5 Most Shocking Heel Turns In Survivor Series History

Since the first Survivor Series in 1987, WWE has never failed to disappoint when it comes to surprising twists and (heel) turns.

With Survivor Series just around the corner and the WWE changing plans and adding surprises at what seems like the final hour, the WWE Universe can only try to venture a guess as to what's in store when Raw takes on SmackDown Live in the battle for supremacy. It won't be the first time WWE's Thanksgiving pay-per-view has offered up a few twists and turns.

The very first Survivor Series took place in 1987. This will be the 30th year of the show that sees teams pitted against each other and over the years, WWE has shocked fans with storyline turns like the Montreal Screwjob and debuts including The Undertaker and The Shield. But, what are the biggest heel turning moments in Survivor Series history?

We've put together a list of the moments that good guys turned bad and bad guys turned good. Think you've got others?


The WWE Universe could probably never imagine a scenario where Paul Heyman was not the advocate for Brock Lesnar, but at Survivor Series 2002 Heyman did turn on Lesnar and side with The Big Show, costing Lesnar the WWE Championship.

Lesnar was on his way to a victory when Heyman pulled the referee out of the ring. Lesnar realized what had happened, tried to chase Heyman down and wound up back in the ring to a waiting Big Show who hit Lesnar with a chair and a chokeslam. The pair has obviously made up, but it was shocking when it happened.


At Survivor Series 2014, if Team Authority won then everyone on Team Cena would be out of a job. Big Show, who was originally part of Team Cena, turned in an effort to save his job. He delivered a knockout punch that eliminated John Cena from the match.

It was one of the many turns Big Show has had in his lengthy WWE career. In fact, no other WWE Superstar has gone from babyface to heel as often as Big Show has. Somehow, it was still a surprise to the fans.

At Survivor Series 1999, Steve Austin was scheduled to be part of the main event. The problem was an injury was keeping him from wrestling and the WWE needed a way to remove him from the match in a storyline that would make sense. So, someone ran over him backstage.

It turned out to be Rikishi who was doing it for his cousin, The Rock, and his time as a heel was not long-lived but it was shocking when it happened.


At Survivor Series 1998, WWE vacated the world title screwing over Steve Austin. The match to crown a new champion came down to Mankind and, "The People's Champ" The Rock, and while there were expected twists, no one expected The Rock to join forces with Mr. McMahon and go corporate.

This was at a time that The Rock was the coolest thing in wrestling so the turn was a bit controversial. It worked out well for The Rock who became the champion and eventually one of the biggest stars to ever wrestle in the WWE.

It's now known as the Montreal Screwjob and the 20-year anniversary has seen it re-lived on the Internet over the past couple days. But no turn was more shocking and, in a way, unplanned. When Bret Hart refused to lose the title to Shawn Michaels, Vince felt like he had no choice but to call an audible and sneak the title of Hart.

Hart left for WCW, Vince became the biggest heel character in wrestling (turning from Vince to "Mr. McMahon"), and the WWE changed forever. Mr. McMahon went on to have unforgettable feuds with Steve Austin and it essentially saved the WWE from going out of business.


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5 Most Shocking Heel Turns In Survivor Series History