The 10 Most Violent And Bloody Matches In ECW History

It was called Extreme Championship Wrestling for a reason—the clue is in the title. This wasn't some fake branding to try and attract fans attention, ECW really was incredibly bloody and violent, often walking the fine line between entertaining and going too far.

Whilst there was also some fantastic wrestling and great storytelling, the most memorable takeaway from Paul Heyman's crazy company was the violence and the extreme matches that took place.

With some incredibly risky spots, that wouldn't happen on a major company anymore taking place, the matches sometimes were incredibly violent, and, within this list, we will rank the 10 more violent and bloody matches in the history of ECW.

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10 Steve Corino vs Tajiri (Hardcore Heaven)

Let's start as we mean to go on; with an incredibly violent match from the 2000 PPV, Hardcore Heaven, which saw Tajiri and Steve Corino beat the hell out of each other in what felt more like a fight than a wrestling match.

Corino controversially cut a very racist promo just prior to the match, which is one of the reasons that the match got so heated, with Tajiri clearly having a point to prove as he attacked him right from the bell.

In a brilliant and brutal moment, Tajiri slid into Corino with a kick in the corner, which led to him splattering blood from Corino's head onto the camera, showing the signs of this war.

9 Beulah McGuillicutty vs. Bill Alfonso (ECW)

This one is far from a classic, but it was certainly a bloody match as Beulah McGuillicutty, on her ECW debut, took on a former referee, Bill Alfonso in an impromptu match that saw Bill turn into a crimson mess.

If you're looking for a good wrestling match, then this really isn't the one for you, as it is simply more like a brawl from start to finish, with McGuillicutty getting a metal tin and smashing it around Alfonso's head to bust him open right from the start.

Even though it isn't a great match, it instantly made a star out of Beulah, with the rabid crowd buying into the entire thing and being massively behind her, with a huge pop for the finish.

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8 Terry Funk & Sandman vs Mick Foley & Shane Douglas (ECW)

This match had it all, and then some, with the four hardcore legends becoming increasingly violent as the match progressed, using just about everything that they could get their hands on to inflict some damage.

They seemingly pulled out everything that was under the ring, going from the box standard chairs all the way to a toolbox, and all of its contents in what was an incredibly violent match.

However, this match reached its peak in violence when Terry Funk decided to start blowing fire into Foley's face, eventually branding him in the chest with the flaming iron and then hitting a piledriver onto the top of it for good measure.

7 Cactus Jack vs Mikey Whipwreck (Big Ass American Bash)

Speaking of Mick Foley, here is another example of his craziness that helped him earn the title of Hardcore Legend, with him and Mikey Whipwreck battling in a match that served as ECW's goodbye to Jack.

This was another all-out brawl, with each man showing how desperate they were to get the victory. Mikey, the protege of Foley, tried his best to beat his mentor at his own hardcore game.

However, that wasn't to be, as Foley picked up the win with a piledriver. This bloody match saw an array of weapons, whilst they brawled out into the crowd to give everyone a closer look at the action.

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6 Sabu vs Terry Funk (Barbed Wire Match-Born To Be Wired)

When the ring ropes are replaced with barbed wire, you know that things are going to get a little bit crazy, and that is exactly what happened when two of ECW's most extreme wrestlers locked up in a battle for the ECW World Championship.

Even though the ring was surrounded by an incredibly dangerous weapon that caused cuts and scars to both Sabu and Terry Funk, that wasn't enough for them, as they both introduced plenty of foreign objects throughout the match.

Both men have spent their entire lives putting their bodies through the wringer, and this is one of the biggest examples of that in a very violent match.

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5 Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten (Taipei Death Match-ECW Hardcore Heaven)

The entire idea of this match is insane, and that is likely why most people haven't heard of the stipulation before, but a Taipei Death Match sees the competitors tape their hands, super glue them, and then attach as many crystals to them as possible.

From then on, the two men are expected to use their 'crystal' hands as weapons to smash and cut their opponent until they are no longer able to answer the count of three, which is what Axl and Ian Rotten did in 1995.

It is a bonkers stipulation, and it wasn't surprising to see both men busted open as they used the glass to scrape across each other's foreheads in a match that isn't for the fainthearted.

4 Rey Misterio Jr. vs Psicosis (Mexican Death Match November 2 Remember)

It might be hard to picture Rey Misterio Jr (now Rey Mysterio) in an extreme, deathmatch scenario due to how he has been portrayed over the majority of his career, but his match with Psicosis, who was his long-time nemesis, remains an incredibly fun one.

The two men blended together with an incredible match that saw Lucha libre going alongside extreme wrestling, with some incredible aerial moves, such as a one-and-a-half inverted moonsault, as well as some equally dangerous spots that you would expect from ECW.

It is a totally different style of match in comparison to others on this list and is told at a much faster pace due to the nature of both men, making it one that is certainly worth watching.

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3 Raven & Cactus Jack vs Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk (November 2 Remember)

This was one of ECW's finest moments, and certainly one of the companies biggest ever shows, and therefore placing a major match like this to end the show was only fitting of the occasion.

Of course, it wouldn't be a major ECW PPV main event without some bloodshed, and this match had it in the gallons, with all four men providing a violent classic that is still talked about to this day.

The live crowd clearly appreciated what they saw that day, though, respecting the sacrifice of the talent as huge "ECW! ECW!" chants rang around the arena as the show went off the air, making the company look fantastic.

2 Dudley Boyz vs Sandman & Tommy Dreamer (One Night Stand)

This tag team match took place at the original One Night Stand PPV, which is beloved by ECW fans and actually closed the show. What a brilliant main event it was, as well, with all four men leaving everything they had in the ring.

All four men showed the world what ECW was all about, with plenty of carnage as many ECW alumni who hadn't been part of the PPV ended up getting involved as all hell broke loose and blood started being shed.

Sandman was bust open before the bell had even rung, and that pretty much set the pace for the entire match as the four friends beat the hell out of each other.

1 Mass Transit & D-Von Dudley vs The Gangstas (House Show)

Even though this took place on a house show and wasn't televised, this match became one of the most infamous, not just in company history, but in wrestling history. Unfortunately for Paul Heyman, it provided nothing but major negative publicity.

Eric Kulas was only 17 years old when he stepped into the ring at ECW after convincing Heyman he was actually 23 and had been trained by wrestling legend Killer Kowalski, which was also untrue.

Kulas, who worked as Mass Transit replaced Axl Rotten for the night and ended up being bladed too deeply by New Jack, which cut through two arteries and saw him bleed tons as he passed out in the ring. Not only was this an incredibly violent and bloody match, but it ended up forcing ECW to cancel a PPV and led to lawsuits against the company.

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