Top 15 Most Watched WWE Moments On YouTube

The growth of the internet over the past decade has changed wrestling in a major way. WWE is now uploading clips of every relevant segment to their YouTube channel along with classic matches. Fans get the option to witness many of their favorite WWE moments on their phone with a few clicks for free. WWE has tried to adopt a popular social media presence to prove they are an elite brand in entertainment. It has worked in terms of getting huge views on YouTube. While ratings may be trending down, the new generation tends to catch up online.

We will look at the most popular videos ever uploaded by WWE to YouTube since creating the channel. WWE will upload moments from the weekly shows, historic matches, top ten lists, behind the scenes clips and many other forms of entertainment for the viewer to connect with the product. It is difficult to predict which videos will become massive hits. A recent instance of this saw Rey Mysterio’s return at the Royal Rumble get four times as many views as Ronda Rousey’s debut. Find out exactly what has received the most attention and why. These are the fifteen most watched WWE moments on YouTube.

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13 Sting and Randy Orton Destroy The Authority

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Sting’s short run as a performer for WWE brought in the views for WWE. Fans waited decades for Sting to finally enter the WWE ring. Sting’s first big match in WWE saw him face Triple H at WrestleMania 31. A few appearances on Raw brought in the interest for the attraction match.

This specific moment saw Sting align with Randy Orton to take care of business.

Orton was feuding with The Authority’s golden boy Seth Rollins at the time. The two wrestlers with mutual enemies joined forces as Orton and Sting cleared the ring. Sting appearing in a WWE ring was still cool and new at the time. Orton hitting the RKO is always fun. The combination of both has given this video over 35 million views on YouTube.

12 Legends vs. Legends vs. Legends

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A rare match with six legends saw the teams of Shawn Michaels and Triple H, Chris Jericho and Big Show, and The Undertaker and John Cena all battle this out at Madison Square Garden. This was one of the last televised shows in MSG for WWE and they treated the fans with something special.

Six future Hall of Famers battled it out ahead of the Survivor Series 2009 PPV.

Undertaker was scheduled to face Big Show and Jericho at the upcoming Survivor Series event while Cena had a match against Triple H and Shawn Michaels. The match was well done to create excitement for both matches. Undertaker and Cena won the match, but Undertaker hit Cena with the Tombstone following the bout. We may see footage of this again soon if Undertaker faces Cena at WrestleMania 34 as rumored. It already has over 36 million views.

11 Will the real John Cena please stand up?

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John Cena was inspired to have a special entrance for WrestleMania XXV. The entrance of Cena saw dozens of guys dressed like Cena all line up on the stage to the ring. Cena made his appearance and walked past them all while saluting them on his run down the stage. It was considered the most memorable entrance of Cena considering how unique it was.

Rapper Eminem had a similar set up for an MTV Video Music Award performance for his hit song The Real Slim Shady. Considering Cena is a big rap fan, he likely found inspiration from that for this entrance. Cena went on to defeat Edge and Big Show in a triple threat match for the World Championship. The success of 37 million views proves the entrance was the biggest hit for Cena on this night.

10 Stephanie McMahon owns Roman Reigns

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Nearly 38 million fans have shown their hatred of Roman Reigns by enjoying a video of Stephanie McMahon running him down. Following a PPV event when Reigns destroyed Triple H, Stephanie called out Roman to the ring. We got a classic heel Stephanie promo verbally berating him for his actions against her husband.

Stephanie physically got in some hits as well with a barrage of vicious slaps to Reigns across the face.

The video ends with Steph revealing Vince McMahon would show up later in the night. This was the night Reigns defeated Sheamus on Raw to win the WWE World Championship for the second time. It is a bit surprising that Stephanie video is the most popular of the night until you realize the appeal of seeing Roman get continuously slapped in the face brings in the numbers.

9 Randy Orton hits Triple H where it hurts

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One of the most ruthless instances of a heel crossing the line to hurt a babyface featured Randy Orton getting in Triple H’s head. Ahead of their WrestleMania XXV match for the WWE Championship, Orton started attacking various members of the McMahon family. Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon were the first targets in the weeks leading up to this moment. Orton handcuffs Triple H to the ropes in this video before attacking Stephanie McMahon.

With Triple H handcuffed, Orton kisses an unconscious Stephanie as her husband looks on in pain.

This moment cemented the match as a WrestleMania worthy bout due to the personal hatred involved in the rivalry. Unfortunately, the match ended up being a bore since they went the technical route for a blood feud. This specific moment is more memorable than the match as seen by the 40 million views as of this writing.

8 The Great Khali destroys Rey Mysterio

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WWE uploaded an older match from 2006 from the SmackDown brand during Rey Mysterio’s World Championship reign. Vince McMahon soured on Mysterio right away and started booking him to get destroyed by the giants of WWE each week. This moment featured The Great Khali making his presence known by decimating Mysterio with complete ease.

The India market has watched many of the Khali videos leading to WWE uploading many of them in recent years. Khali having such a dominant win has made it a huge hit over in India. Fans from all over the world will click for the screen cap of the giant facing off against the smallest man in WWE. The video has hit over 41 million views in just six months making it a huge success for WWE’s YouTube channel.

9. John Cena and Randy Orton vs ...Everyone

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A bizarre match in WWE history featured Randy Orton and John Cena teaming together to face the entire Raw roster in 2008. Triple H set the match up to punish them both before a triple threat match between all three men at WrestleMania XXIV. Orton and Cena got the better of the entire roster surviving the overwhelming numbers working against them.

Fans would have been angry at the two golden boys burying the entire slate of performers on the show.

