10 Best Money In The Bank Ladder Matches

Even though the actual format for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match has been around since 2005, the pay per view itself is only nine years old. The concept itself is a simple one. Multiple wrestlers enter the ring and proceed to batter the snot out of each other until only one is left standing, capable of climbing the rungs and unhooking the briefcase.

This gives the owner of said case a guaranteed shot at a title of their choosing, any time, anywhere, within a year of winning the match. It has led to some of the biggest shocks and career-making moments in WWE history. What follows is a look at 10 Best Money In The Bank Ladder Matches.

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10 Women's Ladder Match 2017

Alright, alright, put the pitchforks down. No-one's saying that that ending wasn't the biggest load of crap since DX showered the McMahons in the brown stuff and there's no arguing that the company nearly undid all the good work they had achieved up to that point in the women's revolution. But the fact remains, the match itself was, up till then, actually pretty bloody good.

People seem to forget it was quite a high impact, with Carmella's hurricanrana onto Becky Lynch being a standout moment, and if it hadn't been for that botched ending, it would be remembered a lot more fondly.

9 RAW Ladder Match 2010

The first ever MITB Pay Per View had two Ladder Matches on its card that had varying degrees of success, The Smackdown one was a lackluster affair, and the decision to have Kane emerge victoriously still seems like an odd one, even to this day.

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The RAW one, on the other hand, was worth the price of admission alone. A true slobber knocker of a scrap that would see each competitor crank up the volume as the match progressed, special mention must go to the three finishing salvos that Mark Henry had to endure. It was brutal and magnificent in equal measures.

8 Smackdown Ladder Match 2011

Daniel Bryan's victory in the 2011 MITB match would, sadly, be only remembered for him getting his head kicked off his shoulders by Sheamus at Wrestlemania and losing his title in eighteen seconds. Which is a shame as the actual match where he won the contract was pretty darn good.

Surprisingly enough, Sin Cara, of all people, would be the man of the match as he strung together a sequence of moves in the ring that would leave a slew of bodies in its wake, before being on the receiving end of a devastating powerbomb through a ladder for the Celtic Warrior that would see him stretchered off.

7 Men's Ladder Match 2017

The fact that they decided to put over Baron Corbin, before making him look like a complete idiot when he finally cashed in, thanks to John Cena, is one of the more confusing booking decisions the company has made over the past few years.

Especially considering just how out of this world AJ Styles performance was on the night. The undisputed MVP of the WWE since he signed, AJ was on fire. Using every move in his extensive repertoire, he came so close to winning on numerous occasions that the crowd was screaming for it. But, in their wisdom, the company went with the big balding one instead.

6 Ladder Match 2014

Everyone knows what happened here. Seth Rollins turns on his SHIELD brethren at the start of the year, wins the MITB contract and goes onto Wrestlemania to cash in, pin Roman Reigns, annoying the hell out of Brock Lesnar in the process, and becomes Universal Champion. Simple enough, right?

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Well, not really. What is sometimes forgotten is just how close Dean Ambrose came to upsetting the apple cart. With the King Slayer firmly in his sights, he would try everything he could think of to make sure that if he didn't win it, that Seth wouldn't either. And it was only thanks to Kane that he was stopped in his tracks.

5 RAW Ladder Match 2013

Admittedly, Randy Orton winning the match wasn't really what anyone wanted to see but there was so much going on that this swerve (for want to a better turn of phrase) wasn't as much of an annoyance as it could've been.

First off, there was the return of RVD who proved that he was, indeed, the Whole F'in Show by rolling out his greatest hits on anyone unlucky enough to get within a foot of him. And then there was Paul Heyman turning on CM Punk, everyone's favorite for the win, by beating him like a government mule with a ladder until he couldn't get up.

4 Ladder Match 2016

Two years on from trying to murder Seth Rollins at the 2014 rendition of this show, Dean Ambrose would put in yet another stellar performance on his way to capturing the briefcase. But he wasn't the only one.

Every participant involved in this should've walked to the back with their heads held high as they went above and beyond the call of duty. From Cesaro uppercutting the bejesus out of anyone he could lay his hands on to Jerico dropping codebreakers all over the place, it was a glorious night and a match that is easily worth repeat viewings.

3 Ladder Match 2015

It's not because Sheamus won, it's got nothing to do with Bray Wyatt costing Randy Orton his chance by stopping him from climbing the ladder. No, the reason this match ranks so high on this list is because of one man. Neville.

The Man That Gravity Forgot was on a different level this night and shows here how badly misused he was within the WWE. He was power bombed onto Kofi, he took a suicidal looking dive off the top of a ladder to the outside but the standout moment was the flying RKO he took from Randy Orton. It was brutal.

2 Men's Ladder Match 2018

Everybody knew that Braun Strowman was going to win this, it was a foregone conclusion, right? After all, he was the Monster Among Men, so how they expected us to think one of the other eight men involved could even stand a chance was ludicrous.

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Which means that when they did, by first off having everyone gang up on him before burying him under a pile of ladders, they should've been applauded. It was a great match from start to finish with insanity happening all around. Finn's dive to the outside, Samoa Joe bouncing so many heads off of ladders, K.O being seemingly thrown to his doom by a recovered Braun. It was just what the doctor ordered.

1 Women's Ladder Match 2018

If the previous year's end had been a disappointment of epic proportions, the WWE decided to make up for it by letting the women involved in this match just go at it however they wanted.

There hadn't been this much use of a ladder as a weapon within the companies ring since the old hardcore matches back in the Attitude Era and everyone got in on the act, including Lana. They put their bodies and careers on the line, with some of the most dangerous looking spots and bumps you could imagine, and when Alexa Bliss emerged as the winner, you could almost feel a sense of relief that the war was over.

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