5 Most Valuable And 5 Least Valuable Members Of The nWo

The New World Order remains one of the all-time great wrestling factions thanks to their significance to WCW’s success. It wasn’t until the nWo formed that WCW passed WWE as the top promotion during the Monday Night Wars. Fans were captivated at the storyline of a hostile takeover. The wrestlers of the nWo tried to take control of the company in dramatic fashion to create the compelling story of the two sides battling for the power.

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One reason the nWo started to decline was the addition of too many members. Not only did the faction grow too large, but the wrong choices were made quite often. The members to provide little to no value helped diminish the popularity of the stable. We will look at the different sides of contributions to the faction. These are the five most valuable and five least valuable members of the New World Order.

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10 Most valuable: Eric Bischoff

Many fans questioned Eric Bischoff joining the New World Order since he only played a face commentator up to that point. The New World Order also already had the legendary Ted DiBiase as their mouthpiece, but Bischoff turned out to be an upgrade.

It was the role that showed Bischoff had a lot of charisma and could shine as a heel character. The reality involved in the storyline allowed him to reference his backstage power along with his close relationship with Hulk Hogan. Bischoff added another dimension to help the nWo thrive.

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9 Least valuable: Big Bubba Rogers


The former Big Boss Man in WWE joined WCW during the early years of Hulk Hogan gaining power. Hogan ensured a few of his friends from WWE would have good roles in WCW. Boss Man struggled and it showed when he eventually joined the New World Order as Big Bubba Rogers.

There was no real reason to care for him unless you were a fan of his WWE years. WCW never viewed him as a star which just hurt the status of the nWo when he joined. Rogers did nothing of note in the group and was eventually kicked out when taking time off to recover from an injury.

8 Most valuable: Randy Savage

Randy Savage joining the New World Order felt like overkill to some fans given the star power already involved. However, one flaw for the group was that Hulk Hogan had a limited schedule that would rarely see him wrestle on television and only wrestle on handpicked PPVs.

Savage allowed the nWo to have another established top star to work singles matches during the times Hogan missed events. Diamond Dallas Page’s feud with Savage made him a star and gave WWE another main event worthy feud during the months Hogan didn’t defend the title on PPV.

7 Least valuable: Michael Wallstreet

WWE’s I.R.S. was a great heel character that made the jump to WCW hoping to keep the same gimmick. The name of Michael Wallstreet was given to him with minimal success coming his way. WCW added Wallstreet to the New World Order during the early stages due to his association with the group backer Ted DiBiase.

Wallstreet did nothing of note for the faction and was often one of the rare members to lose televised matches. The time in the faction ended faster than expected as he just wasn’t a good fit. Wallstreet would see the end of his career come in a quiet fashion.

6 Most valuable: Scott Hall

The visual of Scott Hall walking through the crowd to get to the ring on Nitro is how fans remember the start of the New World Order. Hall was the first man to tease the start of the group right after making the jump from WWE.

The promos from Hall implied that he was representing the WWE and looking to get revenge on WCW for starting the Monday Night Wars. Hall did a tremendous job setting the stage for the group and was a huge reason for the success during the glory days.

5 Least valuable: Horace Hogan

Hulk Hogan’s nephew Horace Hogan joined WCW thanks to the connection with someone in such a high place. The early run of Horace’s career came when he joined The Flock faction following the leadership of Raven, but he never stood out as much as the other members.

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Horace eventually joined the New World Order when helping Hulk defeat the Ultimate Warrior with one of the weakest chair shots in wrestling history. Many fans forget Horace was even in the group since he did nothing of note. He represented how far the faction had declined as arguably the worst member.

4 Most valuable: Hulk Hogan

The importance of Hulk Hogan in the New World Order clearly is the main reason they accomplished such early success to pass WWE in the ratings war. Hogan was the face of the industry for over a decade and this was his first time as a heel in such a noteworthy spotlight.

Fans instantly viewed the nWo as a credible threat thanks to Hogan. The work as a heel impressed since he let out all his frustrations from fans booing him months prior. Hogan did have some negative moments to hurt the group later on, but the early value makes him rank almost at the top.

3 Least valuable: Vincent

One of the first instances of the New World Order losing credibility came when Vincent joined the group. Former WWE talent Virgil was the lackey of Ted DiBiase and joined WCW when DiBiase signed as the nWo backer. The name Vincent was given to him as a rib on Vince McMahon.

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Vincent had no purpose in the group other than standing in the background during promos, taking part in group beatdowns and being one of the wrestlers to get destroyed by the opposing faces. It showed that there was not a high standard for wrestlers to join the group.

2 Most valuable: Kevin Nash

The top spot on the most valuable side of the New World Order members deservingly goes to Kevin Nash. One of the major appeals was the WWE tie-in of creating the implication of a WWE vs WCW war. Nash was coming off a long run as WWE Champion with his Diesel character before making the jump.

Hulk Hogan was struggling in WCW and was viewed as being uncool before the nWo formed. Nash had the cool appeal to make the group such a fun act. Even the flawed split of the group would see the Wolfpac find success due to the fans loving the charisma and personality of Nash.

1 Least valuable: Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell joining the New World Order was meant to push him to the next level as one of the few young homegrown stars in the faction. WCW always viewed Bagwell as a potential main eventer due to his look and relatively younger age compared to the rest of the roster.

The time in the nWo would expose Bagwell as being a mid-carder for the rest of his career. Bagwell did not appear as an equal to any of the upper-level stars in the group. It also further exposed the lack of credibility for many wrestlers joining the faction.

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