10 2nd Generation Wrestlers With No Future In The Business And 5 Who Can Still Succeed

Being a second generation wrestler has its perks since your foot is already in the door. While some up and coming wrestlers may have to work harder to impress, as well as make the right connections, these second generation wrestlers already have a golden opportunity that is awaiting to be seized. Over the years, we have witnessed many names surpassing their fathers and establishing their very own legacy, but then you have some who clearly failed to follow in their footsteps.

While the benefits of being the child of a wrestler are apparent for all to see, it is tricky in many ways as expectations are guaranteed to be higher which means they are more likely to be criticized by fans. Currently, there are plenty of second generation wrestlers in the industry - some of whom clearly have no future in the industry and are likely better off switching careers sooner rather than later. There comes a point where it's relatively easy to tell whether someone has what it takes to really compete with the best talents.

On the other hand, there are many wrestlers right now who have not peaked yet and some may be even struggling at the moment, but all hope is not lost as they have clearly shown enough potential for fans to remain hopeful that their future will be promising. With today's list, we go through 10 2nd generation wrestlers who have no future in the business and 5 who can still succeed.


15 No Future: Garett Bischoff

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Garett Bischoff is one of many second generation wrestlers who highly benefited from having a famous father to help them throughout their career. At 33 years old, Garett should be in his prime years right now, but the reason you haven't really heard much about him lately is due to the fact that he wasn't good enough. He had a run in TNA and somehow managed to stay there for five years until 2015 - five years too long if you ask me - and then he worked the independent scene where he has failed so far.

Despite having wrestled for many years, Garett failed to show any significant improvements to have anyone believe that he has a future in the industry. The only real hope for his career is for his dad Eric to run another promotion that may guarantee him a job, otherwise he simply doesn't have what it takes.

14 No Future: Primo

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You may as well include both members of The Colons, and while some still mistake them for brothers, they are in fact cousins. Primo is the son of Carlos Colon Sr, who is considered to be a legendary Puerto Rican wrestler. He has been wrestling for the WWE for a decade now, which is pretty shocking when you realize that most of his career has been forgettable. To his defense, he has mostly been stuck in the tag team division, so perhaps he never got a real chance to show if he can succeed on his own.

But Primo clearly lacks the charisma of his older brother Carlito, who was once expected to be a main eventer in the WWE. There were rumors for quite some time that Primo may be getting released from the company, while others claimed that he requested to be dropped, but either way it is reasonable to say that his future doesn't look so promising.

13 No Future: Camacho

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You may remember Camacho from his time in NXT and Superstars a few years ago, and while he certainly had the in-ring talent, his gimmick was just too generic to connect with the fans. Other factors came into play, such as the lack of mic skills, holding him back from really taking that next step forward. To his credit, he has found more success on the independent circuit and is probably better off staying there since the WWE has the tendency to misuse wrestlers who happen to have bad gimmicks.

But Camacho is highly unlikely to be back in the company as he simply didn't show enough to warrant being there. While he may have improved since then, it may be too little too late for him at this point. What many may also not know is that Camacho is a second generation wrestler, as he is the son of Haku.

12 Can Still Succeed: Richie Steamboat

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Richie Steamboat was one of the most impressive talents in NXT during its early days, but sadly his career was derailed by a back injury. While some fans thought that he may never wrestle again, Steamboat has expressed his interest in getting back to the ring. He noted that he is healthy and would love a second opportunity to prove himself. Being the son of the legendary Ricky Steamboat may come in handy as Richie could be back competing in NXT.

He certainly showed enough during his first run to deserve another tryout and if it hadn't been for his injury, chances are that he may have been on the main roster today. He is still young enough to resume his career and has years of experience to help him immediately get back to his best. Based on his first run and intentions of returning to the ring, it would be fair to say that Richie still has a decent chance of succeeding in the industry.

11 No Future: Curtis Axel

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Curtis Axel has been given plenty of opportunities to get over with the fans, but he just can't seem to connect with the WWE Universe. The son of Curt Hennig isn't nearly as perfect as his father was, and most believe he is only on the roster due to the status of his old man. At 38 years old, the clock is ticking for Axel and he may have to show much more than he has in previous years if he wants to continue working for the WWE.

With all the new talents coming in from NXT and the independent circuit, many Superstars are bound to be released and Axel is very likely to be on the top of that list. He doesn't offer much to the product despite tagging with The Miz and Bo Dallas in recent months, Axel's future is probably even worse than his past run.

10 No Future: Cody Hall

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Cody Hall is only 26 years old with more than enough time to take the next step in his career, but there are too many question marks about him that has wrestling fans believe that he has no future in the business. The one pro that most can agree on is that much like his father Scott Hall, Cody also has a great look to be a wrestler but that is not nearly enough to make it to the WWE anymore.

His wrestling skills leave a lot to be desired and many of his opponents have criticized him for being sloppy over the years. On top of all that, he is known for having a not so pleasant attitude as you can tell by his tweets and past remarks, including some racist comments that may just enough to guarantee that he never gets hired by the WWE.

9 Can Still Succeed: Santana Garrett

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While her father may not be as famous as some of the entries, Santana Garrett is the daughter of TNT Kenny G who was well-known on the independent circuit years ago. Garrett has made several appearances in WWE since 2013, including some matches against Emma and Asuka. She also participated in the Mae Young Classic tournament and showed that she should be signed by the company.

But while her role with the WWE as an independent worker has mostly been as a jobber, the company clearly sees something in her since they continue bringing her back and it was rumored that she may get signed in 2018. She has also worked for Impact Wrestling throughout the years although she has yet to truly establish herself. The ship has not sailed for her just yet as she certainly has the looks and talent to have a successful career.


