15 Noelle Foley Pictures That Are Hot AF

We’re not really sure exactly what it is, but it seems like the daughters of pro wrestlers generate an extreme amount of popularity. For the most part, the clear reason for it is quite obvious, and that’s because they look hot AF. Brooke Hogan was the first wrestling daughter to steal our hearts on her reality show Hogan Knows Best. Nowadays however, it’s the daughter of Mick Foley that’s getting the job done. Imagine telling us over 20 years ago that Mick Foley produced a ten on ten daughter... no, just no.

Turns out he did and she’s become a huge name on social media despite the fact she never stepped foot in a WWE ring. Through the likes of Instagram and Twitter, Noelle has managed to become a huge hit with the WWE fan base. She continues to enhance her fame with a new YouTube channel, along with making several appearances at wrestling conventions and different Comic Cons. Not only is she showing up to these events, but her lines are usually the longest. For the most part, her hotness has something to do with that.

In this article, we celebrate that exact factor, her hotness. We document some of Noelle’s steamiest pictures whether it be shots from her Instagram account, or other photos we deemed hot AF. With such a beauty like Noelle, these photos weren’t too hard to find and we could have made this list alone based off of her recent 15 Instagram posts.

Enough of the talk, let’s get started, here are 15 Noelle pictures that are hot AF, enjoy!


15 The Recent One

Showing off her delightful curves overseas, this is Noelle’s most recent Instagram picture and man did it ever NOT disappoint. Two things were made clear in this picture, one, Noelle is hot AF, and two, Atlantis Paradise Island is one lucky destination to have such a beauty grace the island with her presence.

It seems like the Bahamas area met Noelle’s requirements as she was very outspoken on how good of a time she was having. The caption “never leaving” hurt some of us deep down inside, but if these types of pictures continue, she can stay there for as long as she wants. Not too shocking, the picture received close to 25 K likes in less than 24 hours. We can only assume the Atlantis Paradise Island spot got a couple of extra reservations following the post.

14 Noelle Klein


Despite the fact that she didn’t earn herself a WWE contract, pictures like this give us hope and a belief that she’ll do just fine. Noelle looks like a flat out ten in the picture as she poses for the amateur shot in her Calvins. For now, wrestling doesn’t seem to be a possibility following her failed tryout, however, a career in modelling seems like a legit possibility and such pictures only further that.

For the time being, she continues to add to her already impressive portfolio. Without a doubt, she’ll be receiving endless modelling gigs sooner rather than later. For now, she continues to enjoy life as a huge social media name, along with being a hit at wrestling conventions every time she attends.

13 Break The Internet Selfie


Not too surprising to acknowledge the fact that Noelle has broken the internet a couple of times with some stunning pictures. This was taken in her bathroom and man oh man did it ever cause quite the stir as she looks stunning from head-to-toe, with her Batman inspired bottoms, along with her top lifted just enough to give us heart palpitations.

Unlike the other WWE Superstars that got their privacy invaded, Noelle wasn’t on such a list and this picture was actually published by Noelle herself which only adds to the awesomeness. As for the likes of Paige, Charlotte, Victoria and a couple of others, those wounds weren’t self inflicted as they got jacked of their privacy after a hack leaked their explicit photos to the public.

12 Comic Con Attire


Fans of Comic Con probably stopped and starred at this picture for several minutes, looking on in absolute awe. Even if you had no clue who Noelle was, this picture likely would make any man stop by her booth for a quick photo was the stunning Foley family member. As we stated earlier, it isn’t all that shocking to find out that Noelle is a huge hit at conventions, and as a matter of fact, she tends to have the longest lines at wrestling conventions despite the fact that she hasn’t even wrestled at any point. This just goes to show the amount of reach she has as a social media darling alone.

The year before, Noelle attended Comic Con New York in her hometown dressed as Poison Ivy and let’s just say she pulled it off. A year later, she was attending the same event with her own signing booth, not too shabby.

11 Save Me Lifeguard


A comment on Instagram that gave us a good chuckle read, “Help me... I’m drowning”. That’s the sentiment most of us felt after looking at such a picture, if more Noelle’s existed as lifeguards, nobody on this earth would have the will to learn how to swim. Even Michael Phelps would have likely given up on the sport.

South Beach was one lucky destination as Noelle posed for the hot AF picture, paying homage to the Baywatch movie that featured another certain WWE icon by the name of The Rock, you might have heard a thing or two about the guy. Noelle was promoting her slow-mo Baywatch challenge in the picture and let’s just saw her attempt was worthy of five out of five stars.

10 Halloween... Yes Please

#BackRolls #HappyHalloweenie

A post shared by Noelle Foley (@noellefoley) on


The comment section was absolutely littered with inappropriateness after this picture was posted. Dressing up as Princess Leia, it seems like Noelle took a “busty” approach to the costume. She hasn’t disappointed when it comes to Halloween in the past, dressing up as a perfect ten on several instances which included her take on what a cat should look like, along with her Joker inspired outfit last year. Clearly, every outfit she’s selected as been a winner.

This one in particular however wins the sweepstakes. Poor papa Mick had to endure such Halloween outfits for many years; it’s every dads worst nightmare to go through such a life experience. In all honesty, we hope Mick doesn’t have access to his daughters Instagram account cause it’s likely his heart will skip a beat or at the very least, his dentures will come flying out as he opens his mouth in shock.

