15 Must-See Photos Of Torrie Wilson

Let’s be honest, the Raw Anniversary show wasn’t the greatest, however, we’re all suckers for a comeback featuring a nostalgic act. Some of the biggest pops of the night were for returning stars such as Chris Jericho, Stone Cold, The Undertaker and Degeneration-X. Out of all the returns, some of out favorites have aged pretty badly while others seem to look even better somehow. Wilson stole all the headlines in that regard as fans were baffled at how steamy the 42 year old was looking during her return cameo. She created a buzz leaving fans wanting more, you’ll get a little more in this article with some of her best photos coming from the recent months. She’s no ordinary 42 year old!

We’ll look at bunch of photos in this article, the wide range includes pics from her fitness glory to her recent return to Raw - these pics clearly indicate that Torrie’s still got it and some would argue she’s better than ever before. This article will further that point with 15 photos that prove Torrie Wilson has still “got it”. Enjoy folks and like always, be sure the share the article with a friend. We begin with her most recent WWE appearance just days ago.


15 The Raw 25 Appearance

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Age 42, Torrie Wilson made her return during Raw’s 25th Anniversary show. The returning Divas all had a segment together in which the WWE acknowledged them giving us that nostalgia feel. All the former Divas looked great, however, Wilson stole all of the headlines for her looks. Those that have kept up-to-date with Torrie, including us here on The Sportster, we well aware that her looks hadn’t faded one bit, however, to the casual fan it was truly shocking to see that she arguably looks better today than she did during her prime run with the WWE.

Rocking a pair of black short shorts along with a fantastic white top (she loves wearing white as you’ll see in the article), Torrie dropped a lot of jaws with a brief but impactful cameo. Vince, please let us see her again...

14 With WCW Alum Kimberly Page


The WWE loves to glamorize the Monday Night Wars in their favor, however, those that followed are well aware the WCW was quite revolutionary in their approach. With the WWE dominating the younger demographic, Bischoff wisely aimed towards a teenage audience to bring in a new following. Such an approach busted the pro wrestling door wide open and it led to massive success for the company – so much so that most of the wrestlers from the time are still selling their fame today.

We all know about Sting, Hogan and Goldberg selling their fame, however, others like Torrie and even Kimberly who you see in the picture above have had a great deal of success at meet and greets as well. Similar to Torrie, Kimberly Page is another ageless wonder; seriously, looking at the pic above, would you believe she’s a year away from 50?

13 Shredded Fitness Freak

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No, the photo you see above wasn’t taken a decade ago, instead, it was snapped during the summer of last year just a couple of months back. Looking at Torrie’s physique in the picture, she’s somehow even more shredded than she was during her prime with WWE had heck you can even argue that she looks better in comparison to her fitness days before pro wrestling.

You’d figure with veins coming out of her stomach she hardly eats, however, that’s not the case. One of the biggest differences in Torrie’s mentality when it comes to dieting is that when she has the urge to indulge a bit, she goes for it. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t work out intensely, she does insane amounts of cardio per week along with following a proper diet plan daily.

12 She’s Got Legs


Move over Stacy Keibler, it looks like Torrie might have taken the title away from her, especially during her Raw 25 appearance. Torrie’s legs were on full display during the anniversary show as she rocked a pair of the shortest shorts you’ll ever see, they certainly complemented her hard work and this photo is yet another example of that. You can actually see her calf muscles in the picture along with those glorious hams and quads, yup she’s on another level folks.

One might ask, how does one develop such legs? Well, lots of cardio and doing the stairs on a regular basis will do the trick. Wilson does the stair climber five to six times a day for a grand total of 45 minutes per session! That’ll get your body trimmed and those legs shredded in a hurry!

11 Convention With The Hulkster

Although Torrie’s all about fitness nowadays, she hasn’t forgotten about her past. Wilson still makes lots of money attending conventions and this photo was recently snapped just a couple of days ago as she poses alongside the Hulkster. We told you to expect a lot of white ensembles and here’s another one, Torrie gives us the thumbs up and we’re doing the same...

Of course, the two originally met during their time in WCW together. While backstage, Torrie was approached by Kevin Nash if she had interest to work as a valet, before she knew it, Torrie was walking Scott Steiner to the ring and later, serving a role as a talent in actually storylines. Yes, WCW was a weird place but the decision paid off extremely well for both sides as Wilson became one of the only talents that was worth tuning in for during WCW’s darkest days. Not too shocking, the WWE took on her contract and she became one of the longest running WCW alums with the company following the buyout.

10 Birdiebee Launch Photo

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Not only is Torrie beautiful to look at but she has also made numerous connections behind the scenes with her peers. Rarely have you ever heard anything negative about Torrie, she’s a gem behind the scenes.

The photo above proves that she’s also in with the current crop of talent. During Brie’s launch of Birdiebee, numerous WWE talents showed up to the unveiling and that included the lovely Torrie among the many guests. Once again, she stole the show with her magnificent white on white outfit. Wearing white yoga pants along with a white crop top is never a bad idea, especially when you’ve got glutes of a goddess and abs that you can shred cheese on. Not to mention her facial features which haven’t aged a day somehow?

9 Working Out At The Mecca

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Wilson is working out at the Mecca in the shot above, in case you didn’t know, The Mecca Gold’s Gym is one of the most well known fitness facilities in the world. Located in Venice Beach, California, it isn’t too far from Torrie’s neck of the woods.

