, but this time it was under Extreme Rules, and boy was it extreme. There could have been a list of ten big moments from this match alone. One of the most incredible points in the match was when Black had Cole in an electric chairshot position and managed to dump him onto a positioned ladder, lower back first. It actually brought a brief stoppage to the match, but only so Cole could have his hand patched up from an earlier spot.


1. A Back Breaking Chair Spot

As we said there were about ten moments in the Black versus Cole match that could have made this list, so it only seems right that we include at least two. The aforemtnioned ladder spot looked to have done some damage to the Undisputed Era's leader, but what happened with some strategically placed steel chairs shortly after was frankly hard to watch. Cole set the chairs up back to back with what looked like the intention of ending Black's night, and maybe even his career. The Dutchman swung the momentum back his way however and dropped his opponent back first on to the tops of the chairs. How a move like that doesn't do permanent damaage and bring an end to the match is beyond us.

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