More Details On WWE's "Blow-Away Offer" For AJ Styles

It's no secret that AJ Styles is potentially joining the WWE along with other New Japan stars. It's only a question of when now. Even though the Phenomenal One hasn't officially penned a contract, according to PWTorch, Styles was offered a blow-away offer from the WWE.

It is believed that Ring of Honor wanted AJ Styles and were frontrunners, offering him a six figure deal, only to be trumped by WWE. As a result, ROH have removed Styles from all the dates he was advertised to wrestle for the promotion.

It's a testament to Styles who rejected WWE's measly offer of $60,000 when he left TNA in 2014 (he was earning $400,000 with TNA), only to build himself up as wrestling's hottest commodity, making WWE come back for him and offer a proper deal.

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More Details On WWE's "Blow-Away Offer" For AJ Styles