That would be until Triple H appears to enter the match last as another member of the Raw roster. Triple H hits both Cena and Orton with the Pedigree to stand tall, because that’s usually what happened. 45 million people have clicked the video to witness Orton and Cena face countless men before the swerve ending.

7 The Undertaker surprises Brock Lesnar with a unique weapon

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This popular moment was on the road to WrestleMania XXX before the infamous match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. A contract signing between the two legends created a memorable moment that fans still look up today.

The Undertaker used a pen to stab into the hand of Brock Lesnar before giving him the Choke Slam through a table.

Most fans didn’t think anything would surpass that moment in the feud since we always assumed Undertaker would continue his undefeated streak. Lesnar shocked the world by ending the streak in the most unbelievable moment in WWE history. That is a major reason fans still look up this video to see if there were any clues to suggest the streak would be ending just weeks later. 46 million fans at least got to see Undertaker stand tall against Lesnar before the crushing moment occurred.

6 John Cena and AJ Lee make out

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The one romantic moment to make the top fifteen most watched WWE videos on YouTube features the short-term relationship between John Cena and AJ Lee. Following her love storylines with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Kane, Lee moved on to a romance with an even bigger name. AJ and Cena became an item with Lee dressing as Cena for many weeks.

This moment shows the kissing between Lee and Cena after Cena won a match over Dolph Ziggler on Raw. Funny enough, Lee turned on Cena and started dating Ziggler a few weeks later at the TLC PPV. However, the fans appear to prefer the romance with Cena since this video is at over 48 million views. Cena and AJ are clearly a popular couple in the wrestling shipping community.

5 The Great Khali debuts

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As mentioned earlier, The Great Khali has become a sensation for the WWE YouTube channel due to fans in India watching it by the millions. WWE uploaded a video of the moment Khali first appeared on television for the company. Khali debuted on an episode of SmackDown in 2006 to completely decimate The Undertaker.

WWE badly wanted Khali to become the next big monster heel; it showed by having him take out the biggest legend in the company with complete ease.

Khali even got the better of Undertaker in their first PPV match to get him on the road to becoming a star. The awful in-ring skills always held him back from truly hitting the potential WWE wanted. Khali may have fared better today with the constant uploads considering this video of his debut has nearly 50 million hits.

4 The Great Khali wins gold

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Another moment for The Great Khali is on the list as this one has over 53 million views. Edge was forced to relinquish the World Championship in 2007 following a serious injury. WWE decided to have a battle royal with everyone on the SmackDown roster competing for the big gold. Most fans anticipated Batista would win the battle royal as the biggest star on the roster.

The wrestling world was shocked when WWE went with the bold decision of having Khali win it to become the World Champion.

Fans in India clearly love this moment since it was the biggest moment of his career. Casual fans tend to love battle royals more than singles matches adding even more incentive to watch the match and make it a viral sensation for WWE many years later.

3 John Cena and Brock Lesnar brawl

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A rare moment to showcase blood on WWE during the PG-era featured a memorable brawl between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. WWE shocked the world when Lesnar returned to the company on the episode of Raw after WrestleMania XXVIII to F5 John Cena. This brawl occurred one week later when it was announced the two legends would have a match at Extreme Rules.

Cena decided to take the fight to Lesnar this time causing a brutal fight that saw Cena’s mouth get busted open. It was absolutely shocking to see blood on WWE television which added to this video catching fire online. The moment now has over 57 million total views of fans enjoying this shocking brawl. Raw’s locker room having to separate them as Cena smirks with a bloody mouth is a visual that perfectly captures professional wrestling.

3. John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio before they were icons

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John Cena started to gain momentum in 2003 with the rapping gimmick that allowed him to deliver entertaining freestyle raps before the matches. This match was one of his impressive performances on SmackDown defeating fellow rising star Rey Mysterio. Both men would become future legends and the 2003 era of SmackDown helped them get on the right track.

Following this match, Cena shows he is a face after months of heel work by turning down Paul Heyman’s invite to join his Survivor Series team. A-Train attacked Cena to help build sympathy for the character change. This was the first step in Cena starting his run as an iconic face that would carry WWE for a decade. 57 million people enjoyed it with this video being the third most-watched in WWE history.

2 Tribute to the Troops match of legends

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The annual Tribute to the Troops show gives WWE a chance to thank the armed forces with an event catered towards them. WWE used to head to Iraq to have the shows for the troops stationed over there. This specific moment comes from the 2008 show in the form of a dream match.

Six legends squared off with the face team of John Cena, Batista and Rey Mysterio battling the heel squad of Chris Jericho, Big Show and Randy Orton.

As with most matches on this show, the faces won to give the troops a feel-good moment. Three of the most beloved faces of the era teamed together for the big win here. Nothing remarkable stands out about the match other than the cool element of all wrestlers involved being legends and wrestling for the troops. It has an astounding 65 million views as of this writing.

1 Largest battle royal in WWE history

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The most-watched video on WWE’s YouTube features the largest battle royal in WWE history. Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis announced rosters from both Raw and Smackdown would make history as 41 men competed in the battle royal back in 2011. The winner would get to pick the champion opponent of his choosing later in the night. Randy Orton won the battle royal by hitting an incredible RKO on the ring apron on The Miz.

The choice of Orton was to face World Champion Mark Henry. That match is also included and shows Henry retaining the World Championship over Orton. It ended in controversy when Cody Rhodes interfered attacking Orton leading to the DQ. Big Show came to the ring to make the save and stood tall with Orton to end the moment. This very random moment is the top WWE video with over 74 million views, because you can’t predict wrestling.

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