MVP Confirmed For Raw 25th Anniversary Show

The list of returning wrestlers for Raw 25 keeps getting longer and longer. Another name has been confirmed for the show and it's not necessarily someone fans would expect. While he wasn't the MVP of Raw during his run on the program, he was the self-proclaimed MVP of WWE and Montel Vonatvious Porter will be making a return to the company after a number of years away.

The former tag team partner of Matt Hardy and recently seen on Impact talent, MVP will join a host of other former WWE Superstars this Monday as was confirmed on WWE's official Twitter account.

The former WWE United States and WWE Tag Team Champion, MVP was touted as an all-around megastar when he signed for Teddy Long's SmackDown in 2005 and he was given a healthy push by WWE executives upon his arrival. It can be argued be he never quite measured up to expectations or his own billing as the best "free agent" in WWE, but he did have a decent run, highlighted by feuds with  The Undertaker and Chris Benoit.

Also known as a "Baller", in one interesting story MVP likes to tell today, he actually had to explain the term "Baller" to Vince McMahon who believed the term meant basketball star. MVP had to convince the chairman of the company not to send him to the ring with a basketball. The term "Baller" is now widely known, especially since one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, The Rock, has made the show with the same name a huge success.


MVP eventually fizzled out of the WWE and joined NJPW and TNA between 2011 and 2015. His runs there weren't anything to write home about, but he has been able to continue pushing the basics of his character. There were rumors at one point that he'd be making a return when the WWE brand split occurred. Those rumors turned out to be unfounded.

MVP is an interesting choice to promote for the upcoming show and even more interesting will be if he has anything to do with his former partner Matt Hardy. Hardy now being "Woken" could lead to all sorts of interesting ideas since it's about as far from the MVP character any persona could be.



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