8 No Future: Tamina

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This pick is self-explanatory as Tamina is already 40 years old and has yet to really establish herself. Most fans still know her as the daughter of Jimmy Snuka, which some believe was the main reason she got a contract in the first place. Regardless, she was late to make it to the WWE and most fans would be shocked to know her age.

Most believe that it's only a matter of time before the WWE releases her from the company, especially with the controversy surrounding her father, and her run may come to an end once WrestleMania season is over. For someone who has been around as long she has, it would be fair to say that she underachieved given that she was presented with an opportunity most wrestlers can only dream of. With so many female talents around, it would be difficult to argue that Tamina has much more to offer to the WWE.

7 No Future: Rene Dupree

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Two things you may not have known about Rene Dupree, the first being that he is a second generation wrestler as the son of Emile Dupree, while the second may be even more surprising: he is only 34 years old. Dupree's WWE debut came in 2003 when he was only 19 years old, making history by becoming the youngest wrestler to win the Tag Team Championships.

After having wrestled for some years for the WWE, his career just fizzled out as he continued his journey on the independent scene. Dupree feuded with some top names during his time with the company, including John Cena, but his career in the major leagues may be over despite being relatively young, considering how long he has been around. Dupree's career has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding him, especially the backstage heat he had with JBL who has been accused of being brutal to Dupree.

6 Can Still Succeed: Bo Dallas

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The son of Mike Rotunda, known to fans as IRS, has had a decent WWE career thus far but there is no doubt that he could be doing much better. Unfortunately, booking hasn't helped his case at all and it has largely held him back from truly reaching his potential. But Bo Dallas did what his current partner Curtis Axel has failed to do during his run and that is getting over on his own, even if the WWE failed to capitalize on it.

Not to mention, he had a truly impressive run in NXT that showed what he is capable of, and with the proper booking and some fortune, there is no reason as to why Bo Dallas can't turn his career around. He is currently acting as one of The Miz's associates, which may not seem like the greatest opportunity due to his goofy role, but it certainly helps that he is working with one of the WWE's better talents.

5 No Future: Jake Carter

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Genetics matter very little in the wrestling world since being the son of a legendary Superstar doesn't guarantee that you will follow in his footsteps. Jake Carter is prime example, and he is one of the lesser known second generation wrestlers since he didn't wrestle for too long. While Vader was a dominant force for so many years, Carter failed to replicate that same success despite a stint in NXT.

It is believed that Carter was released from the company due to injury related problems, but he recently expressed an interest in making a comeback although it remains to be seen whether that happens. Odds are that he won't due to a lengthy history of injuries but stranger things have happened before. Additionally, it's not like he set the world on fire during his time in NXT as he failed to truly connect with the crowd.

4 Can Still Succeed: Rachael Ellering

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The daughter of Paul Ellering, Rachael has impressed since getting into the squared circle. She has previously been apart of NXT where she wrestled for nearly a year before participating in the Mae Young Classic although she wasn't signed up by the WWE for a full-time contract. She definitely showed her potential through her appearances and has only improved since then as she continues to compete for Impact Wrestling.

Although she wasn't one of the lucky names to be offered a contract, it's been reported that she remains on the WWE's radar and the door may be open for her in the future. Time is on her side to continue improving and reach greater heights but there is stiff competition in the women's division these days, so she must prove herself while she still can. We wouldn't be surprised to see her back in the WWE within the next two years.

3 No Future: Tessa Blanchard

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Perhaps the most controversial pick of this list, Tessa Blanchard is certainly good enough to have a bright future in the industry. But as so many sources have previously indicated, it's her attitude that is holding her back. Being 22 years old, she may get a pass for her immature behavior from time to time but she does have to pull a 180 to really carry on. The daughter of Tully Blanchard, Tessa undoubtedly has the connections to find opportunities as she has already wrestled for many top companies including WWE.

But despite her numerous appearances, she failed to get a contract and it is largely due to her attitude. Former WWE Diva Victoria was among the people who called her out, claiming that she attempted to give Tessa some advice and was completely blown off. At this rate, it is hard to see her sticking around anywhere since she always seems to make enemies.

2 No Future: Brooke Hogan

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Depending on whom you ask, they may remember Brooke Hogan for different reasons. She was a singer for some time although her career fizzled rather quickly, and then starred with her father Hulk Hogan in Hogans Knows Best. Brooke was also involved in the 2006 storyline between Hulk and Randy Orton, which was the first time we really saw her in the wrestling business before she resumed her career with TNA in 2012.

Following a brief stint, it was clear that Brooke didn't necessarily have what it takes to last in the industry and she departed after just a year. While she may have had a shot in making it to the WWE a decade ago, that bridge has been burned with the controversial tapes of her father, which featured some offensive comments about Brooke's personal life. Reports from last year indicated that she may be interested in starting a wrestling promotion, so time will tell if she can thrive as an owner.

1 Can Still Succeed: Noelle Foley

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If we were in the mid 2000s, Noelle Foley would have already been on the WWE roster and possibly a multiple time champion. But since the company has increased its standard requirements for the women's division, as hot as Noelle may be, that isn't enough to earn her a spot.

While there is no doubt that the company would love to add her since she has already managed to build a following, and having Mick Foley as her father will only help her case, but she also has spend the appropriate time in her wrestling training to improve. She previously failed a tryout for the WWE, but that's no reason to get discouraged about her future as she is young and has plenty of factors that will allow her to be given many other chances. And as for the WWE Universe, they would surely love to see more of her.


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