10 Steamy Pictures Of Current WWE Female Wrestlers... And 10 Not So Attractive

Women of wrestling throughout their involvement in the sport have often used their beauty as a bargaining tool to gain attention to their athletic abilities when skill itself  was undermined or outright ignored. Sometimes even for more vain purposes, but the biggest of which comes from the boys in the back knowing when all else fails that at least their looks sell. Whether fans like it or not, wherever there is an opportunity to pop a rating, you ought to understand that whether it be the decision of corporate or the women of wrestling themselves... steamy photos will be relied upon as often as the timekeeper to get things going, even during a women's revolution, which at best means more of the same will exist, but more covertly and less offensively.

Even if there's no rhyme or reason why said photos exist, well... we know they exist. Outside of the natural desire for any woman to want to be deemed a beauty queen, a good majority of female wrestlers in WWE have made sure to not only raise the bar that raises eyebrows, but redefine what it truly means to be beautiful. However, the women of WWE are only human and like us all are by no means perfect, which means it would be extremely unfair to expect centerfold quality every time their picture is snapped. Taking the good with the bad, like everything in life, brace yourselves for 10 steamy photos of the women of Raw, Smackdown and NXT, as well as 10 not-so-fine photos.


20 Attractive: Becky Lynch

Via Wallhaven.cc

If a poll was taken, I think it's a high probability Becky would take her rightful place as one of the top 3 hottest women on the Smackdown roster. This says a lot considering it's the same brand that airs Carmella and Lana. As you observe the former and first ever Smackdown's women's champion it's easy to see how she stands out and got the push she did as one of Smackdown's key women, in-ring skill aside. The fiery red hair fitting her aggressive nature in the ring, her cute and innocent smile that's welcoming and uncertain and the determined glare in her eye most often seen during the crucial moments of any bout she is in. The barn setting fits nice considering if her passion happened to set a fire for some weird reason I see no warm blooded mammal in the area letting the metaphoric fire get out of hand without stepping in to save the day.

19 Not So Attractive: Charlotte Flair's Early Days On NXT

Via Villains.wiki.com

Starting off the other side of the list tracking not-so-attractive photos of the ladies of WWE, it's fitting to say if you are a stranger to NXT programming, this photo will likely have you snickering and/or wondering if the robe-wearing Charlotte you know now and possibly love is the same woman you're looking at here. A lot seems to be missing here, a vibrant, youthful look we see regularly, some makeup and, pun intended, flare, of any kind. The benefit of good camera angles and the right lighting and access to a decent makeup artist makes all the difference in the world when a wrestler is out performing for an audience. One could imagine how it must feel having a single photo snapped of you, leaving you looking like a stern professor.


18 Attractive: Mickie James

Via hawtcelebs.com

If there's one thing we know about Mickie James besides her love of wrestling and country western music... it's her comfort with her own body. I'm sure many of you know by now of Mickie's history and how a simple bikini picture like this seems almost as conservative as business attire at work. However, as one of her best pictures in terms of something you'd see on Baywatch, James' model-like gaze, hair flowing carelessly and in-shape figure she still maintains quite well in 2018 at 38, it's no shocker she's married and still regarded as the crazed cutie she debuted in 2006 as. More attractive than the mere sight of a wrestling ring knowing what's about to go down is the added treat of eye candy waiting innocently, allowing imaginations to run wild, brother!

17 Not So Attractive: Carmella's Black Eye

Via Wrestlingsmarks.com

The Staten Island Princess sporting a black eye and bruises is like a dent in a Mercedes Benz, not good or visually pleasing. This is especially bad considering how attractive Carmella is. Carmella fans, there's a culprit for this... her name being Nikki Bella who at the time of this photo was in an intense feud with her TLC 2016 opponent. Unfortunately for her fans and most importantly her, Bella couldn't contain her rage and the two turned Smackdown Live upside down, which cost this beauty a few unpleasant stares, but for as vain as many will paint her it doesn't look like this photo was snapped by accident given her casual outfit and focused stare. All I'll say is lucky for her those marks will heal for this heel.


16 Attractive: Alexa Bliss

Via Celebskart.com

Current Raw women's champion also known as Ms. 5 Feet of Fury is one of those women fans just love and deem as precious as the smile and glow coming from the leisurely laying Bliss who seems to live up to her name in regards to the emotion a photoshoot like this will generate. I'm certain reactions range from girls liking and wanting those heels to men wanting to be the couch or at the very least be on it as well. For many a picture like this is a dream come true, a hot blonde resting on your couch and is more than thrilled to see you arrived. Not sure photographers laid this fantasy out to Alexa at the shoot, but I can say that the only thing that truly matters to the Goddess is that she's getting her proper recognition as the elite treat she thinks she is.