She seems focused in the photo and ready to lift some serious weights. Torrie’s no slouch when it comes to lifting weights, she exercises five times a week along with six cardio sessions. You would think that would be enough but no sir, Wilson adds other elements to staying active and that includes hot yoga, spinning and as you see in the photo above, outdoor workouts. You’ll burn a lot more in hot conditions and Wilson is well aware of that.


8 Sleepover With Candice

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If you followed the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era, this was probably one your fantasies come to life as the two beauties were regarded as some of the top tier Divas at the time in terms of looks. They’ve maintained a close relationship since both left the wrestling industry. They even had a sleepover recently, we’ll give you guys out there a second to make your minds wonder a bit, okay seconds up. How Torrie still looks so beautiful while at a sleepover is truly something else.

Like Torrie, Candice is now out of the business as an active performer for good. She had an itch to get back in the ring and have one more bout – the match took place at House of Hardcore event as she took on another good friend in the industry, Victoria. It was a great send off and one that was well deserved.

7 Poison Ivy Costume

Move over Eva Marie, it looks like you got some competition. Rocking a red wig, Torrie looks tremendous in her take as Poison Ivy. Both front and back the costume was a joy and when you workout as hard as Torrie does, you reap the rewards in such outfits.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, let’s walk down memory lane and acknowledge some of her very best from her WWE days, man was there lots of them. Some would argue her take on a Fairy was the best, can you say puppies? Among the other special outfits included a Viking costume, Playboy bunny attire and some of the best patriotic outfits you’ll ever see, especially a particular ensemble she wore during a 4th of July edition of SmackDown.

6 Still Gracing Magazine Covers

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At the age of 42, Wilson is still rocking the covers of beauty magazines. As you see in the photo above, she was recently featured as the cover girl for the magazine Health & Fitness. When you look that good, it really shouldn’t be too surprising however, in her 40s, it’s just all so mind blowing to assess, she seriously doesn’t age and just gets better and better like a fine wine.

Aside from fitness and wrestling, she has dipped her toes into other avenues. Wilson started her own clothing line at one point, Officially Jaded. She launched the company alongside ex-boyfriend Mitch from the Spirit Squad. Once the two broke up, it appears as though the company did the same slowly fading.

Among her other notable encounters included a long-term relationship with Alex Rodriguez that lasted from 2011 all the way till 2015. We would call him a fool for letting Wilson go, though he’s with another ageless wonder J-Lo.

5 More Autograph Signings

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Torrie has a number of pics alongside former WWE and WCW alums, this one, is taken alongside ECW and WWE legend RVD. Both are insanely popular when it comes to wrestling conventions, albeit for different reasons.

Wilson was a rare breed who had quite the following solely based off her looks and personality. She wasn’t the greatest in the ring, something she would admit to herself. However, she managed to gain a huge following despite her in-ring deficiencies, even carrying SmackDown as one of the few females on the show. Her run was memorable and something fans still talk about today. Ultimately, she was quietly released by the WWE due to nagging injuries – she has stayed in the company’s good graces since the release, which is why she’s always invited back during special shows.

4 Dressed For A Night Out

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We’ve ogled at lots of Torrie pictures, most of them, in workout gear or for appearances that were wrestling related. You might have asked yourselves what Torrie looks like when she goes out for a night on the town at a fancy restaurant; the answer is in the photo above. No, that’s not an angel, that’s Torrie.

What’s even more mind-blowing about the photo is the fact that it was taken just a couple of months ago in September. If you ask anyone, you would have thought such a photo was taken during the early 2000s, seriously she hasn’t aged one bit. Once again, she pulls off a white ensemble to perfection, maybe she is an angle from up above, hence the reason why she doesn’t age?

3 Boxing Beauty

The caption above is a big reason as to how Torrie has maintained such a physique at the age of 42. Wilson is totally accurate when assessing her desire to workout, she acknowledges that it all begins in the mind before the muscles. Of course, like they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way - maybe Torrie should add that quote to her resume as well...

Okay, all jokes aside, Wilson is a beast and she loves to stay active, throwing punches is another way of doing so. Ever take boxing classes? If you want to sweat and burn some serious calories you’ll do so pretty quickly while throwing a couple of jabs. Your arms and shoulders will feel like bricks and your lungs will want to give out, oh if only we would looked like Torrie when all of that was going down...

2 Short Shorts, Boots & Dogs


Torrie talks about gratitude in the photo above, let’s take a minute to thank the universe for giving us such a beauty. The photo received near 17 K likes which seems extremely legit, the photo is perfect featuring boots in the summer time, a couple of haters, we mean dogs and, a pair of skimpy short shorts. She’s giving us the piece sign and we’re giving her back the thumbs up. Seriously, who’s the lucky person that got to take such a pic!

If you’re missing Torrie, you can also find her via social media. She’s actually quite active posting anything from fitness related content to things from her everyday life to even throwback photos from her pro wrestling days. She’s worth the follow and her over 577K followers would agree.

1 Backstage at Raw 25

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Let’s take a moment to acknowledge all these beautiful Divas. Oh Trish, even the beautiful multi-time Women’s Champion hasn’t aged very much either, still rocking that beautiful signature smile. What about Kelly Kelly, good heavens is all we have to say for the time being. The Bellas looked fabulous as well like always and even Maryse and Maria looked beautiful with their baby bumps.

The true hero of the photo however has to be Torrie Wilson. No disrespect to the others, but man did she ever look flawless from head-to-toe, like literally. The appearance proves that she’s still got it and in fact, never lost it. Are we the only ones already hoping for another Wilson cameo during the SmackDown Anniversary show? Probably not...


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