15 Must-See Pictures Of Natalya

The Queen of Hearts managed to make a name for herself on SmackDown following the WWE draft, and started to impress the audience with her new-found heel gimmick. She had been doing really well and finally got her reward last year by winning the SmackDown Women's Championship, with the first female graduate of the Hart Dungeon doing her family proud.

While Natalya might be known for her superior in-ring ability, she has adapted well to the WWE lifestyle which often requires her to be larger-than-life, putting her beauty on display in order to climb the ladder in WWE. Over the years, even the Queen of Hearts has been part of many steamy photoshoots in the WWE and has taken some pictures that really show off her figure.

Some of these pictures, however, aren't exactly the kind of images that would please a proud papa. Her dad Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart wouldn't want the fans to see that side of his baby girl. Father Neidhart would prefer his daughter be known for her in-ring ability rather than how beautiful she looks, so these pictures of Natalya will definitely drive The Anvil crazy!


15 Showcasing Her Fiery Side

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Natalya has been a really faithful wrestler to the WWE over the years, as she's not only done amazingly well in the wrestling department but has also helped to promote for them on a regular basis. She also never tends to say no when approached for a special photo-shoot where she has to pay homage to some special wrestler and was picked to be part of the shoot which paid homage to Kane. This picture shows her in the special photo-shoot where she's looking absolutely gorgeous wearing the unique costume and showcasing just how stunning she really is. But the picture is something Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart wouldn't like at all because he wouldn't want his daughter to show off in such shoots.

14 Looking Stunning While Lifting

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Natalya has asserted herself as one of the most technically gifted athletes in the WWE over the years and she can't keep up her good work without training, which she does a lot when she's not performing for WWE. She's taken to her dad in lifting heavy weights and making herself stronger than the other women. This picture features Natalya lifting weights, but manages to show just how stunning she is as it focuses on her sizzling figure a bit too much. It's something which won't please Neidhart, who wouldn't like how the photographer tried to capture that side of his daughter and make her look hot rather than focusing on showing how hard she has to train in the gym to compete at her best.

13 Candid Picture In A Swimsuit

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Natalya may not be a female wrestler who wears revealing clothes like her peers in the WWE, but she loves to be active on social media where she often treats her fans to some delightful pictures. While posting kayfabe-breaking pictures almost all the time, she also takes times to post some steamy pictures once in a while to keep her fans happy. This is one aspect which her dad definitely wouldn't like about her, and this picture of her wearing a bikini and looking gorgeous is probably going to trigger him. Natalya's looking absolutely gorgeous in this picture but is showing her astounding figure a bit too much in it. "The Anvil" wouldn't want his daughter to be known like the other women in WWE and is probably agitated with Natalya for posting this sensual picture.

12 Paying Tribute To Shawn Michaels

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Natalya has been a real asset for WWE's Women's Division over the years, as she has adapted to put out decent matches against any opponent she has been given to wrestling against and quite consistently churns out great matches in the company. While she should be mostly utilized for her wrestling ability, the WWE has also used her to be part of some "iconic" photoshoots in the past. She's paid homage to many WWE legends by dressing like them in certain photo-shoots, but this one of Natalya paying homage to Shawn Michaels is something which will not go well with her dad. Although Natalya isn't really revealing much and is looking beautiful in this picture, the fact that she's paying homage to Shawn Michaels, who is a highly disliked individual among the Hart family, will annoy The Anvil and the Hart Family as a whole.

11 Natalya Giving The Great Khali A Congratulatory Smooch

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Natalya may be enjoying a good time on Smackdown Live! right now where she's one of the top women and a former Smackdown Women's Champion, but things weren't going so well for her after she moved on from the Hart Foundation. WWE didn't like her character and tried to spice it up a bit by making her the "best-friend" of The Great Khali as she'd spend time with the big man. They would get a bit too "close" at times and Natalya once posted this picture of her giving Khali a congratulatory kiss after he had won the match. This would definitely drive Jim Neidhart crazy because he must've hated his daughter going through that story-line and wouldn't want her seen kissing another man (let alone someone like Khali) now that she's married to Tyson Kidd.

10 Showing Off In Pink

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Natalya usually refrains from showing too much skin in the WWE ring unlike her peers who often love to show off their curvy figures in some steamy in-ring attires, but she can't help but post some rather revealing pictures of herself on social media at times. While Natalya mostly uses her time to post some sweet selfies with colleagues and friends on social media, she also posts some risque pictures at times which isn't expected of her. This picture was also posted by her, which has her showing off her new lingerie to the whole world. While this picture helps to show how attractive Nattie is, it isn't something which will please her dad.

9 Looking Smashing In This WWE Shoot

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Now We've already seen how Natalya can look stunning in certain photo-shoots for the WWE, as she's been doing this for quite a while and has become very good at it. The former Smackdown Women's Champion has been in WWE for almost a decade now and did some stunning photo-shoots in her early years in WWE as well. This picture shows just how gorgeous Nattie can look in certain shoots, as she's looking amazing in this photo-shoot which shows a different version of her. Without revealing much, Nattie is looking smashing in this photoshoot, which is something The Anvil wouldn't like. She's worn a lot of make-up and "enhanced" herself to look gorgeous in this, something which won't please her dad who would want Nattie to be seen in her natural state at all times.


