An Update On The 15 Most Recent WWE Diva Releases

We will look at all sides regarding how life is treating these ladies that were once WWE Divas.

The rotation of wrestlers to come in and out of WWE will see many wrestlers released every year. This is even more true for the women’s division as there are fewer spots open for the ladies. Despite the women’s movement bringing in huge success, the ladies will get two storylines at most per show. That means there is less space on the roster for the women’s wrestlers. We have seen quite a few women get released from WWE in recent years. The amount of tremendous talent being signed and thriving in NXT meant a lot of the ladies on the roster were forced out for the upgrade.

Many of the women to get released over the past few years will be examined along with where they are today. Some of the ladies have continued wrestling and thrived outside of WWE. Others have tried to find their way into a new profession putting the wrestling life in the past. We will look at both sides regarding how life is treating these ladies that were once WWE Divas. Find out how your favorite women’s wrestlers are doing today. Here are fifteen “where are they now?” stories for recently released WWE women’s wrestlers.

15 Summer Rae: Model

The wrestling career of Summer Rae never got to where she wanted in WWE. Despite showing potential as a great heel character in NXT, Summer never had the chance to showcase that on the main roster. WWE positioned her as a secondary woman on the roster before an injury took her out altogether. Summer spent months on the sideline and never returned to television.

14 Kaitlyn: Planning wrestling comeback

In case you haven’t heard... _______________________________ 👉🏼You’ve all been asking me if I’m returning to the ring. I’ve been training with @pablomarquez94 at his school, #maineventtrainingcenter, for the past few months and rediscovered my love for pro wrestling. I never really intended on wrestling again. I just starting training again because it’s been extremely therapeutic and has ignited my passion again. I want to thank Pablo for welcoming me to his family. It’s been almost four years since I stepped into the ring. This year has been super pivotal for me. I’ve discovered a lot of things about myself and spent so much time deciding who and what I want to be. I’m a lot of things. I’m an entrepreneur, a pro wrestler, a mess, and an unstoppable freight train. There’s so much i want to accomplish and have so much unfinished business. I’m not going to say that I’ll be doing more shows but this one is just super meaningful for me. It’s a symbolic match for me. How appropriate for it to be called “Breaking Chains”. In a lot of ways, I’ve spent 2017 breaking chains ....from my divorce to the mental limitations that existed in my head. Join me on February 10th for this awesome show. I’ll be the main event and will be wrestling @therachaelellering. Ill be filming the ups and downs while training for this show. Can’t wait to share that with you all. I’ll post more details about how to grab some tickets. For now, visit tickets. See you guys there! Thanks for all the love! #prowrestling #coastalchampionshipwrestling #babyface #dontcallitacomeback #butdo #celestialbodiez #breakingchains

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The WWE career of Kaitlyn saw her accomplish a lot in a short time. Kaitlyn won the all-women season of NXT back when the show was a competition defeating major names like AJ Lee and Naomi. WWE gave her a solid push and she won the Divas Championship to have a strong run as champion. Kaitlyn delivered some great matches with her best friend Lee before retiring at her peak.

13 Brandi Rhodes: WAGS star/ROH wrestler

The departure of Brandi Rhodes from WWE was of her own choice after her husband Cody Rhodes left the company. Both Cody and Brandi wanted out of their contracts to have other opportunities away from WWE. Brandi has been wrestling consistently since leaving WWE as they wanted her to remain the ring announcer for the rest of her tenure.

12 Lilian Garcia: Podcast host


The ring announcing work of Lilian Garcia made her arguably the best person to ever work the job after Howard Finkel. WWE typically goes through ring announcers quickly, but Garcia held a role in the company for many years. The fact that she was a talented singer added to her job as she often sang the national anthem.

11 AJ Lee: Author

The WWE career of AJ Lee is quite impressive considering she didn’t fit the mold of the female talent that used to exist. Lee accomplished all her dreams by getting a chance in WWE and hitting a home run. The popularity of Lee saw her get involved in storylines with top main event stars like John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane. She dominated the women’s division during her time wrestling.

