10 Moments From WWE Legends House That Make Us Want Another Season

When the WWE Network first launched in 2014, fans were curious about the original content. We knew we'd get access to old pay-per-views, episodes of Raw and Smackdown, and weekly editions of NXT. While the original programming was less certain, there were early ads for something called Legends House.

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This series worked in the same way that The Real World and The Surreal Life did. Except instead of strangers or random celebrities, it would be wrestling legends picked to live in a house together. The wacky activities made it fun but we sadly never got a second season. We still want it and these moments are the reasons why.

10 Shawn Michaels Cameo

Though the iconic WWE Superstar wasn't a cast member on Legends House, he did have a fun guest appearance. Shawn Michaels appeared in the appropriately titled "Heartbreak Hotel" episode. After the housemates participated in a game show, Michaels appeared and took them on a fishing trip.

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There wasn't anything particularly memorable about the guys fishing together. It was simply a case of old friends hanging out and having a good time. That was enough for us. Another season would allow for other legends with big personalities like Steve Austin or Ric Flair to guest star.

9 Howling Roddy

In the first episode, "The Boys Are Back," it became clear that Roddy Piper wasn't like everyone else. He was branded a lone wolf and that perfectly set up the fantastic finish to that premiere installment. Everyone gathered together for a good time to bond and reminisce but Piper was absent.

He was battling against some personal demons and went to bed. But when Piper couldn't sleep, he got up and went for a nighttime stroll. As the rest of the house partied, Piper looked out at the moon and let out a loud howl. It was exactly the kind of weird stuff we loved from the show.

8 Picky Eater

Jimmy Hart was one of the more unique people in the house. One look at the cast will clue you in on how crazy that is. From his hair never moving out of place to wearing the old WWF logo on his shirt to not knowing what cilantro was, he was always a source of unintentional comedy.

But the highlight had to be his eating habits. Hart is the pickiest eater and he refused to consume anything but his baked potato and beans. As members of the house cooked big meals for everyone, Jimmy was microwaving his beans and potatoes. It never made an impact on the story or anything like that but it was the kind of thing you just had to see more of.

7 The Blender Incident

Sometimes, it's the smallest things that make you chuckle. That happened when Roddy Piper attempted to do the simplest and most mundane of tasks. He wanted to use the blender to make himself a morning protein shake. Unfortunately, this blender was not something he understood how to operate.

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You couldn't help but laugh as this Hall of Famer struggled to get something so basic to work. Piper spent about 20 minutes failing as he grew more frustrated with each attempt. To top it all off, as soon as he gave up, Jim Duggan got it to work perfectly. It's the little things that made Legends House such fun.

6 The Dancing

If you really think about it, dancing and the WWE kind of go hand in hand. There have been plenty of dance-offs and characters who were known to boogie throughout history. So it makes sense that an episode or two of Legends House was dedicated to seeing the legends get down.

We got to see the guys partake in a Zumba class, which just led to hilarity. Watching Howard Finkel attempt to dance was a treat. But it was taken a step further when the gang was tasked with performing at a Chippendale's show. While most of us didn't need to see these guys strip down, you just had to laugh at it.

5 Yoga With Gary Busey

Reading that heading will probably cause you to do a double-take if you didn't watch Legends House. During the show's premiere episode, the stars were called to the backyard for a little unwinding with yoga. On its own, that's worth seeing. But the yoga course was led by none other than Gary Busey.

Busey is a match made in insane heaven with most of these legends. He's incredibly over the top, maniacal, and the last person you'd expect to lead a class about calm exercise. We would love to see him return if a second season happened. Could you imagine him doing anything with some of the other big personalities from wrestling's past?

4 Flock O' Flamingo

In "Striking Out," the housemates were given the task of filming a bizarre commercial. The car wash that one team recorded an ad for was largely forgettable. But nobody will forget what Roddy Piper, Howard Finkel, Tony Atlas, and Jim Duggan put together.

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Their goal was to film a commercial that would sell plastic pink flamingos, as well as rubber ducks. Again, Piper was the star. He shouted "flock o' flamingos" repeatedly for the entire duration of the advert. He emerged from a swimming pool with rubber ducks in his mouth. The commercial made no sense but the enthusiasm they put in was enough to earn a win.

3 LARPing

For those who don't know, LARPing means "live-action role-playing." It is a popular activity but one that seems quite odd from those who aren't already involved in that world. None of these WWE legends knew anything about it, so putting them to participate in it made for quality entertainment.

The guys dressed up in the wildest costumes and grabbed their best weapons. The task was to rescue the kidnapped Princess Ashley (also the host of the show). This episode, titled "LARPing," had so many great moments. From competitive Piper swinging his sword like a madman to Jimmy Hart cowering as soon as the battle began, it was fantastic.

2 The Game Show

As noted earlier, the cast members participated in a fun game show. Hosted by Jeff Dye of MTV's "Money From Strangers" fame, this was similar to the Newlywed Game. The teammates had to show how well they knew each other by guessing the answers the other wrote down.

In typical WWE fashion, it couldn't go down without any controversy. Jim Duggan and Roddy Piper, who became great friends in the house, attempted to cheat by whispering answers to one another. It blew up in their faces and led to some strange responses. Either way, this was some of the most fun we had as viewers.

1 Emotional Revelations

The biggest moment on Legends House had to come during the finale. For all the silliness that this show had, it was the poignant stuff that stood out. The guys sat down for dinner and discussed everything they had been through together. That led to them going down an emotional rabbit hole filled with revelations.

Each legend came to tears as they talked about the loss of family members, battling sicknesses, and other life-altering situations. Pat Patterson had the biggest reveal of them all, coming out of the closet after more than five decades. It had been rumored for a while but we got confirmation here. This kind of release would be beneficial for legends on another season if it happened.

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