10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

The next WWE pay-per-view event is Money in the Bank, and there are some intriguing matches in store. Shockingly, WWE is giving away one of their dream matches on this PPV, with Seth Rollins puts his Universal title on the line against A.J. Styles. Kofi Kingston will also defend his WWE title against Kevin Owens.

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In another surprise, Becky Lynch is doing double duty, with two title matches on the card. Add in the men's and women's Money in the Bank ladder matches (two bouts WWE has hinted might make two new stars this year) and there is a lot of room for surprises.

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10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank
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10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

The biggest shock would be for Becky Lynch to lose her Raw women's title to Lacey Evans. There are two reasons this would be the biggest shock on the show. The first is that Evans is still new to the main roster, has very few matches under her belt, and is unproven. The second is that Lynch is a Raw superstar, when she is not defending her SmackDown Live women's title.

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However, if WWE really wants to make a new star, having Lacey Evans beat Becky Lynch would do it. Evans is a legit fighter, a former cop in the U.S. Marine Corps, and she is ready for a push. If it happens at Money in the Bank, though, it would be a real surprise.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

The more likely upset would be for Charlotte Flair to beat Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Live women's title. This would put each belt on their own brands, with Becky Lynch able to focus all her attention on the Raw title.

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However, this would also be a huge surprise, since Charlotte Flair was not expected to be in the title picture after this. She was predicted to move on to a different feud, allowing other women to step into the spotlight for a time. Becky Lynch is likely to hold her titles until at least SummerSlam, so Charlotte or Evans winning would be a major surprise.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

The idea of WWE giving away Seth Rollins vs. A.J. Styles at Money in the Bank (when it's a title match that is worthy of SummerSlam or WrestleMania) is a surprise in itself. WWE has done a nice job of making this mean something, with Styles pulling out some heel-like moves without turning him full heel.

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However, it would be a huge surprise to see WWE ending Seth Rollins' title reign just two months after he won the belt from Brock Lesnar. There is always a chance Styles wins it and the two continue to feud into SummerSlam, but the more likely result is Rollins winning, Styles finally turning heel, and maybe The Club reuniting on Monday Night Raw.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

If WWE wants to save a legitimate decision in the Seth Rollins and A.J. Styles feud for a more important pay-per-view event, they have the perfect way to do it. Brock Lesnar has reportedly retired completely from MMA fighting, so the UFC is no longer on the cards for The Beast.

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Lesnar is rumored to be getting a Universal title match at the Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia in June against Seth Rollins, which means Rollins has to win. It could also mean that Lesnar makes his WWE return at Money in the Bank, interferes in the title match, and destroys Rollins and Styles.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

If WWE wants to take a deserving woman and turn them into a star with the Money in the Bank ladder match, Ember Moon is the way to go. Moon has done all the right things. While some women have thrown fits and complained about their place on the card, Moon has been quiet, worked hard and did everything she was told.

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Ember Moon is also a star who just needs a chance to shine. Having Ember Moon win the women's Money in the Bank match over some very talented wrestlers (and then end up cashing it in at a later date for her first title) is the perfect star-making turn for the wrestler.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

The biggest surprise of them all at WWE Money in the Bank would be Mustafa Ali winning the men's Money in the Bank ladder match and grabbing that briefcase. Ali was supposed to fight Daniel Bryan for the world title but an injury put Kofi Kingston in that spot, and Kingston rode it to the WWE title.

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There are two guys in the men's ladder match that can put on an amazing show -- Ricochet and Ali. With WWE seeming to cool somewhat on Ricochet (with two losses in the last three weeks on Raw), Ali might be ready to get that title match he lost out on before. Ali's victory would be a huge surprise and it would make him an instant star.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

The biggest odds-on favorite to win the men's Money in the Bank ladder match was Drew McIntyre. He was supposed to be the next big thing when 2019 hit; most considered him the first major challenger to Seth Rollins' Universal title. For some reason, WWE is holding back on pulling the trigger on McIntyre.

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After the final Monday Night Raw before Money in the Bank, McIntyre and Baron Corbin cost Braun Strowman his spot in the ladder match. With that in mind, most fans expect Braun to show up and cost McIntyre and Corbin as well -- so McIntyre is no longer the favorite.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

Rey Mysterio fought Samoa Joe at WrestleMania 35 and lost in record time. He was injured heading into the show, which is why the match was not what anyone expected it to be. Now, Mysterio gets another chance to have that big match with Joe at Money in the Bank.

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Mysterio is outweighed and outmuscled by Samoa Joe, and there is no reason to think he has a chance in this match. However, with Rey bringing his son Dominic into the storyline, he has something to fight for. This could be a feel-good story for the 44-year-old Rey Mysterio, but it would be a major surprise if he pulled it off.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

Sasha Banks reportedly threw a tantrum at WrestleMania 35 when she was told that she and Bayley would lose the women's tag team titles. She then tried to quit and was told to go home and think about things. It has been over a month and her friend Bayley was moved over to the SmackDown Live brand, ending their tag team even if Sasha did return.

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However, what if it is all a storyline created by WWE and none of it is true? Or, what if it was true and the two sides worked things out without telling anyone? Maybe Sasha Banks is in for a major push. Betting odds have Sasha as a favorite to win the women's ladder match, even though she is not in it. Imagine the surprise if Banks returns, takes out Bayley backstage, takes her place and wins it all, setting up a future match with Becky Lynch.


10 Huge Surprises We Could See At Money in the Bank

Ronda Rousey showed up at the upfronts this week for Fox when she promoted their new show -- SmackDown Live, which will start in October as a new live Friday night show on network television. Rousey showing up was a surprise, but fans shouldn't read too much into it since John Cena was there too.

However, what if the entire story of Ronda Rousey leaving WWE to have children was fake -- a storyline to lull fans in? What if Rousey makes her big return at Money in the Bank, attacks Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair during their match, and lets the world know that she isn't going anywhere and wants her title back?

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