10 Rosa Mendes: Running meal plan company

Rosa Mendes is another woman to leave WWE shortly after having her first child. The tenure of Mendes lasted over a decade following runs in developmental and on the main roster. Rosa achieved the best of her success as a manager for Primo and Epico. It didn’t work out in the long run, but it was their most successful run and showcased Mendes’ charisma.

9 Eva Marie: Actress/model


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Eva Marie received a huge opportunity in WWE to become a star thanks to her look and potential. WWE believed she would become their next breakout star and placed her on the main roster right away to be part of Total Divas. Eva failed to improve in the ring and became known as the worst wrestler on the roster.

8 Zahra Schreiber: Fozzy merchandise seller


The controversial end to Zahra Schreiber’s WWE career came when fans exposed old posts from her social media pages showcasing support of Nazi art and making racist comments. Zahra was already on thin ice after her role in the affair of Seth Rollins cheating on his fiancée and his fiancée leaking pictures of Rollins and Schreiber.

7 Brie Bella: Clothing Line

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Brie Bella left WWE when she wanted to spend her time at home with Daniel Bryan trying to start a family along with starting other business ventures. The happy couple of Bryan and Brie welcomed their child Birdee into the world last year. Brie and her sister Nicole also launched their clothing line BirdeeBee at the end of 2017 to start that business venture.

There have been rumors of Brie wanting to return to WWE at some point after giving birth. Brie has been training on her off time and getting back into ring shape. An episode of Total Divas revealed that plans are in motion for both Brie and Nikki to return to the ring for the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match. Unless plans change, Brie will be back in the ring less than a year after giving birth in a truly impressive feat.

6 Layla: Real estate agent

WWE employed Layla for many years following her win of the Diva Search competition. The road for Layla saw many ups and downs as she failed to get television time consistently throughout her career. Layla’s biggest success stories came when she won the Divas Championship and when she paired with Michelle McCool to form the heel unit LayCool. McCool and Layla did impressive work together to add to their legacies.

5 Sara Lee: Powerlifter

Sara Lee shockingly won the Tough Enough competition in 2015 to land a sweet contract with WWE. Most of the ladies from the show were offered contracts meaning everyone joined, but Sara was the only one with a guaranteed contract. Lee however fell far behind her peers such as Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville who went on to become main roster stars.

4 Devin Taylor: Founded dating app

Devin Taylor was a backstage broadcaster and ring announcer for NXT with the goal of becoming a wrestler. The WWE Network documentary series Breaking Ground featured Taylor’s journey of trying to become a wrestler get sidelined with multiple injuries. Taylor’s bad luck led to WWE eventually cutting bait with her. They saw her future as a wrestler, but the injuries put a red flag up leading the firing.

3 Cameron: Vlogger

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There are few women to have as disappointing runs in WWE as Cameron did. WWE believed in her potential enough to put her on the original season of Total Divas. Cameron didn’t have the wrestling experience of the other ladies on the main roster but was called up to have her place on the reality show. WWE eventually removed her from Total Divas and sent her down to NXT to train.

2 Andrea D'Marco: Broadcaster/Host


The WWE stint of Andrea D'Marco saw her work as a broadcaster backstage. D'Marco was being groomed to have a position like Renee Young and some of the other ladies that interview stars backstage. WWE Network adding the option of pre-shows opened many spots for the hosts and broadcasters to have a role going forward.

1 Emma: Hot commodity on free agent market

WWE made big news when firing Emma at the end of 2017. The talent, look and upside of Emma all played into her being an interesting prospect on WWE’s roster. Emma thrived in NXT but failed to get over on the main roster. Vince McMahon reportedly did not like Emma as much as Triple H did. The lack of belief from the most important person running WWE ended up hurting her badly.

Emma has been waiting out the three-month non-compete clause that WWE wrestlers must wait on after getting released. A plethora of bookings have been confirmed with Emma having a full schedule going forward in 2018. Emma has a chance to reach success like Cody Rhodes on the women’s side. The fact that Emma is booked for many months going forward proves that there is interest in her from fans and promoters. Emma has the opportunity to make WWE call her back in a few years if she lives up to the hype.

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