Myles Garrett Pays Respect To Shawn Michaels With Signature Pose

Cleveland Browns stud pass rusher Myles Garrett had the best performance of his career thus far against the New York Jets on Monday night, racking up three sacks while leading his team to a 23-3 victory.

After recording one sack, Garrett struck the exact same pose of legendary wrestler Shawn Michaels, who performed this signature stance ahead of his matches.

One fan took notice and compared the poses side by side, and Garrett congratulated him on being the first one to notice that he he was simply paying his respect to The Heartbreak Kid.

Michaels was among the most decorated, accomplished and beloved superstars during his playing career. He had a knack for pulling off some of the most iconic entrances in WWE history - especially at WrestleMania. When fans think of HBK, they often think of this iconic pose.

Actually, Washington Redskins Pro Bowl linebacker Ryan Kerrigan has perfected the Michaels pose as well. Who did it better between he and Garrett? You be the judge.

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Now, we see plenty of superstars flex their muscles after recording a sack in the NFL level. But how many times has somebody perfectly mimicked The Heartbreak Kid like Garrett did in this one? Let's hope that Michaels doesn't file for a copyright on this pose.

The Browns drafted Garrett with the No. 1 pick in a stacked 2017 draft class. He recorded seven sacks despite missing five games in his rookie year, and Garrett followed it up with a 13.5-sack season in 2018 -- keeping the Browns in playoff contention throughout the year. He's already up to five in just two games, and more are certainly on the way. So expect more HBK-like poses from Garrett.

Could We See Garrett In WWE?

The Miz was thrilled when the Browns drafted Garrett in 2017. Is it possible that the two Clevelanders will face off in the WWE one day? Don't rule it out! Lawrence Taylor competed at WrestleMania 11, while the retired Rob Gronkowski has expressed interest in joining the WWE.

So we may as well dream about the possibility of Garrett coming into the squared circle one day. Since he's perfected HBK's pose, why not try it out in the WWE ring?

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