The 5 Most Cringeworthy WWE Halloween Costumes Of All Time

With it being Halloween, and the WWE being known take advantage of the season by dressing up their Superstars in costumes, both on regular television programming and for the cameras on WWE.com, it's hard not to think back to some of the costumes personalities have worn over the years. Some have been fantastic, while others about as cringe-worthy as it gets.

So too, the WWE Universe is known to dress up as their favorite WWE Superstar. Go to any big party or walk around any block and you're bound to see someone dressed as Goldust or the Macho Man Randy Savage. Does it always come off well? Nope.

So, in the spirit of Halloween and some of the terrible costumes we're bound to see in 2017, here are The five Most Cringe-worthy WWE Halloween Costumes Of All Time.

5. Iron Sheik As Batman

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Think about everything we now know about the Iron Sheik. He's legitimately got a few screws loose, but in his heyday, he was the most hated villain in the WWE. So, does it make sense to think of a foul-mouthed crazy social media addict as Adam West's version of Batman? Yeah, we didn't think so either.

Sheik isn't the only here that looks foolish but he stands out like a sore thumb.  Could you imagine if someone posted this photo on Twitter today and tagged him? He'd probably lose his marbles.


4. Strowman as Wonder Woman

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He's the "Monster Among Men" but he also makes for an extremely ugly Wonder Woman. Strowman isn't new to dressing up. Before he became as popular as he is now, he was part of the Adam Rose entourage and dressed up there too. But, this is almost a bit too much to handle.

It shows another side of the personality of the big man that the WWE Universe rarely gets to see on television. It's potentially a side of him that we don't need to see. Good for him though. He seems to be happy rocking the tight tights. We bet you can't shake this image the next time you see him on Raw. 


3. Victoria the Banana

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One of these things is not like the other. Victoria was known as a very attractive and very capable WWE Diva in her day, but in this picture, something's not quite right. You have Natalya dressed as a sexy cop and Maryse dressed as what looks like a skimpy housemaid and then on the end you have Victoria dressed as a banana. She's got maracas so is she supposed to be Chiquita Banana? If so, she got extremely lazy.

Victoria surely could have done better, and the WWE should have taken advantage of Victoria's assets a little better.


2. Heath Slater and Rhyno As Santa

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This one took place on the most recent episode of Raw and it was an embarrassment for everyone involved. One could make the argument that Heath Slater is used to this sort of thing seeing as the WWE has him dressed up all the time, but Rhyno? Poor guy. It makes you wonder what the WWE has planned for a guy like Rusev on SmackDown Live.

Maybe the wrestlers had fun with this, but if not, there has to be a point where someone draws a line in the sand and says to the writers "c'mon man... are you kidding me?"

1. John Cena as Nikki Bella

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We now know John Cena to be an actor with quite the comedic timing. He's not shy about making fun of himself and if you see his new movie Blockers you'll know exactly what we mean. That said, this photo of Cena dressed as his other half Nikki Bella is almost too much to handle.

Nikki dressed as Cena that year for Halloween in a bit of a role reversal.We're confident in saying that she pulled off her version a whole lot better than he did. Makes you see Cena in a whole new light when you see this photo.


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