10 Stars From The Monday Night Wars Who Wouldn’t Make It Today

Nearly two decades since it came to an end, the Monday Night Wars remain a hot topic of discussion among wrestling fans. It was the hottest period in professional wrestling history, bringing in plenty of viewers on a weekly basis and historic numbers across the board.

It was a completely different product at the time that allowed some Superstars to make it to the forefront of the business, but their success may not have been translatable to a different era for a variety of reasons that will be mentioned. With today's list, we look at 10 stars from the Monday Night Wars who wouldn't make it today.

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10 Goldberg

The biggest star to be produced by WCW would not fare well in the modern era. Not only is it unlikely that he would been booked to be as dominant, but fans would've grown sick immediately of Goldberg's undefeated streak and repetitive matches.

He was pitch perfect for the late 90s as audiences still enjoyed wrestling from a different perspective than they do today. You can only have so many two minutes matches before they grow stale, and unless Goldberg was willing to change his style, then it is probably for the best that he arrived in the 90s rather than today.

9 The Godfather

The Godfather was among the most over WWE stars in the late 90s, enjoying a truly impressive run thanks to a gimmick that truly got over with fans. Seeing as how he couldn't replicate the same impact with different characters, it's hard to picture him being nearly as successful today.

Not only was he limited from an in-ring performer standpoint, but his gimmick would have been to explicit to grave television in modern times. He was the product of his time and needed to be apart of the Attitude Era to gain fame since it was the best fitting time for such acts.

8 Road Dogg

As one of the best talkers from his generation, Road Dogg gained massive popularity during the late 90s although he was never pushed as a solo star. His tag team partner Billy Gunn wasn't nearly as interesting on the mic, but he was a far better performer inside the squared circle, putting the latter in a better position to succeed in today's environment.

Road Dogg also appealed much more to the audience tuning into the Attitude Era so he may not have connected with the WWE Universe. He would have needed a new character to go along with far improved showings in the ring to have a chance of making it.

7 Mick Foley

Not only was Mick Foley among the most over stars during the Monday Night Wars, but he was also successful with multiple personas. Whether he was Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love or Mick Foley - the fans always got behind him thanks to his unique characters and hardcore style of wrestling.

Unfortunately for Foley, what made him truly popular at the time wouldn't receive the green light these days. He would have to be a highly censored version of his past acts, and may have had to completely change the way he wrestled inside the ring to be apart of the WWE.

6 Diamond Dallas Page

A late bloomer who become one of the top faces of WCW, Diamond Dallas Page didn't become a full-time wrestler until late into his wrestling journey. His run at the top was also very short given WCW's rapid decline, as well as his failure to replicate his success in the WWE.

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While backstage politics and age may have held him back the first time around, DDP is a bit too old school to make waves with younger generations. And while he wasn't bad by any means as an in-ring performer, he would find it tough to keep up with the current Superstars.

5 Val Venis

The ladies man Val Venis is another prime example of a character that was a target towards the audience of WWE in the late 90s. Despite his massive popularity early on, it didn't take the WWE too long before they had to censor Venis and remove elements that put him over in the first place. It was always an overly explicit character with a limited ceiling, so there certainly wouldn't be a place for it.

Given how his career played out in the 2000s, there is no reason to believe that Venis would've made it in today's era as the remaining of his run was largely forgettable.

4 Sable

Sable stood out for so many reasons in his prime years, none of which were related to her in-ring ability. She became one of the largest acts of the era, gaining her mainstream fame outside of the WWE as she graced the cover of popular magazines.

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Now that the days of Divas have been put behind by the company, it's tough to imagine Sable even making it to the roster. She would have to turn into a full-time wrestler and prove herself inside the squared circle, which was never Sable's area of expertise as she relied on her appearance and charisma instead.

3 Kane

If Kane were to debut today with the same angle that he had in the Attitude Era, fans might not have taken his character very seriously. Having been an intimidating figure throughout the Monday Night Wars, the magic behind Kane's monster persona faded away as time passed by.

It's been so long since such gimmicks have worked well in the WWE, so it's hard to imagine Kane doing any better if he were to restart his journey now. He excelled in the environment that was ongoing at the time, and as the product became less edgy, so did Kane with time.

2 Rikishi

The Stinkface was a major reason as to why Rikishi became a big deal among fans in the late 90s to early 2000s. The signature move along with his dancing earned Rikishi a push to the top although his stay was very brief.

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He was at his best as a tag team competitor and didn't fit the WWE beyond the Attitude Era. Today, he would be out of place on the roster and closer to the status of No Way Jose rather than his prime years. If it weren't for the edgy era of the Monday Night Wars, Rikishi wouldn't have stuck around beyond the 90s.

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin

It seems unreasonable that the biggest name from the Monday Night Wars wouldn't make it in the WWE today, but it's important to consider all the factors. Before embracing the Stone Cold persona, he was struggling to connect with the crowd through his different characters.

It took major changes to his persona that wouldn't fly in the PG-13 era to make him a true star. Many of his antics wouldn't air on television these days, while the cussing would be toned down plenty. Austin is talented enough as a performer to be competing with current WWE Superstars, but he wouldn't necessarily stick around on the roster.

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