Most Underrated Women’s Wrestlers Of All Time, Ranked

In the world of marketing, brand name recognition means a lot. For a long time, the brand name attached to the WWE women was Divas. They were smart, sexy, powerful women. Everything the women are now, but a lot of them were employed just to be eye candy. The ones who wanted more learned how to be decent-to-great wrestlers too. Trish Stratus is a perfect example: the former fitness model was brought in as a valet but wanted to learn and committed herself to becoming a great worker.

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Other ladies have proven themselves as great workers, but because of the era, there wasn’t enough work for them. As we all know, the times have changed greatly and there’s a lot of limelight for everyone to try and snag. The company has made tremendous strides in making women the main event. So, while a women might be beautiful, if you’re not a great worker or you’re looking to use the company for a stepping stone, you won’t be in the WWE for long. Every so often, some women fall by the wayside and are overlooked. Here are ten of them.

10 Jacqueline

Just because you’ve earned a Hall Of Fame place, doesn’t mean you weren’t underrated. The contributions of Miss Jacqueline to the world of sports entertainment should never go unnoticed. She was one of the first to have the powerhouse physique. She worked in Japan, and won gold nearly everywhere she went that offered gold to win.

She was a huge part of the Attitude Era and and definitely earned the respect of all of her peers. She also happened to be big around the same time as Sable, which meant Jacqueline was grossly overshadowed.

9 The Sensational Sherri

Some of the women on this list are victims of the time they wrestled in. Jacqueline is a prime example of that. Much like Superstar Billy Graham, Sherri Martel was “ten years too soon.” She is one of the few ladies to have worked in Mid-South, AWA, WWE, WCW, ECW, and even TNA.

When the WWE abandoned the idea of the “Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal,” there was a bit of push to put the Sensational Hall Of Famer’s name there instead. There wasn’t much Sherri didn’t do, including being a major part of the careers of an early HBK, Ric Flair, Harlem Heat, and of course, the Queen to the Macho King.

8 Molly Holly

One of the Macho Man’s final runs in WCW was as the captain of Team Madness. Himself, Madusa, Gorgeous George, and Miss Madness herself, the future Molly Holly. Rumor has it that even though Savage was excommunicated from the company, he reached out to Bruce Prichard about her and the rest is history.

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She debuted as one of the Holly cousins and had pretty good career, becoming a superhero (Mighty Molly) and then a catty heel. She even suggested getting her head shaved at WrestleMania XX.

7 Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool was on her way to being a massively big heel, largely thanks to her being part of LayCool. She won the Divas world title and Women’s title. Nevertheless, there is still a segment of the fan base that feels she only got these things because she was dating ----and then married to-- a certain Phenom, even earning the nickname, “McTaker.”

However, McCool was the best the WWE could have asked for during that era, coupling beautiful pin-up looks with the desire to work in the ring.

6 Dana Brooke

One might think that Vince would take to the blonde, buxom bodybuilder Dana Brooke like a duck takes to quacking. For some reason, though, that hasn’t happened yet. She’s got a unique look and works very hard, but at this time is overlooked as a main event player.

She’s been given several opportunities on TV and is always fairly well received. Once she finds that massive spark the way some of her contemporaries have, there will be no stopping her.

5 Natalya

The first ever third generation female, Natalya had it all from the moment she could crawl! Charlotte might say it’s all “Second Nature” to her, but she’s third-rate compared to the skills that Nattie has, considering every uncle she has is a pro wrestler of some sort and her father is The Anvil.

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She’s so good in the ring, and such a locker room leader in the back, that it is all taken for granted. It’s the kind of stuff that would make for an awesome heel turn if she ever got the chance.

4 Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is another stunning wrestler, and the WWE certainly used those looks to their advantage until she left. However, in the time that she was gone, she’s built an entire fitness empire for herself. She has also been training to get back into the ring.

She was invited to take part in last year’s Mae Young Classic, but hasn’t been invited back since. If anyone could benefit from learning more while helping the current group of girls at the PC, it’s Kaitlyn.

3 Gail Kim

To borrow an old cliché, if you look up the word underrated in the dictionary... According to some, Vince needed to be convinced that not only was the Asian-Canadian the real deal and worth hiring, but that a lot of men would be into her just because of her look. He hired her, but she was barely used.

She left for TNA, became the stalwart anchor of the Knockouts division, got rehired and STILL was barely used. She expressed her frustration by immediately rolling out of the ring on a Raw battle royal, never looked back and vowed never to work for the company again.

2 Nikki Bella

Similar to Michelle McCool, Nikki Bella is often overlooked for her skills in her ring due to her beauty and who she was dating. To the die-hard fans who appreciate work rate over all, there’s just no accounting for taste: Nikki Bella got the top, solely by being faux buxom and dating John Cena.

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You’re not paying attention if that’s your opinion of Nikki Bella. She main-evented Evolution against Ronda Rousey. If you think she was given such an important spot just based on appearance, you have not been paying any attention in recent years.

1 Victoria

During the Attitude Era and beginning of the Ruthless Aggression Era, the measuring stick as far as the ladies were concerned was Trish, Lita, and Victoria. Still, you wouldn’t know about Victoria the way the WWE history has presented her.

For whatever reason, she is seldom mentioned on WWE programming when speaking about history. She hasn’t been inducted into the Hall Of Fame and her association with TNA makes things a little muddier.

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