9 Fitness Life


Hate it or love it, Instagram is littered with fitness posts. Sometimes it can be a little much, like seriously, we don’t care how many leafs of salad you included in your post workout meal. However, most Instagram users are likely not opposed to such selfies posted by the likes of Noelle as she shows off her post workout curves, and flat toned stomach. Papa Mick didn’t have the same conditioning luck throughout his career, but in his defense, he was too busy diving on top of thumbtacks and getting launched off cells. So yea, we’ll give him a pass on his conditioning levels in comparison to his daughter.

Posted two weeks ago, the picture shows us that Noelle is still putting in the work, valuing her image and most of all, her well being. You can’t hate on her for that.


8 Eating Pizza


Fittingly here on TheSportster, we jump from one extreme to another as we showcased Noelle’s fitness side in the previous picture, and we now jump to the complete opposite as she downs a pizza in the next picture. We realize two things from the two pictures, one, and she’s not afraid to mix up her diet and two, she looks hot AF in both pictures and dare we say, even hotter while eating the piece of pizza. How that’s possible we aren’t all that sure. How in the hell Mick Foley created such a gem still remains a big time life mystery.

The pizza picture was fitting for such a list as it just adds to Noelle’s hotness showing that she’s not an everyday model that eats lettuce on the regular. She loves to indulge in other foods which just adds to her overall spiciness.

7 Double C: Cake & Cleavage


A picture posted three days ago, it really doesn’t get any better than this shot. The two highlights of the photo are the double Cs and by that, we mean the cake and the cleavage. Noelle looks simply stunning in her red laced top and we truly believe the camera caught fire after such a steamy picture was taken. We also have to give some love to that incredible looking dessert which featured a chocolate chip cookie, hot fudge and of course, the perfect hint of vanilla on top.

If you’re currently engaging in some type of diet, we apologize for ruining everything, so instead, we encourage you to look at Noelle’s beauty and avoid eye contact with the cake. In all likelihood, you’re making eye contact with the other “C” in the picture.

6 The Tight Dress


Once again, the comment section was action packed for this throwback Instagram post, one dude took the inappropriateness to another level telling Noelle she’ll be a great adult star one day. Foley didn’t even care in the slightest leaving the comment there. However most of us would have loved to have given that dude a Double Arm DDT for leaving such a comment.

The post generated 20 K likes and although it didn’t feature bikini wear, it still proved that Noelle is hot AF even when rocking a tightly fitted dress. The attire compliments Noelle in all the right areas. Of course, in Noelle Foley like fashion, she down played her good looks in the picture claiming that’s the look she makes when the waiter’s on his way with the food. If I’m serving her and I see such a look, that food’s guaranteed falling.

5 In-Ring Game Face


As documented on Holy Foley, are question was answered and yes, Noelle does look hot AF inside of the squared circle, even when she has her game face on. For a girl that didn’t really have an athletic background, she actually surprised the WWE scouting team with her willingness, heart and desire. She didn’t make the cut ultimately, but WWE reps still had high hopes for the future. At the very least, Noelle can take it as a positive sign that the company was willing to give her family a show based off of her trials and tribulations to making it in the WWE.

Only time will tell if she’ll ever crack the WWE and if she’ll continue to pursue a career in the field after getting rejected on her first try.

4 Holy Foley Time


Despite the fact that she rarely appeared on WWE TV, Noelle became a huge figure on social media due to the simple fact that she was hot AF. However, we finally got a further insight into who she really was during her debut on the WWE Network’s Holy Foley reality series. As we said before, the show followed the chronicles of Noelle’s pursuit to a WWE tryout. She didn’t make it, but Noelle got so much more for her brand name as fans wanted to know more about Foley’s daughter.

If anything, once the show was over with, Noelle became even more desirable for her down to earth take on life, along with being kind of dorky. Not to mention, she also has a heart of gold.

3 Dress To Impress


There’s just something about the way a long dress fits Noelle, and this is another example of the blonde beauty looking hot AF in such attire. She’s got the curves in all the right places, along with the puppies to match the curves.

Not only is she hot AF, but Noelle also continues to climb the ranks on social media. Along with having an impressive following via Instagram and Twitter, Noelle recently added to her platforms making a YouTube account. Many celebrities are now taking that route vlogging their everyday lives, and that includes the Bellas who have a huge fan base on the platform. Without a doubt, Noelle on YouTube will be a great addition to her young career as many fans will click the videos for her beauty alone.

2 Her Official WWE TV Debut


This wasn’t the first time Noelle was seen on WWE TV as she made an appearance in the past serving as Mick’s Elf as he played the role of Santa promoting various WWE Shop items. If you didn’t know, it’s probably because you didn’t watch Holy Foley, but Mick Foley actually has a Christmas obsession, so much so that he has a room in his home dedicated to the holiday. Mick spends his relax time in the room and daughter Noelle has helped the cause dressing up in Elf and a Santa’s Little Helper outfits in the past. We approve both of those throwback outfits.

In this picture, Noelle made her official WWE debut appearing on a special Stone Cold Podcast alongside her father. Not all that surprising, she looked hot AF in her first official appearance.

1 Noelle & WrestleMania


For wrestling fans worldwide, it doesn’t get any better than this picture. A stunning WrestleMania set, followed up with an even more stunning Noelle, this picture takes hot AF to another level, especially for the diehard WWE fans that likely drooled at the sight of such a visual.

Rightfully so, the photo was a huge hit among Noelle’s 650 K followers receiving close to 50,000 likes on the picture. Putting her beauty aside for a second, WrestleMania 33 may have not been the greatest card, but man did the set ever make up for the slack with such a set that at least gave us a spectacle to look at. Without a doubt, it ranked as the nicest ‘Mania set of all-time, utilizing the roller coaster theme part theme to perfection. As for the other perfection in the picture, it’s pretty clear that she’s hot AF!


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