Mr Kennedy Reveals Crippling Addiction While Working For WWE

The life of a WWE superstar isn't easy, and this former Money In The Bank winner revealed his stardom came at a price.

Ken Anderson, formerly known as Mr Kennedy, would spend up to $35,000 a year on Vicodin while he was performing for WWE.

Addiction to various things in professional wrestling is unfortunately commonplace. The schedule of a Superstar can be so grueling that alcohol or pain pills can often seem like the only thing that will possibly get a wrestler from one show to the next. There are almost too many instances to count of wrestlers opening up about addiction and winding up paying for it down the line.

Infamous examples of wrestlers who suffered from addiction to various things are cases such as Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. Performers who were so far down the rabbit hole that they couldn't hide it from not only those close to them but also the fans. Roberts actually began showing up to independent bookings out of it on whatever he was taking at the time.



A wrestler addiction that has flown under the radar is Ken Anderson's, otherwise known as Mr. Kennedy when he was under the employ of WWE. Anderson was recently a guest on The Steve Austin Show during which he opened up about the amount of pain pills he was taking at one point during his WWE run. Anderson claimed that he would buy 1,000 Vicodin at a time and go through them in the space of two weeks. One year, he spent $35,000 dollars on pain pills alone.

Anderson said that he managed to keep his reliance on pain pills a secret, that was until WWE began supplying them to him following a surgery. The amount he went through was a red flag and the company went about helping him. They actually deemed that Anderson wasn't in a place that required him to go to a rehabilitation center, but that he obviously needed to quit all the same. Anderson recalls going through withdrawals from the pills for almost two weeks.


As stated above, addictions in the pro wrestling business are extremely commonplace. It's sad to hear but uplifting when you hear a story like Anderson's where he has managed to overcome it. Nowadays Anderson runs his own wrestling school alongside Shawn Daivari simply called The Academy and also still competes himself from time to time.

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Mr Kennedy Reveals Crippling Addiction While Working For WWE