The 10 Most Bizarre Gimmick Matches In WWE History

From the Royal Rumble to the Elimination Chamber, throughout the years WWE have created some incredible gimmick matches that have left fans thoroughly entertained on a regular basis.

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However, for every great idea, there tends to be a couple of bad ones, and that is the case for professional wrestling as well, with WWE having made some bizarre and quite frankly, horrendous gimmick matches in the past.

Whether it has made the wrestlers involved look stupid or the match just didn't make any sense, there have been some strange ideas come from the mind of Vince McMahon, and within this article, we will take a look at 10 of the most bizarre gimmick matches in history.

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10 Hardcore Evening Gown Match

WWE Superstars often put themselves through some serious embarrassment in order to entertain WWE fans and there is no greater example than having two WWE Hall Of Famers wrestle whilst wearing evening gowns.

To make matters worse, WWE decided to make this a hardcore match to really add a kink to things as Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, who were both over 50 year's old at this point.

The match wasn't supposed to be a serious one, but seeing Patterson show a maxi-pad down Brisco's throat, it was clear they went too far in what was a very strange match to watch.

9 Brawl For All

This wasn't just a gimmick match, it was a gimmick tournament, with WWE deciding to pit a group of wrestlers against each other, in a boxing match scenario with boxing rules, branding it as "real" competition.

Not only did this put the health of all the competitors at risk, but it also made every single wrestling match that was taking place on the same show seem fake because WWE was openly stating how real the brawl for all was.

In the end, WWE had hoped to book the winner, forgetting the fact it was a realistic fight, so Bart Gunn winning was a surprise WWE didn't want, and his prize was getting knocked out by Butterbean at WrestleMania.

8 Ambrose Asylum

There has only ever been one Ambrose Aslyum match in the history of WWE, and it is fair to say it was an utter disaster, with fans hating the match that took place between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho.

The structure was similar to that of a regular steel cage, but for some reason, several wacky foreign objects were dangled from the top. Unfortunately, the weapons were ridiculous and took away from the entire asylum angle.

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Thankfully, with Dean Ambrose now working for WWE, the chances are very high that we will never see an Ambrose Asylum match again, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

7 Punjabi Prison

The Great Khali was the sole focus of this gimmick match, with WWE bringing it in as part of Khali's major push, with the Punjabi Prison match being his gimmick, although Jinder Mahal also used the match (but Khali made an interference).

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Whilst the structure looks incredibly impressive off-camera, the gimmick match itself is just so complex and messy, from the gates that open to having to climb not just one, but two huge bamboo cages, it is a more confusing gimmick than is needed.

With the bamboo failing to make the same impressive sounds that have helped make the steel cage so popular throughout the years, this is one gimmick match nobody is wanting to see again.

6 Pudding Match

Just hearing the name of this match should instantly send alarm bells ringing, and it isn't a surprise that the pudding match was a disaster and was an incredibly bizarre gimmick match that fans have had to endure.

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Women's wrestlers have had to suffer some shockingly bad gimmick matches throughout the years, especially during the Attitude Era when Vince McMahon created matches to push their looks rather than their abilities.

The pudding match was one of the worst, with women's wrestlers competing in a big circle of... pudding. This was simply done in an attempt to entertain male fans, but in reality, it was very bad.

5 Stairs Match

Whilst this gimmick idea wasn't as ridiculous as some others, it was just so random that it really made no sense, with WWE promoting the PPV, "Tables, Ladders, Chairs...And Stairs," in what was some shockingly bad promotional work.

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The main issue with this match is that making the stairs the sole focus and weapon of a match was just ridiculous because the stairs are so commonly used in regular matches that it doesn't seem like a major weapon.

Of course, people aren't always picking them up and throwing them around, but getting thrown into them is very common in wrestling, so this was a gimmick match that just didn't need to happen.

4 Kennel From Hell

The Kennel From Hell match took place in 1999 with Al Snow taking on Big Boss Man in what is still regarded as one of the worst wrestling matches in the history of WWE, with this gimmick being atrocious.

Partway through the match, a number of Rottweilers were brought to the ring and were put in the surrounding area between the cell and the cage, supposedly to add a real threatening element to the match.

However, the dogs actually showed zero interest in the wrestling taking place and actually ended up urinating around the area and even attempted to mate whilst the match was taking place.

3 Blindfold Match

The entire thought process behind this gimmick is a mindboggling one, as clearly you need to be able to see in order to put on a good wrestling match and as soon as a blindfold match is announced, you know that the in-ring quality is going to suck.

Obviously, the match allows for some shenanigans with the heel being able to cheat, but that doesn't mean that it makes the match entertaining, as the wrestlers spend a vast majority of the time running around the ring not being able to find each other.

When people are tuning in to specifically watch people wrestle, the fact that WWE creates a gimmick match that stops that from happening seems like a bizarre decision, which is why it's good that they don't come around all that often.

2 Handicap Concrete Crypt Match

A lengthy title for a lengthy and complicated gimmick match, that saw The Undertaker take on the Dudley Boyz, all whilst Paul Bearer was locked inside a box with a concrete mixer hanging above his head.

The gimmick was that if the Dudley's won the match, they would pour the mix and essentially 'kill' Paul Bearer, but if the Deadman won then he would be set free, which really was only something WWE could get away with doing.

However, the entire thing was made utterly pointless when 'Taker won the match and still pulled the lever anyway, whilst fans had to sit and watch Bearer essentially be killed off on live television.

1 Hog Pen Match

Whoever came up with this idea really needs to address the reason behind it, because this gimmick match was a complete mess and was something that nobody at all was ever interested in seeing.

Why would anybody want to see a wrestling match taking place inside a hog pen? The entire thing just didn't make sense and whilst it had the comedic element of seeing Triple H covered in mud, it just wasn't very entertaining.

Sometimes something might sound fantastic on paper with the intentions of being entertaining, but in reality, this was just a very bizarre watch that nobody was interested in seeing.

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