15 Not So Attractive: Clueless Dana Brooke

Via Tinypic.com

More embarrassing than botching a promo on live TV is looking clueless - literally looking like Brooke, who, in the above photo, appears to be a cross between a muppet and a botox Barbie doll who can't find the right words to say. Of course this was a snapshot she couldn't prepare for like a photoshoot where she can decide how she'll flex her nicely toned body, but it doesn't make it any less funny and meme worthy that she, like anybody who ever found themselves in the proximity of a camera, got caught off guard. Her face in mid-duck lip looks as if she caught sight of this still shot during her segment and became speechless to the notion some random guy online could use said photo for laughs.


14 Attractive: Sasha Banks

Via GotCeleb.com

I'm sure many would agree that Sasha Banks is one of the hottest, newest female wrestlers in WWE today. At first glance Banks looks like that hardworking, gym junkie chick you know who works way harder than it looks like her body can endure and turns heads with each rep and step she takes on the treadmill in the ongoing effort to maintain such a figure. This photo of Sasha's seductive stare into the distance while she wipes her sweat drenched forehead and body evokes the classic girl next door daydream scene for the male protagonist in any modern teen movie. Banks has a nice toned body that doesn't look freakishly toned for her frame and exhibits beauty and innocence sitting casually beside that bottle of water that in prior eras Vince would have her pour on her shirt during a well-promoted wet t-shirt match. If you liked the visual of that, well, I'm sure Banks would take no issue putting on those gloves besides her to knock the perverted thoughts out of random minds while autographing black eyes on an eye of her choosing in the process.

13 Not So Attractive: Nikki Bella At The Dentist

Via Youtube.com

Generally considered one of the prettiest women in WWE, Nikki Bella usually amazes the WWE universe whenever she's seen on TV or in photos. Nobody is perfect all the time, but like mentioned before, that doesn't stop one's photos from being mocked by fans who aren't conditioned to accept terrible pictures and the general population just calling it like they see it. Bella getting her teeth fixed on an episode of Total Bellas after getting them nearly knocked down her throat is seen here smiling in a dentist office despite that, admirable for a woman who most would imagine wouldn't wanna be seen with an eyelash out of place, but it's the generally plain look she sports that makes you think...is that Nikki? At first glance if you were told this was a 40-year-old mother and not your son's celebrity crush then I'm sure you'd have to look hard to know if there was anything to defend.


12 Attractive: Mandy Rose

Via WWE.com

Featured here in this stunningly hot selfie is newbie to the Raw roster, former NXT star, Mandy Rose. If there's one question you have about her it shouldn't be why she was given the last name Rose. I mean, look at her, the similarities of most things we associate with the plant are present, a pleasant look, delicateness and if her looks are any indication...a nice smell. Sounds odd to say, but it's a fair assumption to say she's got a wide variety of scented lotions in that room. Rose's fit bod and abs make it abundantly clear she knows the type of physique that attracts the most attention and proves most effective for a sport as physically demanding as pro-wrestling. Looking like a model, those of you looking for more reasons to watch Raw can admire your reason here because Mandy doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

11 Not So Attractive: Paige Eating Cake Off The Floor

Via Pinterest.com

What could be more degrading for a woman than being on all fours on the ground eating cake in front of a camera? Well, if you're laughing, then you know, but if you don't, it's being in the same position and in a room with a camera and company like this... peculiar young woman, I'll call her. Whether Paige meant to generate laughs and/or attention it's always awkward and not attractive to witness someone willing to go to any lengths to entertain a crowd, weird of me to say as a lifelong fan of WWE, but the point still stands, unlike Paige who looks like a fool eating cake off the floor. In closing here... I'm sure Paige's mom is thankful that's only cake on the ground.


10 Attractive: Lana

Via Twitter

In the event Lana overheats from the hotness she emits from this picture she can always hop inside the water to cool down. This blonde valet of real life husband Rusev has certainly taken Smackdown Live and the entire WWE by storm since debuting with her man where we've seen her in business attire to nicely fitted bikinis like this that helped garner the attention she's received. From the perspective of a random onlooking on location it looks like at any minute she's ready to dip a toe in the pool and lay back with dripping hair and no cares like a regular on Baywatch. It's photos like this most fans can see why Rusev is a lucky man outside the ring and going around declaring everyday Rusev Day.

9 Not So Attractive: Bayley Clowning Around

Via Pinterest

Although I can hear you all shouting at your screens that Bayley's clown makeup is just for laughs and is meant to display and advance her childlike character, it's still a fairly goofy picture and ain't no rule here that one had to be kidding or caught off guard to qualify for this section of the list. You could consider this a 2 for 1 special depending on your take, but Bayley dressing up like a clown knowing darn well that Stephen King's IT also known as Pennywise could have used her kiddie antics to help reinsert that innocent and playful aura that clowns seem to have lost over the years. That just couldn't be done, huh? She just had to take a goofy photo with a friend.


