More Details on Triple H and Chyna's "Confrontation" at Piper's Funeral


Stories have varied as to how Chyna and Triple H interacted at the late great Roddy Piper's funeral. Dave Meltzer noted on the Wrestling Observer message board that the incident was not a big confrontation as it was made out to be, but a short, low-key exchange.

Chyna approached Triple H, apologizing for things that were said and done in the past. The exchange was no longer than 20 seconds. Triple H was reportedly wary of Chyna possibly filming the exchange for her documentary but neither person caused a scene.

Meltzer also added that the story of Chyna saying she passed on a run with the WWE Title to pose for Playboy is not true. Meltzer called the notion by Chyna "pure fantasy" and that there were never plans for her to win the title.

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