8 Natalya With David Benoit

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Natalya has mostly been a heel in the WWE over the years, as she seems to revel in her role as an evil character rather than portray a babyface. While she may not get along with wrestlers in storyline, she's completely opposite in real life where she often posts pictures of herself with fellow wrestlers, even with those who are her rivals in the ring. She seems a bit too good-natured in real life and even posted a picture with Chris Benoit's son, David Benoit some time back. This picture shows the two of them together and is assured to drive her dad crazy, because of the Benoit name. Chris Benoit was a good friend of the Hart Family, but neither the family nor Neidhart would want to be associated with him after what he did, which is why this picture will bring him a lot of displeasure.

7 Chilling With The Bellas

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While Natalya may have earned a push last year because of her faithfulness and hard-work in the WWE, something which really improved her position in the company is how well she has been doing in Total Divas in the past few years. Many wouldn't have expected the Queen of Hearts to do so well, but she been an integral part of the show in the past. She often loves to post images promoting the show on her social media but posts some steamy pictures to get the fans' attention. This picture shows her promoting Total Divas with her colleagues Nikki and Brie Bella, with all three showing their fit physiques by wearing some awesome swimsuits. This picture is something which won't please her dad Jim, who doesn't have a problem with the Bellas but would definitely not want his daughter posting steamy images of herself to promote another show.

6 Nattie In Total Divas Shoot

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Natalya gained a lot of star power in the eyes of WWE after she started to appear in the reality TV show Total Divas and has been a focal point of it ever since. Nattie is a series regular and even gotten married to Tyson Kidd on the show, which helped her get her career back on track in WWE. She definitely appreciates all the good the show has done for her and even promotes it these days with sizzling photo-shoots for the show. This picture shows her in such a photo-shoot, as she's looking absolutely stunning wearing a revealing black costume. Nattie's beauty is on point in this steamy picture, which will drive her dad crazy.

5 That Awkward Moment With Paige

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Natalya has had great feuds with almost every prominent woman to have come up in the WWE in the past decade or so, with her rivalry with Paige being memorable for a special reason. The two had great chemistry in the ring and were often part of hard-hitting matches, but knowing Paige's mischievous antics in her early days, one match got a bit... heated. In one spot, Paige actually started to lick Natalya in the face, reminiscent of the Attitude Era. This moment was anything but PG and this picture of Paige licking Nattie is something which will definitely set off "The Anvil". Now knowing the controversial stuff Paige has gone through in the past year, Neidhart wouldn't want this picture to make the rounds as it's something quite raunchy and he wouldn't want Nattie to be associated with Paige's controversy.

4 A Steamy Beachside Shoot

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Natalya may not be known for her appearance like many other WWE women are, but that doesn't mean she's incapable of looking stunning. She can look smoking-hot whenever she wants too and even though she wears a bland in-ring attire, she often poses for some steamy photo-shoots outside the WWE. As we've seen, Natalya is quite found of photo-shoots and when it came to taking a photo-shoot at the beach, she couldn't say no. This picture shows Natalya looking absolutely smashing in this photo-shoot which was taken quite a few years ago. This pictures shows her curvy figure amazingly but is something which wouldn't please her dad at all. Neidhart wouldn't want his girl to pose in such skimpy attire and will definitely be uncomfortable after watching this stunning photo-shoot of The Queen of Hearts.

3 But First... How About A Selfie?

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Natalya might not like to show off her figure much in the WWE, but she's definitely gotten a stunning body as she's kept herself fit and healthy all these years in the company. While she may not show off with her in-ring attires, Natalya loves to show her fans how much of an amazing shape she's in and posts many post-training pictures of herself. But at times she ends up posting some revealing pictures of herself, with this gorgeous selfie being one of them. Nattie is not only showing how stunning her figure is, but also giving everyone a peek at her "assets", something which will not be liked by The Anvil at all. He definitely wouldn't want Natalya to keep posting such selfies of herself, as he'd want her to keep herself professional and keep on improving herself as a wrestler rather than treating fans with such revealing images.

2 Trying Out Clothes

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Natalya isn't really like most of the other women in WWE, as she comes off as a more focused wrestler in the ring and doesn't like to show off her figure like some of the other divas do with their revealing costumes. Natalya wears a rather decent in-ring attires, but she likes to have fun outside WWE where she can try out all sorts of attires. She normally doesn't post steamy images of herself, but couldn't resist and posted this smoking-hot picture of herself on social media. This picture shows her trying out new undergarments, revealing her toned body to the fans.

1 Enjoying The Summer

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Natalya struggled to make it big in the WWE after her initial success in the WWE, as she was put in some rather awful story-lines after her initial push. She was mostly a jobber to the stars, with many questioning her appearance as the problem. But the Queen of Hearts has definitely worked on her looks in the past few years and has become the ideal "model" for WWE over the years as well. With that, it means she's selected for almost every photo-shoot because of how good she's at it and this picture shows her basking in the sun during a summer photo-shoot. Nattie looks quite gorgeous in this picture taken many years ago, but it wouldn't please Jim Neidhart at all.


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