8 Attractive: Charlotte Flair

Via WWE.com

Flair dubs herself the queen, and whether the WWE universe agrees or not, we have to admit that wrestling skill aside, if there's anything royal about Flair, it's the impressive figure she works hard to maintain. A nice bust and flat stomach combo is usually a favorite of admirers who look up pictures like these. Her forcefully dominant character along with the spectacularly luxurious attire she's so often associated with usually adds to her many layers and at the same time takes away from the cuteness she can display under the right circumstances. It's safe to say Flair feels completely comfortable being the center of attention while she eyes us with a stare of approval, while envisioning us on our knees bowing to her.

7 Not So Attractive: Lana At The Gym

Via Makeup.vidalondon.net

No matter how beautiful you are, like in the case of the lovely Lana, there will be days you'll look a little off. Doesn't matter if it's your birthday, Tuesday, Saturday or even Rusev Day...where there's flash photography and wishful thinking, assuming the intent of the picture is to maintain the mantle of attractiveness, things may not turn out right. Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a hideous picture and Lana doesn't looked drugged out or crazy... she just doesn't look superstar good, if that makes sense. Her ravishing appearance is sort of a mandatory expectation fans have for her and others considering 90% of the time we see her she's in model mode. So, oddly enough, even in a gym, most expect this selfie to display the fine doll we see on TV and not the average woman seen here.


6 Attractive: Nia Jax

Via Twitter.com

I don't think many would argue that Nia Jax is as powerful as she is pretty. This former model turned wrestler is no stranger to photography and couldn't care less that some deem her too big. Much like older model photos found online, Jax displays confidence and assertiveness by her mere presence, currently standing taller than any female wrestler on the Raw and Smackdown roster. Bad thing about this is having to look higher to see her incredible smile that she doesn't display here, but so famously does on Instagram and even in the ring. Maybe bringing opponents pain brings her pleasure. One thing is for certain and that is this Samoan sensation is not like most girls, which helps her stand out in a business where having your own identity is key.

5 Not So Attractive: Alicia Fox's Bad Hair Day

Via Zimbio.com

If you can look at Alicia and not laugh, you must have a sense of humor that mirrors a Macy's manikin. Earning a spot on this list for hair as wild as her behavior and a sunken look like she didn't have enough time to adjust herself before the camera landed on her, Foxy fans should be honest with themselves and recognize Fox for the Whitney Houston look-alike she comes off as, before the drugs, of course. Maybe a smile or brushed hair would lessen the mess that comprised this bad snapshot I'm sure Alicia would agree with if seen (except for the Houston comment). Foxy usually takes photos far better and usually within said photos her playful demeanor and vibrancy is not far off, something that's obviously missing here.


4 Attractive: Carmella

Via Twitter.com

Rocking a Calvin Klein top while sitting on the ground she feels you should be worshiping because she walks on it is current women's money in the bank briefcase holder, Carmella. I don't regret to inform you that her finisher isn't the only thing enforcing a code of silence...it's this lovely pose of seduction that immediately captivates you, leaving your jaw dropped and drool probably dripping...just probably. Carmella is one of the few women that commands attention even when it's already a bunch of eyes on her because sharing the spotlight with fellow female wrestlers, despite her dangling the briefcase by her side every Tuesday night solidifying her importance, isn't enough. Bada Boom, realest woman on this list, that's up to you, how she doin'?

3 Not So Attractive: Ruby Riott's Hot Topic Look

Via Pinterest.com

New to the main roster on the Smackdown brand as a member of stable, The Riott Squad, Ruby Riott has already been mistaken for Paige by those half-asleep during Tuesday nights and fans who see through the blatant similarities between the two women. It's obvious Riott was brought in for her tremendous skill and not her looks, but as displayed here, it seems like she's just a regular looking punk rocker who got lost in Hot Topic and wouldn't find her way out until she bought half the stuff in stock and wore every purchase at once. Hardly knowing her, it's not hard to guess this isn't her best picture.


2 Attractive: Paige

Via Reddit.com

It's tough to look at this picture and know what we know about Paige and Xavier and defend this as "innocent fun" between two coworkers and buddies... even if the non-couple weren't subliminally sending us hints to what goes down behind the curtain. Ironic how a game of Twister known for testing the flexibility of the body landed Paige in the most awkward position one could find themselves in... on WWE TV, during game night. This picture earned a bit of a buzz as one of the many controversial topics surrounding Paige and served as proof the two still played games just as wild and messy, as seen here in front of a camera. A fully clothed Paige in a family-friendly environment can still qualify as steamy if fans care to read in between the lines... or in this case, circles.

1 Not So Attractive: Alexa Bliss Caught Off Guard

Via WWE.com

What immediately sticks out about Bliss is the way her face looks; her stern glare and the position in which she holds her face makes her look about 35 with the illusion of wrinkles from the side rather than the 26 that she is. Doesn't take away from her good looks, but this big and obvious detail doesn't make her look as young as she actually looks and is, especially with the bleach blonde hair that kinda appears to give a futuristic glimpse of what Trish Stratus would look like had she never retired at age 42. I'm sure Ms. Bliss would appreciate critique that keeps her looking closer to the Goddess instead of an old biscuit butt. With that said, cameraman... get it right next time!


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