WWE Reports Naomi Injured After Riott Squad Attack

The Riott Squad gave Naomi something of a beating this week, but did the trio actually hurt the former champion for real in the process?

The five women (plus Paige) that were called up to Raw and SmackDown Live from NXT last week have already made quite the impact on the main roster. The aptly named Absolution have been running rough shot on Monday nights while their blue brand counterparts The Riott Squad have been doing the same the past two Tuesdays.

This past week on SmackDown Live, Ruby Riott's ladies actually had their first match on the main roster. The invading trio faced off against Natalya, Naomi, and SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. Nattie made herself scarce extremely quickly leaving the odds very much in The Riott Squad's favor. They took advantage of that and picked up a resounding win.


Once Natalya had left Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan went to work on incapacitating Naomi while Riott took care of Charlotte in the ring. Morgan and Logan unleashed one hell of a beating on Naomi with the steel steps playing a starring role. In fact, WWE has since reported that the leader of the Glow Movement suffered a separated shoulder, cervical strain, and facial contusions during the attack. Pretty serious stuff.

Whether these injuries are real or not is up for debate. They don't sound like the kind of injuries WWE would normally pull off the top of their head, but an angle involving Naomi being injured would add a lot of legitimacy to the threat that The Riott Squad poses to the rest of the women's roster. The injuries have also been reported as news by Bleacher Report, although they were also quick to point out that the reported injuries may very well be a part of the overall storyline.



It can be argued that pro wrestling is at its best when you can't tell the difference between what is real and what is merely a work. The attack on Naomi is a great example of that. If the former Women's Champion is absolutely fine then it's a great angle to run, but if she is suffering from the injuries mentioned above then Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan might want to ease off whoever is next in line to suffer their wrath.

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